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Posted on: April 12, 2011 9:18 am
Edited on: April 12, 2011 9:21 am

Pryor tweets that he'll be 'suited up' for OSU

Posted by Will Brinson

Yesterday, a pretty zany rumor started floating around about Terrell Pryor entering the NFL's supplemental draft.

It was an out-of-left-field number, but it also contained some logic, because of the big pile of mess that Ohio State's football program has become in recent months.

However, my esteemed colleague Tom Fornelli already pointed out -- at the Eye on College Football section of the site -- that we shouldn't "put much faith" in the rumors about Pryor bouncing to the pros.

Looks like Fornelli was right, because Pryor himself tweeted that he'll be staying at Ohio State.

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that NO chance Pryor is leaving for the NFL. After all, there's still a (completely hypothetical) set of circumstances that could end in Jim Tressel getting fired, or Ohio State getting sanctions or Pryor getting suspended more than five games.

But as of right now, it looks like "T Peezy" is indeed headed back to tOSU, and that any and all speculation about his NFL future was a bit premature.

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Posted on: April 11, 2011 3:20 pm
Edited on: April 11, 2011 3:33 pm

Terrelle Pryor contemplating supplemental draft?

Posted by Andy Benoit

There are murmurs that Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor could forgo his senior season in Columbus and enter the NFL Supplemental Draft. Pryor is entangled in controversy and will serve a five-game suspension to begin Ohio State’s season.

Turning pro would obviously be an alternative to dealing with the suspension. A source told Dave Miller of the National Football Post that, right now, the odds of Pryor sticking around for his senior year are about 60 percent.

Expect that hypothetical number to climb in the next few weeks, though. There will be no supplemental draft until the locked out NFL resumes business operations. It’s unlikely a resolution will be made there in time for Pryor to make his decision.

Overall, this is news primarily because it's a rumor involving a big name player. But that's all it is - a rumor. We concur with our Pal Tom Fornelli of CBS' Eye on College Football Blog, who says not to put much stock in these Pryor draft whispers.

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Posted on: April 11, 2011 2:06 pm

More signs pointing to Cam Newton and Carolina

Posted by Andy Benoit

If we’re to read between the lines of PeterC. Newton (US Presswire) King’s most recent Monday Morning Quarterback column, we can surmise that the Panthers are leaning towards drafting Cam Newton. King reports that the team has ordered four game tapes from Newton’s 2009 season at Blinn (Texas) College, the school Newton led to a NJCAA National Championship after leaving Florida.

"They wanted to see a little more tape,'' said Ronny Feldman, the offensive coordinator and quarterback coach of that junior college team. "Of all the teams looking at him here, Carolina's been the big one. They called me twice this week.''

That’s due diligence. Considering Newton was primarily facing 18 and 19 year olds in those games, the Panthers are likely viewing the tapes to track the evolution of his mechanics. Then again, Newton ran the pistol at Blinn, so most of those mechanics may be irrelevant at this point.

King says that most NFL teams discount a player’s junior college experience entirely. But, he adds, “The Blinn year's a mystery, the missing year in Newton's life to a lot of people, including some in the NFL. Feldman said about 10 teams ‘have been through here’ looking for information on Newton, as NFL teams should seek given the quarterback's questionable background (possession of a stolen laptop, accusations of cheating in class) at Florida.”

For what it’s worth, Feldman also raved about Newton’s character and leadership.

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Posted on: April 11, 2011 11:45 am

NFLPA announces guest list for its event

Posted by Andy Benoit

It will be an eventful weekend in New York at the end of April. Despite the lockout and ongoing court battle, all 20 rookies who were invited by the league to attend the draft at Radio City Music Hall have RSVP’d.

On Monday, the NFLPA announced the expected guest list for its separate event (which is being described as a "celebration of legacy, of past, present and future football players coming together to honor those making the journey from prospect to professional” and will NOT coincide with the draft).

Rookies expected to attend (via National Football Post):

Prince Amukamara, Nebraska; Marvin Austin, North Carolina; Adrian Clayborn, Iowa; Marcell Dareus, Alabama; Nick Fairley, Auburn; Blaine Gabbert, Missouri; A.J. Green, Georgia; Mark Ingram, Alabama; Julio Jones, Alabama Cameron Jordan, Cal;Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue; Corey Liuget, Illinois; Von Miller, Texas A&M; Rahim Moore, UCLA; Cam Newton, Auburn; Patrick Peterson, LSU Robert Quinn, North Carolina; Aldon Smith, Missouri; Daniel Thomas, Kansas State; and J.J. Watt, Wisconsin.

This is the same list of players attending the draft.

Current veterans and former players expected to be on hand at the NFLPA event:

Charlie Batch, Pittsburgh Steelers; Cornelius Bennett; Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City Chiefs; Sam Bradford, St. Louis Rams; Ahmad Bradshaw, New York Giants; Roger Craig; Zak DeOssie, New York Giants; Eric Dickerson; Eddie George; Marshall Faulk; Felix Jones, Dallas Cowboys; Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville Jaguars; Dustin Keller, New York Jets; Brandon Marshall, Miami Dolphins; NFLPA president Kevin Mawae; Willie McGinest; Brian Mitchell; Warren Moon; Sean Morey; Shaun O'Hara, New York; Ray Rice, Baltimore Ravens; Tony Richardson, New York Jets; Takeo Spikes, San Francisco 49ers; Mike Vrabel, Kansas City Chiefs.
The NFLPA event will include, among other things, a dinner and interviews in Times Square on Thursday (before the first round) and a football clinic in Harlem.

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Posted on: April 9, 2011 2:55 pm

Running back dilemma in Miami gets interesting

Posted by Andy Benoit

Virtually every mock draft you come across has the Miami Dolphins using their first-round pick (15th overall) on Alabama running back Mark Ingram. Perhaps the Dolphins will indeed draft the ’09 Heisman Trophy winner.

But ask yourself…why? Why dM. Ingram (US Presswire)raft a high volume runner who will move the chains but do little to boost the explosiveness of what has become a painfully methodical offense?

Free agent Ronnie Brown is still an adequate NFL starting running back. But given that he turns 30 in December and averaged just 3.7 yards per carry last season (opposing defenses figured out how to stop the Wildcat), it would be unwise to sign him to a long-term deal. Ricky Williams, also a free agent, is even older and has already indicated that he’d like to move on.

But if you’re the Dolphins and you draft Ingram, you run the risk of essentially drafting a younger version of Brown or Williams. Miami found out last season that a power run game is not dynamic enough to headline an entire offensive attack.

What the Dolphins need in the backfield is speed. Owner Stephen Ross has said he wants the team to become more spread out and downfield oriented. It’s not great for a business-minded owner (read: non-football expert) to influence strategy, but it so happens that a more dynamic aerial approach is something the Dolphins do need. Chad Henne was surprisingly successful in spread formations last season. Where he struggled was in base personnel packages (think two-back or two-tight end sets).

If the Dolphins draft Ingram in Round 1, they should strongly consider drafting a speed-oriented runner in Round 2. Back-to-back picks on one position is a hefty investment, but this team has surprisingly few major needs.

Someone like Oregon State’s Jacquizz Rodgers, for example, would give Dolphins new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll a much wider scope of play-calling options. Simply plugging in a one-dimensional runner like Ingram would be like buying new furniture when what you really need to do is remodel your house.

The Dolphins may realize this. There are rumors that they’re interested in Panthers free agent running back DeAngelo Williams. In fact, in an interview on WQAM, Williams himself suggested that the interest is mutual. Williams could provide the dynamic speed and quickness necessary to complement Ingram.

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Posted on: April 8, 2011 2:16 pm

Hot Routes 4.8.11 TGI cliche time

Hot Routes

Posted by Andy Benoit

  • The Vikings stadium bill was posted in the Senate on Friday. The Senate was not in session, so the bill cannot be officially introduced until Monday.

  • Many believe that Marion Barber, due $4.25 million in 2011, will not be in a Cowboys uniform at the beginning of the season.

  • For the draft, Colts president Bill Polian will assume that his team's free agents are gone. (This sounds like lockout news, but chances are, Polian always takes this stance when drafting.)

  • With the Orioles off to a hot start and the Ravens not doing anything whatsoever at the moment, now seems to be a fair time to ask if the city of Baltimore is a baseball town or a football town.

  • Chris Dielman is testifying in defense of his buddy Brian Giles, who is the defendant in a domestic violence case.

  • Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick is visiting with the Raiders.

  • The Patriots could be looking at Illinois running back Mike Leshoure.

  • Brett Favre is hosting a one-day seven on-on-seven high school football camp in Mississippi to raise money for charity.

  • Drew Rosenhaus doesn’t think the Dolphins can win a playoff game with Chad Henne. (It’s rare to hear the super-agent say something that burns any chance of him snagging another client.)

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Posted on: April 7, 2011 10:11 am

Mike Pouncey thinks the Cowboys are drafting him?

Posted by Will Brinson

Typically speaking, NFL draft prospects are pretty good about not revealing where they think they'll end up. That's primarily because they don't actually know, but some probably have a god idea and just keep their mouths shut.

Not Mike Pouncey, though! Pouncey thinks he's getting drafted by Dallas. At least, according to his Twitter account:

The former Florida Gator and brother of Maurkice Pouncey (the Steelers star rookie center), hasn't deleted the tweet yet and has answered a pile of questions from his followers since sending that tweet out.

Interestingly, both of our mock draft experts -- Rob Rang and Chad Reuter -- have the Cowboys taking an offensive lineman at the ninth overall pick. In fact, both have the 'Boys taking Tyron Smith out of USC.

Pouncey would be a bit of a reach at ninth -- based on most draft rankings -- but given his brother's success with the Steelers last season, there are plenty of folks who are bullish on the younger Pouncey.

Including, according to him, the Cowboys.

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Posted on: April 6, 2011 8:41 pm

Are teams scared of Bowers' knee?

Bowers Posted by Josh Katzowitz

On Wednesday, Pro Football Weekly’s Nolan Nawrocki – you know him better as the guy who gave Cam Newton a tough evaluation – said today that some teams were being scared off by the possibility that former Clemson DE Da’Quan Bowers might need microfracture surgery on his knee, a procedure that could cost him a year as he recovers.

But the Cleveland Plain Dealer, talking to a source close to Bowers, disputes that report, writing that no doctor has told Bowers he would need that kind of surgery (in which doctors drill two small holes in his knee so scar tissue will grow) in the future and that at least one NFL team doctor told him his knee looks great.

Bowers had surgery in January to repair a torn meniscus, and since then, he declared he was 100 percent healthy at the NFL combine (though he didn’t work out) and then missed Clemson’s pro day before giving a so-so workout at his own personal pro day.

Nawrocki said two teams failed Bowers during their physicals at the Combine, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Bowers is doomed.

While it’s hard to imagine Bowers falling to late into the first round of the draft, though Nawrocki raised that possibility, there’s no telling how much his knee is hurting him (physically and in the NFL’s mindset).

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