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Posted on: August 18, 2010 9:44 am
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Cameron to call it a year

Mike Cameron
Red Sox outfielder Mike Cameron, who has played sparingly this season while dealing with a painful abdominal muscle tear, will talk with general manager Theo Epstein on Wednesday about moving on to next year by scheduling surgery to repair the injury. He says he's done for the year.

"We're in a position now where we need all of the healthy -- physically and mentally -- guys possible playing in the field," Cameron told ESPNBoston.com. "Me trying to play 65 percent is probably not beneficial to the ballclub at the moment.

"Sometimes, as hard as it's been to give in to certain things, it's probably best to start looking at other options now."

Cameron, 37, a three-time Gold Glove winner, has played in just 48 games this season, his first in Boston. He was hurt early and hasn't been able to put together any long stretches of playing time due to the pain of playing with the injury. Now he thinks the best thing he can do is repair the tear and try to be ready for spring training. He's under contract for $7.25 million for 2011.

With Jacoby Ellsbury also appearing done for the year, Boston must go the rest of the way without two-thirds of its opening day outfield. Manager Terry Francona said rookie Ryan Kalish, who hit his first career grand slam Tuesday night, will get most of the playing time in center field.

-- David Andriesen

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Posted on: August 18, 2010 12:14 am

Ellsbury likely to miss season

Jacoby Ellsbury The hits keep on coming for Jacoby Ellsbury -- literally.

After having a MRI and CT scan, Ellsbury visited renowned Dr. Lewis Yocum in Los Angeles on Tuesday and found he suffered another fractured rib in what has been a season full of fractured ribs.

As ESPN Boston reports , Ellsbury's season is likely done. His season from hell started on April 11 when he collided with Adrian Beltre and suffered several non-displaced fractures in his ribs. He re-aggravated the injury after coming off on May 22 when an additional rib fracture was discovered after a diving catch. The additonal fracture was reportedly suffered along with the original four fractures and simply never discovered.

He remained on the DL until August 4, when he finally returned after a rehab that saw him leave the team and go to Arizona, much to Kevin Youkilis' chagrin. Ellsbury later lashed out at reports that he was milking the injury and not supporting the team, saying the Red Sox approved Ellsbury's five-week rehab in Arizona, a decision agent Scott Boras was involved in.

Ellsbury then collided with Tommy Hunter Friday and had to leave the game. It's currently unknown if the fractured rib is related to the previous rib injuries.

In just 18 games of a season in which Ellsbury was supposed to take 'The Leap', the lefty has hit .192/.241/.244 in 78 at-bats. He was coming off a 2009 campaign that saw him hit .301/.355/.415 and develop plate discipline as the season progressed.

Now, he'll have to wait until 2011 to log a full season and will have competition from Mike Cameron, Ryan Kalish, Daniel Nava and others for a starting spot. Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe said prior to the season he felt Ellsbury would be traded after the season. While that's possible, it's likely the Red Sox will hang onto Ellsbury and attempt to have him rebuild value. They're not going to trade a game-changer whose value has seen a dent both on the field and off.

-- Evan Brunell

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Posted on: August 17, 2010 6:31 pm
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Youkilis wants to return for playoffs

Kevin Youkilis Kevin Youkilis told reporters today that he still hopes to be ready to play in the postseason.

Keep in mind, that's Youkilis talking, not anything doctors have said.

"We don't know the timetable, we have to see when the stitches come out and all that, hopefully I can play in the playoffs," Youkilis said (via WEEI.com ). "I might not be able to play at all, but I'm going to try to give myself the best chance to play int he playoffs if we make it."

That's nearly as big of an if as there may be in the whole deal -- the Red Sox are 5 1/2 games out of both the AL East and the wild card, behind the Yankees and Rays in both.

The Sox are sure to still be in the hunt through September, but another postseason could be a tough feat -- especially without Youkilis. However, the Sox did get Dustin Pedroia back today.

Youkilis, for one, isn't buying into the talk that the Sox are out of the playoff hunt.

"People keep coming up to me and saying, 'These guys have no chance anymore.' I tell them they're wrong," he said. "We've got a great team here. The best part of this whole team is the fact that where we're at, through this whole thing, is remarkable. It's not an ideal thing to the fans out there that we're five-and-a-half games out, but to be five-and-a-half games out with all that's gone on. … it's a great thing to watch."

Still, he hasn't enjoyed watching the Red Sox on TV.

"Sitting at home, it's not good. I wasn't really feeling that good last week. This pain medication, it's not good at all," Youkilis said (via the Providence Journal ). "I got rid of those real quick. I finally got back up to feeling good line on Tuesday. … It's not fun watching baseball, but to be here and be in this environment and be around the guys, it means a lot."

Youkilis said he initially thought he'd just bruised his thumb before test showed a muscle tear. He doesn't know exactly how it happened, but assumes it was when he was hitting.

As for the other injured Sox, Terry Francona told reporters Jacoby Ellsbury had a doctor's appointment to check on his ribs, Mike Cameron is recovering from his sports hernia, Jason Varitek's broken foot is improving and reliever Hideki Okajima threw on Tuesday and could be sent out on a rehab assignment as soon as Sunday.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Red Sox put Ellsbury back on DL

Jacoby Ellsbury
According to Twitter posts from reporters traveling with the Red Sox, outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury has been placed back on the disabled list after aggravating the rib injury that caused him to miss most of the season.

Ellsbury collided with Rangers pitcher Tommy Hunter on Friday night and fell on the left side of his ribs, then left the game. He was to have an MRI exam Saturday in Boston. He told the Red Sox the pain is worse than when he reinjured the ribs in May, which doesn't sound good.

Ellsbury has missed 95 games this season and returned August 4. You've got to think his season is potentially over -- there have been complaints from Ellsbury and agent Scott Boras about the team's treatment of the injury, so there's no way the Red Sox will take any chances now.

Pitcher Michael Bowden was recalled from Triple-A Pawtucket to take Ellsbury's roster spot. With Ellsbury out and Jed Lowrie unavailable due to heat exhaustion, Boston will play Saturday night with just 12 position players.

-- David Andriesen

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 10:24 pm
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Ellsbury leaves Red Sox game with injury

Jacoby Ellsbury
This doesn't sound good.

Outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury came out of Boston's game in Texas after the third inning, and the team later announced that he had "left side pain." Ellsbury collided with Texas starter Tommy Hunter in the first inning when Hunter was covering first on a dribbler up the line by Ellsbury. You can see Ellsbury flying through the air in this picture.

Ellsbury, 26, just returned August 4 after missing most of the season with broken ribs. Ellsbury and his agent, Scott Boras, accused the Red Sox of misdiagnosing the initial injury and causing his recovery to be delayed, while teammates were unhappy with Ellsbury for rehabbing away from the team.

The last thing the Red Sox or Ellsbury need is for him to have another rib injury, though it seems perfectly fitting for Boston's snakebit season. We'll update with any new information.

UPDATE: According to reporters in the postgame clubhouse, Ellsbury's injury is in the same area of his ribs as the original injury. He will see Dr. Lewis Yocum on Saturday, and manager Terry Francona termed the situation "very concerning."

UPDATE: There has been a change in plans, and Ellsbury will go to Boston to be examined, not to Los Angeles to see Yocum.

-- David Andriesen

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Posted on: August 3, 2010 10:52 pm

Lowell homers in return, Ellsbury back Wednesday

Mike Lowell When you keep getting bad news, any good news is good news.
The Red Sox received two bits of good news on that front.

The first?

Mike Lowell ain't a shabby player.

Stuck in purgatory the entire season, Lowell finally got his shot to be part of the starting nine for the Red Sox with Kevin Youkilis' injury. While he's not able to hold up full-time, he should receive plenty of playing time over the next two weeks and drew the start on Thursday.

On Lowell's first pitch, he blasted a two-run home run to provide all the margin Boston would need although Bill Hall later chipped in a solo shot for a 3-1 victory over the Indians. He also stole a hit away from Trevor Crowe with a nice diving play, although you could tell he has near-completely lost the mobility that he was once well-known for. He finished 1-for-4.

In other news, Jacoby Ellsbury will be joining the team for Wednesday's game, as Dan Roche of WBZ reports . Prior to Tuesday's game, GM Theo Epstein told the Providence Journal that Ellsbury was "days, not weeks" away.

Apparently it's just one day.

Ellsbury completed three rehab games for Triple-A, DHing in the final one. Ellsbury will continue to be hobbled by the rib fractures sustained way back in April all season, but thinks he can finally play through them and contribute to Boston.

The speedster has received flak from teammates -- notably Kevin Youkilis, who spoke out -- about not staying with the team and instead choosing to rehab in Arizona. The media and fans have also gotten on Ellsbury for not returning, expecting him to play through the pain. He has a lot of goodwill to make up for, and getting off to a good start will be crucial.

-- Evan Brunell

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Posted on: August 2, 2010 1:38 pm
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Elllsbury could be back as soon as Tuesday

Jacoby Ellsbury Red Sox outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury is scheduled to have his ribs examined today in Boston and could be activated as soon as Tuesday he tells Pawtucket Red Sox radio play-by-play man Dan Hoard .

"I'm getting anxious," Ellsbury told Hoard. "It's fun when you're getting close, and I don't think I'm too far away."

In two games in Triple-A, Ellsbury is 4 for 9 with two runs. He hasn't played for the Red Sox since May 24. Ellsubury suffered four fractured ribs in a collision with Andre Beltre on April 11. Ellsbury said he's heard whispers that he's soft.

"Anybody that knows me -- my teammates, my coaches -- they know how hard that I play," Ellsbury said. "In the past I haven't missed many games and I play all-out. The naysayers don't really bother me at all -- the just motivate me more. Deep down, if you're comfortable with yourself, that is all that really matters."

Jacoby says he's not pain-free, but he's at a point where he can still play. That's good for the Red Sox, who had Eric Patterson starting in center field Sunday with rookie Ryan Kalish in left and a hobbled J.D. Drew in left.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: July 10, 2010 5:06 pm
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Ellsbury blames Red Sox medical staff

Jacoby Ellsbury Injured Red Sox outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury held several pages of handwritten notes (written, one wonders, by him or agent Scott Boras?) on Saturday as he spoke to reporters and gave his side of the rib injury saga that has derailed his season and apparently put him at odds with teammates.

The team's position is that Ellsbury suffered two injuries: Four fractures suffered in an April collision with third baseman Adrian Beltre, and additional unrelated fractures in a different area of the ribcage that happened as the result of diving for a ball in May.

Ellsbury said Saturday that there was only one injury, in April, and that the Red Sox medical staff had failed to test and diagnose the second set of fractures at the time. He said he and Boras had specifically requested MRI exams of both the front and back of the ribcage, which they contend would have revealed the extent of the injury and changed his rehabilitation plan, but that it wasn't done.

"That's where the pain was -- front and back," he said in the dugout at Rogers Centre, looking at his notes. "That's important to remember that. Front and back. That's what I asked for."

Ellsbury contends that the second "injury" was just pain from strained muscles resulting from trying to play despite the rear fractures.

"By me missing [rehab] time and it getting worse, it just multiplies the situation," he said.

Does this sound to anybody else like a guy in a foam neck collar trying to lay the groundwork for a lawsuit? Not saying he's not right, but Saturday's media session was clearly carefully planned to establish Ellsbury's position and try to cast blame on the team.

Ellsbury already was the subject of whispers and outright complaints about him choosing to rehab at an Arizona training facility rather than staying with the team. Both Ellsbury and the team have said it was the outfielder's choice and that he was away with full permission. After checking in with the team's medical staff this weekend, Ellsbury was to return to Arizona.

It's not clear what Ellsbury and Boras are hoping to gain by this public display, except to form the basis for a financial argument when Ellsbury becomes arbitration-eligible after this season. But it doesn't figure to make Ellsbury any more popular with peers or management.

-- David Andriesen

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