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The Most Interesting Mediocre Stats Ever

Athlon Sports magazine pointed out a bizarre statistical gem in their preview of the Denver Broncos this year. The Broncos were 8-8 last season. 4-4 at home, 4-4 on the road. They were 3-3 vs. the AFC West, 2-2 against the NFC and 5-5 against everyone else. Oh, and they outscored their opponents 326 to 324.

What’s remarkable is the way this mediocrity came about. The Broncos, you may recall, began the season 6-0. They had their bye week, then went 2-8. In their 6-0 start, the defense allowed 10.1 points per game. After the bye, the D allowed 25.8 points per game.

--Andy Benoit

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Posted on: June 18, 2010 9:53 pm

Jarrad Page Officially Wants out of Kansas City

In a move that comes as no surprise, safety Jarrad Page has requested a trade from the Chiefs. Page is an unsigned restricted free agent who has stayed away from the team all offseason. He finished last season on the mend with a injured calf, but before that had been benched and relegated to Todd Haley’s doghouse.

Page is a bit stiff athletically. His lack of speed can be an issue, particularly in coverage. He’s thick enough to play in the box but has never been a consistent playmaker. The Chiefs have plenty of reasons to oblige his request, though Haley may not be inclined to let the disgruntled fifth-year pro appear to be calling the shots.

--Andy Benoit

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A JaMarcus Russell post, but please read anyway

It’s obvious Russell himself has no future in the NFL. Sure, his arm is a cannon. But so is the rest of him. Like a cannon, Russell is heavy, slow-moving and unable to make quality decisions on his own. At least you can get a cannon to work when you ignite its fuse. Russell? What fuse?

Russell’s football future is clearly the minor leagues. The UFL’s Omaha Nighthawks want him, but sources say that, at this point, the former No. 1 overall pick prefers to continue working out and honing his mechanics in Arizona. Russell still hopes to latch on with an NFL team.

Is it better for a quarterback to try to regain his career via the NFL, or better to go through the minor leagues? The NFL offers more money but less playing time. You’ll get better coaching in the NFL, but you won’t get as much of it. And, again, you won’t get many opportunities to showcase what you’ve learned.

J.P. Losman spent last season in the UFL. He rejoined the NFL as a Raider last year and is now in a third-string role with the Seahawks. Daunte Culpepper, unable to get a genuine shot at a starting job in the NFL, is trying his hand in the CFL (Sacramento Mountain Lions). A lot of people thought Michael Vick should have gone to the UFL last year rather than toil away in near-obscurity with the Eagles. In Vick’s case, the additional playing time of the UFL would have served him well, and he probably would be in contention for a starting job somewhere right now. Of course, keep in mind, Vick is currently the No. 2 quarterback in Philly. That’s a considerably better situation than any of these aforementioned quarterbacks are in.

--Andy Benoit

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Super Bowl Odds Are Here

Not that this blog is a resource for sports gamblers, but it’s sometimes interesting to see what the Super Bowl Odds are. Today released Super Bowl odds for the 2010 season.

Indianapolis Colts 6/1 (previously 6/1)
San Diego Chargers 8/1 (8/1)
New Orleans Saints 9/1 (10/1)
New England Patriots 10/1 (10/1)
Pittsburgh Steelers 10/1 (12/1)
Green Bay Packers 11/1 (12/1)
Dallas Cowboys 12/1 (12/1)
Minnesota Vikings 12/1 (12/1)
Baltimore Ravens 15/1 (15/1)
New York Jets 15/1 (15/1)
Philadelphia Eagles 18/1 (12/1)
New York Giants 20/1 (30/1)
Washington Redskins 20/1 (50/1)
Atlanta Falcons 30/1 (30/1)
Chicago Bears 25/1 (40/1)
Cincinnati Bengals 30/1 (30/1)
Houston Texans 30/1 (40/1)
Tennessee Titans 30/1 (30/1)
Miami Dolphins 40/1 (40/1)
San Francisco 49ers 40/1 (40/1)
Arizona Cardinals 50/1 (30/1)
Carolina Panthers 50/1 (40/1)
Denver Broncos 50/1 (50/1)
Seattle Seahawks 50/1 (40/1)
Jacksonville Jaguars 60/1 (50/1)
Buffalo Bills 100/1 (100/1)
Cleveland Browns 100/1 (100/1)
Detroit Lions 100/1 (100/1)
Kansas City Chiefs 100/1 (100/1)
Oakland Raiders 100/1 (100/1)
St. Louis Rams 100/1 (100/1)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 100/1 (100/1)

--Andy Benoit

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Quick Hits from Friday

The Bengals released cornerback Keiwan Ratliff today. Ratliff was once a solid all-around backup defensive back, but the past few years, he’s been a journeyman fringe player. Still, because he can also contribute in the return game, expect the ninth-year pro to get a look somewhere else.

Here’s the Adrian Peterson story in a nutshell: there is no story. There are whispers that Peterson’s recent absence could be contract-related. But no one in the Minnesota media can confirm this, and the general sentiment is that Peterson has been a standup guy throughout his young career and therefore deserves the benefit of the doubt.

After Dominik Hixon’s ACL injury, there have been some groans from the Giants about the FieldTurf at the New Meadowlands Stadium. The Jets are cool with the turf, but Giants safety Antrel Rolle wants it checked out.

Because of the 30 percent rule in the uncapped year, it’s possible Darrelle Revis could be out of his Jets contract by 2011. For more explanation, click here.

The Buccaneers are expecting television blackouts in 2010. They’ve lowered ticket prices but it’s unlikely to be enough in a Florida economy teetering around 13 percent unemployment. Glazer addressed the issue today.

Kevin Mawae, a former teammate of Albert Haynesworth’s from the Titans, said that Haynesworth’s behavior isn’t a surprise to anyone who played with the guy in Tennessee.

--Andy Benoit

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Atogwe Would Make Sense in Dallas

Jerry Jones pledged to make aggressive changes this past offseason. He stuck by his word when he released Flozell Adams and Ken Hamlin. But aside from those moves, the Cowboys have been non-players this offseason. To be fair, Dallas didn’t have many – if any – holes to plug, and the uncapped year put stiff limitations on what the final eight playoffs teams from ’09 could do in free agency.

But now Jones has a golden opportunity to fill the vacancy at free safety left after Hamlin’s release. And sitting on the market is interception machine O.J. Atogwe. The former Ram is not a superstar (or even a general star, for that matter) but he’s a smart, rangy player who can stabilize a defensive backfield’s centerfield coverage. Atogwe is reportedly asking for $7 million annually, which is too high but roughly what he made as the Rams’ franchise player last season ($6.3 million, to be exact).

Currently, Dallas has athletic but untested Alan Ball slated to replace Hamlin. Last year’s fifth-round pick, Mike Hamlin (no relation), is the No. 2. Mike Hamlin did not play in ’09. Ball is intriguing, but his best work has come as a nickel or dime back, where he’s able to use more of his cornerback-quality skills lining up near the numbers. By making Ball the starter, Dallas is banking on inexperience and compromising their versatile depth.

Still, Jones has insisted his team isn’t interested in making any changes at safety. Do the Cowboys need Atogwe? Not really. But could they use him. You bet.

--Andy Benoit

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Posted on: June 18, 2010 5:43 pm

Bears Still Mishandling Hester

Johnnie Knox is getting reps as the punt returner in Chicago. Before you throw a fit and scream WHAT ABOUT HESTER!?, understand that the Bears are just looking for backup punt return options at this point. Hester is still the main guy.

But let’s go ahead and take this opportunity to throw a WHAT ABOUT HESTER!? fit for kickoff returns. Knox, along with Danieal Manning and possibly Earl Bennett are scheduled to handle these duties for the Bears. All three have been excellent in this capacity, but not All-World excellent like Hester. But the Bears continue to be bent on forcing Hester into a starting receiver role. Just about any other team in football would realize Hester is a slot receiver (at best), and above all is, a return specialist.

--Andy Benoit

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Reggie Williams's Career Likely Over

Reggie Williams’s return to his hometown to play football was short-lived. The Seattle Seahawks released the former Jaguar receiver today. Williams, a top-10-pick-turned bust, had maturity issues early in his career, off-field issues a little later in his career and, ostensibly, performance issues late in his career (as in he hasn’t performed well enough to stay on in Seattle).

Williams was a long shot in Seattle anyway. The Seahawks are set with T.J. Houshmandzadeh as the No. 1 and have Deon Butler, Golden Tate and Deion Branch competing for the No. 2, 3 and 4 positions. Veteran Sean Morey would be a solid No. 5, as would Ben Obomanu. Plus, there’s prolific former Oregon State receiver Mike Hass and ex-Packer Ruvell Martin. So really, the Seahawks just saved Reggie Williams some time.

--Andy Benoit

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