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Posted on: May 6, 2011 8:51 am

Report: Cardinals looking at Kyle Orton

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

While quarterbacks like Donovan McNabb (not going to happen) and Carson Palmer (Bengals probably won’t let this happen) have been linked to the Cardinals signal-caller spot, 3TV in Phoenix is reporting that Arizona has an interest in current Broncos QB Kyle Orton.

Orton Apparently, the Cardinals have been in contact with the Broncos to gauge their interest in dealing him, and though the TV station reports the talks aren’t yet serious, Orton could provide another option to the Cardinals if their courtship of Eagles QB Kevin Kolb fails.

It’d be interesting to see if Denver actually had interest in trading Orton, especially with Tim Tebow possibly waiting in the wings – I’m just not sure I see this happening – but it’s clear that since the Cardinals didn’t take a quarterback in last week’s draft (and considering, gulp, Derek Anderson is still the starter), they’ll need to find somebody in the offseason to run the offense.

Orton, if they could get him, would be a pretty good option. At least he has a solid record of playing well in the NFL (unlike, say, Kolb).

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Posted on: May 3, 2011 4:19 pm
Edited on: May 3, 2011 4:33 pm

Warner keeps beating Palmer-to-Cards drum

Posted by Will Brinson

A couple months ago, Kurt Warner made it very clear on a radio appearance that he believed Carson Palmer would succeed in Arizona, stating that Palmer would be "tremendous" in that system. (Oddly: a few months ago I thought the Cardinals might "have a look" at Cam Newton. Wow.)

Well, Warner repeated those marks after the Cards wrapped up their draft and didn't address the quarterback position, stating on the Dan Patrick Show that Palmer would be a better fit for the Cardinals than Marc Bulger, Donovan McNabb or Kevin Kolb.

“I would take Carson,” Warner said.

He also apparently said that Palmer is in a "crazy" situation (Cincinnati, everyone!) but that the former Heisman-Trophy winner would thrive in Arizona.

And he might. The only problem is, he's got to escape the clutches of Mike Brown before that can actually happen.

Fortunately for Palmer -- and perhaps Arizona -- the Bengals took Andy Dalton during the NFL Draft, and might be amenable to actually getting something in return for Palmer, rather than letting him retire.

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Posted on: April 27, 2011 4:24 pm
Edited on: April 28, 2011 11:53 am

Could an NFL owner break rank mid-draft?

Posted by Will Brinson

Could an NFL owner break rank during or just before the NFL Draft and decide that it's time to make a trade or sign a free agent? That's a legitimate question, because I'm not positive I -- or anyone -- know the answer. But I'm fairly certain it could happen.

Of course, first, a few things have to go down. One, Judge Susan Nelson has to rule -- between now and the beginning of the Draft on Thursday -- in favor of the players on the stay issue as well as clarification of her original ruling . If she does, and it's not a stretch to think that she will, the league may be forced to open its doors immediately and begin the league year.

Pandemonium unlike we've known it could erupt. Or, alternately, teams could take their sweet time making moves to sign players. The latter seems like the most likely situation, because the NFL will still be pushing to get their appeal into the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. Also, making a case for collusion, based on the fact that teams didn't sign any free agents amid the hectic few days of the NFL Draft could be a stretch.

NFL Draft
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Although you could argue teams should be pursuing all of their options during that time, particularly if they want to shore up their respective rosters. And this, to me, is where things get interesting, should the league "begin the season" some time on Thursday.

Because there are some teams more in need in of making certain moves than others. The Eagles obviously would like to end up moving Kevin Kolb; our own Clark Judge recently pointed out just how coveted Philly's backup remains around the league.

And the Redskins, for example, would probably like to receive some sort of value for Donovan McNabb -- or Albert Haynesworth! -- before they're forced to cut him rather than paying him a roster bonus before he's due, when football actually starts. And they just so happen to need draft picks, thanks to the very trade they made last Easter to bring McNabb in.

And let's not put it past Dan Snyder to "go rogue" either; this is a man currently embroiled in a ridiculous lawsuit with a small-time Washington, D.C., newspaper because he didn't like the way he was portrayed publicly. He'll need someone to play along, should the rank-breaking be a trade and not a free-agent signing, of course. While it seems unlikely Jerry Richardson will bail on his role as lead negotiator to pick up a quarterback, there's nothing to say that another owner running one of the many quarterback-desperate teams wouldn't.

Of course, it seems like the owners are unified. Whereas reports about players splintering into factions have made their way into the public, we've not yet heard anything too concrete about owners arguing amongst themselves. But did you see the utter disorganization that went down on Tuesday when players attempted to make their way into team facilities?

Some teams, like the Giants, let players work out on Tuesday. (But not on Wednesday !) Other teams, like the Seahawks, said no. Jerry Jones stepped up to the mic and provided a not-too-crafted statement about why Cowboys players couldn't come in.

That's the very definition of "factions" -- if the NFL owners were all on a singular page, a concrete policy would have been in place across the league.

Which brings us back to the day of the Draft. Perhaps the NFL is forced to open its doors to players and "get back to work." And perhaps, hypothetically, owners are advised that it's better to wait and see how the appeal process shakes out before making personnel moves.

Do you think, though, that the Eagles front office can resist the possibility of landing a top-10 pick for tomorrow night in this quarterback-desperate landscape that exists? And do you think that anyone can predict what Snyder will do in relation to his payroll and roster decisions when he desperately needs draft picks?

Certainly not. And what would the repercussions be if an NFL owner started wheeling and dealing? The league could fine that team or take away draft picks ... except that would amount to admitting collusion.

In fact, aside from Roger Goodell giving someone a dirty look the next time they were in the same room, the only thing that might happen is the rest of the league following suit and opening up the floodgates for other signings and draft-day trades of players.

And if and/or once that happens, it might be kind hard to bring back the lockout.

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Posted on: April 19, 2011 11:12 am

Stewart Bradley's concussion helped change rules

Posted by Will Brinson

Early in the 2010 season, Andy Reid and the Eagles medical staff made a curious -- and perhaps dangerous -- decision in allowing linebacker Stewart Bradley to return to the game after what was a diagnosed concussion.

As it turns out, while the move isn't defensible, per se, it actually led to some good: the implementation of a standardized concussion test on the sidelines for football.

"Had that not happened, we may not have had the NFL sideline examination [for concussions] this year," Richard Ellenbogen, Co-Chair, NFL Head, Neck and Spine Committee, said on a conference call Monday.

Yes, that's right. Had we not endangered the long-term health of one player, all players currently would be in danger of suffering a traumatic brain injury. Thank you, Stewart Bradley, for saving everyone in the NFL.

Pardon my sarcasm, but as I've noted on Twitter, when baseball -- baseball! -- beats the NFL to the implementation a concussion-related disabled list, there's something amiss in the world of football.

That's not to say that the NFL is ignoring concussions; in fact, it's obvious that they do understand the importance of making wholesale changes in the nature of the game if they want to avoid everyone who ever set foot on their field walking around like a zombie for the rest of their life.

But it's just scary to think that if the Eagles hadn't foolishly put Bradley at risk in Week 1 against the Packers, we might not even be having these offseason conversations about concussion concerns.

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Posted on: April 18, 2011 9:52 pm

Kolb willing to play backup role if necessary

Posted by Will Brinson

It's presumed that Kevin Kolb will get traded at some point before 2011. After all, the Eagles seem okay with moving him and teams are desperate for quarterback talent.

But it's certainly not guaranteed -- the labor situation makes things a bit difficult when it comes to moving Kolb to another team. As such the Eagles backup is ready to be, well, just that.

"I'll go to work as a backup if that happens," Kolb said to the Dallas Star Telegram's Charean Williams. "That'll be my job. That's a possibility. I hope it doesn't happen."

That doesn't mean he'll be particularly thrilled about it though -- as Kolb as made known plenty of times over the past few months, he wants to start.

Kevin Kolb: So Hot Right Now
"I want to be starting somewhere next year. I really want to be," Kolb says. "I'm in my fifth year now, so it's time to prove myself as a starter. Andy and I have a great relationship. It's always, 'You tell your side, and I'll tell mine, and hopefully we can make this thing work.' That's usually what happens. I know he'll do the right thing here."

Well, Reid will actually do the "right thing" for the Eagles. And clearly, that means starting Michael Vick under center and letting him do the voodoo that he do.

That particular voodoo can lend itself to injuries, though, which means that Kolb, even if he ends up staying with the Eagles, he's not that far from getting his wish in the first place.

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Posted on: April 15, 2011 12:33 pm

Offseason Checkup: San Francisco 49ers

Posted by Will Brinson

Eye on Football's playing doctor for every NFL team with our Offseason Check-ups

The 49ers were doomed almost from the very start of last season. After all, check out their schedule for the first five games – the Seahawks, the Saints, the Chiefs, the Falcons and the Eagles (all made the playoffs and combined for a 51-29 record while knocking off the 49ers) – but two weeks after running through that gauntlet, San Francisco fell to the Panthers also. So, that’s not too good.

Neither, for that matter, was coach Mike Singletary, who was fired after Week 16, and neither was much of anybody else. The offense ranked 24th in the league – almost a miracle considering Alex Smith and Troy Smith traded off starting QB spots and RB Frank Gore missed the last five games because of a fractured hip – and though the defense was actually slightly better than average, San Francisco just couldn’t put it together under Singletary’s leadership.

Quarterback Issues

When Singletary named Troy Smith as his starting QB midway through the season, you knew neither of them were long for their respective jobs. When Singletary replaced andinjured Alex Smith with Troy Smith in Week 10 and then switched back to Alex the next week (and then continued to switch the two throughout the rest of the year), there was almost no chance San Francisco would win consistently.

Actually, the trouble began earlier in the season during that infamous Sundayy Night Football game when the San Francisco fans booed Alex Smith and demanding to see the backup QB, and Singletary thought hard about replacing him with David Carr. Smith then led a near comeback attempt vs. the Eagles. Still, not a great sequence for San Francisco.

1. Patient History
We gave the patient history of this position in the section above, so now, let’s figure out what the 49ers will do about it. They actually could keep Alex Smith – they’ve already offered him a one-year contract – but it’s unclear whether Smith will sign it. But yeah, it might make sense for San Francisco to look for quarterbacks in the draft. And remember, Kevin Kolb and Donovan McNabb are still out there as well.

2. Jim Harbaugh
He’s got zero NFL head coaching experience, but 49ers fans have to be excited about the possibilities (considering his success at Stanford and because his brother, John, has done such a bang-up job with the Ravens), and considering he’s getting paid $25 million over five years, he’d BETTER have more success than Singletary. And don’t forget: San Francisco also hired Trent Baalke as GM in the offseason. So, the 49ers are kind of starting over.

3. Cornerback
Nate Clements is fine at one CB spot, but Shawntae Spencer didn’t have a great year last season. Which is why it makes sense for San Francisco to grab either LSU’s Patrick Peterson or Nebraska’s Prince Amukamara with the No. 7 pick in the draft.

The defense is good enough to compete. The 49ers LB corps with Patrick Willis and Takeo Spikes (and maybe Manny Lawson) is pretty darn good, and the defensive line, led by Justin Smith, does a nice job as well. The problem here is offense, and not just at QB either.

Gore is coming off a bad injury, and WR Michael Crabtree still hasn’t broken out in a big way. Assuming Harbaugh can get the respect of his team right away – something Singletary struggled with last season – San Francisco could get back to 8-8. Which means the 49ers could contend for the NFC West crown.

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Posted on: April 4, 2011 5:12 pm

Report: Bengals interested in Kolb

Posted by Andy Benoit
K. Kolb (US Presswire)
The list of teams interested in Kevin Kolb continues to grow. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Bengals are now intrigued by the Eagles quarterback.

Schefter points out that Cincy’s new receivers coach, James Urban, was Philly’s quarterback coach last season. Kolb, 26, figures to garner a mid-first-round pick in a trade. The Bengals currently hold the No. 4 pick overall. For these purposes, that may be irrelevant considering trades are prohibited during the lockout.

Kolb would be a good fit in new offensive coordinator Jay Gruden’s system. Gruden runs a West Coast catch-and-run type passing attack that is similar to his brother’s and similar to that of his brother’s former colleague, Andy Reid.

The Kolb-to-Cincy rumor has any legs, then this might be the strongest indication yet that the Bengals are willing cave on Carson Palmer’s trade demand.

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Posted on: April 1, 2011 8:51 am

Hot Routes 4.1.11 Bright and early

Hot Routes

Posted by Andy Benoit

  • Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated says teams are willing to trade a first-round draft pick for Kevin Kolb. But not all teams seem as certain about meeting the 26-year-old quarterback’s contract demands in 2012.

  • Thanks to the new screen at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Jerry Jones’ ballyhooed screen is about to become the world’s second largest HD display.

  • Some are speculating (merely speculating) that Kris Jenkins could return to Carolina.

  • It’s not all negative news in the NFL these days.

  • Get your Hines Ward Dancing With the Stars update right here. (Or, instead of clicking the link, you can just visit the Bingo room at your nearest community center and ask the senior citizens that make up 99 percent of the show’s audience about the smiley Steelers receiver.)

  • NFL players have put a specific number on how much they want the league to pay in punitive damages for revenue that was left on the table from the NFL’s 2009 and 2010 TV deals. That number? It was redacted from court documents. Judge David Doty will hear this issue May 12. 

  • Was it cool for DeSean Jackson to appear on NFL Network during the lockout?

  • Larry Johnson wants a change of venue for his upcoming lawsuit trial stemming from the 2008 incident where he allegedly spat his drink on a lady. The former Chiefs running back doesn’t believe he can get a fair trial in Kansas City.

  • Simeon Rice wants to get back into the NFL, but his movie career (and 37 years of age) might get in the way.

  • Citizens of Los Angeles will have a chance to voice their thoughts about AEG’s impending NFL stadium project. (This begs the question: are Los Anglesites capable of thinking about anything NFL-related?).

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