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Posted on: February 16, 2011 7:49 pm

NFLPA wants to deal with NFL's sponsors

D. Brees could take advantage of an interesting NFLPA idea. Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Maybe some of the NFL’s biggest – and most marketable – players won’t have to get part-time jobs if they’re locked out after all.

Fanhouse’s Dan Graziano pens an interesting piece about how the NFL Players Association is talking to corporate sponsors about individual contingency deals in which a player could sell his own rights to a national company.

Assuming the CBA expires March 3, Graziano writes, the current agreement between sponsors like Gatorade, Verizon and Pepsi to use players in national advertising campaigns would expire as well.

"If the NFL locks out the players, the sponsors get locked out of player rights," Keith Gordon, the president of NFL Players Inc., told Fanhouse. "We've been communicating with sponsors since the summer, and our primary objective is to shield them from being put in the middle between the NFL and the players. At this point, our primary objective is to avoid disruption to their business."

Apparently, the NFLPA approached the NFL about a year ago to talk about extending those corporate sponsors agreements despite the expiring CBA, but the NFL wasn’t interested.

So, the NFLPA, according to Graziano, “has proposed contingency agreements that would allow those sponsors to continue to use players in their ads the way they already do. ‘If they take advantage of a contingency agreement, their rights would be protected without interruption,’ Gordon said.

More from Fanhouse, simply because Graziano can explain this better than I can:

"We've had to do a fair amount of educating the sponsors with regard to the mechanics of how it all works as far as player rights and their having access to it," Gordon said. "Not all of them know the mechanics there, so they were surprised to find out that even though, for example, they may have an agreement that runs through 2014, their player rights actually expire in 2011. Some of the sponsors felt like, 'We already paid for that,' and we told them they had to take that up with the league."

The expiration of the current agreement would deprive companies that have sponsorship deals with the NFL from using more than five players in the aggregate in any national ad campaign. For example, if Verizon uses Drew Brees and Mark Sanchez in a national ad but then uses other NFL players in smaller, local newspaper ads, the total number of players used by Verizon can't exceed five without the NFLPA's approval. The contingency agreements, the union says, would allow those companies to continue to use the players as they currently do. The only difference is that those deals would be negotiated directly between the sponsors and the players.

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Posted on: February 12, 2011 3:47 pm

Rex Ryan talks about recent Sanchez story

R. Ryan (US Presswire)Posted by Andy Benoit

There was a celebrity sitting courtside at the Knicks-Lakers game Friday night who got a thunderous reception from the Madison Square Garden crowd: Rex Ryan. The Jets head coach attended the game with his wife Michelle. Undoubtedly adding just a sprinkle more noise to his thunderous reception was the fact that he was wore a throwback Clyde Frazier jersey.

MSG’s Jill Martin interviewed Ryan at halftime. In addition to expressing his unwavering confidence that the 2011 Jets will “win it all” (what else would you expect?), Ryan addressed Mark Sanchez’s recent off-field embarrassment.

"Not everybody can play quarterback in this town. It takes a special person, and Mark can do it,” Ryan said, intending no pun about his quarterback’s rumored romance with a 17-year-old. “He's proved that he can do it. He's focused and determined. Some guys would wilt under the pressure of New York, of being in the city. But Mark looks forward to it.”

Ryan added, "You've got to have broad shoulders, he has broad shoulders. I always talk about skin like an armadillo -- though I know it's armor -- but that's the illustration we make to our guys. He's a great player, a great person, and he can handle this."

(Photo courtesy of Neil Miller of the New York Post)

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Posted on: February 11, 2011 12:49 pm

Hot Routes 2.11.11: Killing the Favre/DWTS rumors

Posted by Will Brinson

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Posted on: January 27, 2011 11:58 pm

The Sanchez/Brunell incident finally resolved

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

The mystery finally has been solved. The CDC can finally halt its investigation. The video conspirarcy theorists can finally be silenced.

The question of “Did Jets starting QB Mark Sanchez wipe his snot on backup QB Mark Brunell in the middle of the AFC championship game?” finally has been answered.

From the transcript of ESPN Radio New York, via sportsradiointerviews.com, here’s the play-by-play of what really happened, direct from Sanchez’s mouth.

“I have been getting so many text messages and phone calls about this. He is like my big brother and we have such a great relationship and I just feel so bad that it was on TV. I am on the sidelines but that is the way we are. We just have fun and joke around and keep things light because that is the way I play my best. I did not want it to be a disrespectful thing, obviously, and he knew that.  I called him the very next day, ‘I am so sorry.  I feel so bad’ and he said, ‘Oh don’t worry about it. Only 55 million people saw you fake-wipe a booger on me.’”

Aha! So, it was fake, then?

“It was like a fake. It was like a cold weather, like almost-runny-nose-not-even-a-real-b
ooger. If it would have been there it would have been a legit booger. I don’t think I could have done that to him… It was like it is cold outside and my nose is like not fully running or anything but just like a little mess around more than anything. It was more of a fake-booger-wipe if anything. If it would have been a legit booger they probably would not have showed it on TV. So that was the funny part and he just, just the way he brushed it off. ‘Oh yeah only 55 million people saw it.’ He was like, ‘You are good.’ I am so sorry. I mean he is the best. He is the best in the world and he knows I was just joking.  It is just too bad, and the worst part is, I mean, I know he is going to get me back. Nobody else is going to be around to see it. It will be worse I am sure.”

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Posted on: January 24, 2011 9:44 pm

Jets headset failed during AFC championship

M. Sanchez couldn't hear plays on his headset for much of Sunday's game (US Presswire). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

The Jets were losing badly to the Steelers at Heinz Field on Sunday, and it was pretty freezing outside. Making matters worse, though, was that New York QB Mark Sanchez, at times, had a tough time communicating with his coaches because the headset he was wearing kept malfunctioning.

Though it might sound like Pittsburghian subterfuge, that’s not how the Jets were playing it afterward.

"It never really happened for that long of a time," Sanchez said, via ESPN New York. "We had to use a walkie-talkie at one point and (offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer) was just yelling calls in at one point. It was just another challenge, and we almost overcame it."

According to the story, the primary headset stopped working after the first possession, and the backup failed with about 8 minutes to go in the game when the Jets were trying to get into the end zone from the 2-yard line.

Which is an unfortunate time for that to occur.

From the story:

Sanchez had to run over to the sideline to talk to Schottenheimer. He also needed to yell out the calls to others on the offense as the Steelers fans at Heinz Field roared over the confusion.

"The problem was the headset kept going out multiple times during the game," Sanchez said, "so I had to run over and get a couple calls, piece together some calls on the headset that came in broken up. It was one of those things we were fighting through. I was proud of our guys for trying to piece it together."

Jets tight end Dustin Keller said the offense had to rush a few times because of the time it took to get the calls communicated. On that goal-line series when the problems were magnified, the Jets turned the ball over on downs after failing to gain 2 yards in four tries.

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Posted on: January 21, 2011 6:34 pm
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Sanchez on Polamalu: He'll hurt somebody

Posted by Andy Benoit

Mark Sanchez recently sat down with Boomer Esiason for an interview that will air Sunday on The NFL Today. Esiason pointed out to the second-year quarterback that his fellow USC alum, safety Troy Polamalu, did not play when the Jets beat the Steelers back in Week 16.

Here was what Sanchez had to say about Polamalu:

Number one, he’s just got such a nose for the football. He’s playing deep in Cover 2 somewhere (just like) Ed Reed, and these guys will come out of their zones and jump a shallow crossing route – and they’ll blow somebody up. He’ll hurt somebody for the game. And you don’t want that to happen to your guy; you lose a weapon and give them momentum. He’ll read your eyes so quick. If you stare something too long or double reset or pat the ball one extra time, he’s on you – he knows exactly what you’re thinking. It’s going to be a tough challenge and I’m excited to play against him."

To see the interview, play the video below.

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Posted on: January 20, 2011 11:22 am
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Steelers vs. Jets: 7-Point Championship Preview

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

CBSSports.com's patented and award-winning 7-point preview gets you ready for each and every playoff game. As a bonus, enjoy our playoff podcast preview:

1. New York Jets (No. 6, AFC, 13-5) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 2, AFC, 13-4)

For the second-straight season, the Jets somehow have risen from a Wild Card team to a squad that will play in the AFC championship game with a chance to go to the Super Bowl. Last year, they fell to the Colts. This year, though, they’re riding a big hot streak, having knocked off Indianapolis and then the formerly-invincible Patriots, and they’re looking for their first Super Bowl appearance since 1969.

The Steelers, meanwhile, are coming off a nice come-from-behind victory against the Ravens last week. Like the Jets beating the Patriots, Pittsburgh exerted a ton of energy, rallying to beat their biggest rival for the second time this season. There’s been some talk about emotional letdowns, especially on the Jets side, but this one is for a Super Bowl berth. An emotional letdown, like Jets coach Rex Ryan would say, is impossible.

2. PLAYOFFS?! Watchability Ranking

Both AFC games last week were great matchups and featured great results. It’ll be hard for this one to top those. Maybe I’m the one who is emotionally let down, but 3.5 Mora Faces is the max rating.

3. Key Matchup to Watch: Jets secondary vs. Steelers WRs

Last week, the Jets shut down the Patriots WRs. New England couldn’t create separation, and at times, QB Tom Brady was stuck holding the ball for 5 … 6 … 7 … 8 seconds before having to scramble because his receivers simply could not get open.

The Steelers will have to do a better job than that. Assuming Jets CB Darrelle Revis – who has dominated Indianapolis’ Reggie Wayne and New England’s Deion Branch so far in the playoffs – matches up against WR Hines Ward, don’t expect Ward to have much of an impact. In the Steelers Week 15 matchup against New York, Ward was targeted only three times and caught two passes for 34 yards.

That means the speedy Mike Wallace will have to be the game-changer for Pittsburgh. He’s had a big season, catching 60 passes for 1,257 yards and 10 TDs in the regular season. We assume Jets CB Antonio Cromartie, also a rather speedy fellow, will attend to him. Thing is with Cromartie: sometimes he’s great, like last week, and sometimes he’s very beatable, like with Colts WR Pierre Garcon two weeks ago.

Hell, Cromartie might be the biggest factor of all. Especially if Ben Roethlisberger tries to avoid Revis and, instead, targets Cromartie. Hey, at least Cromartie didn’t call Roethlisberger an a------.

4. Potentially Relevant Video

If Revis makes Ward somewhat irrelevant in the passing game, the Steelers WR still can be a nuisance on the field. Ask Bart Scott about that this video, featuring Ward’s greatest hits.

5. The Jets will win if ...

They can get big-time production from both running backs, LaDainian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene. Tomlinson, after a swoon in the second half of the season, has run well the first two rounds of the playoffs, and Greene has rushed for 77 and 70 yards in the two games. If Greene can inch closer to the 100-yard mark and Tomlinson can average about 5 yards a carry, that would keep the ball out of the hands of Rashard Mendenhall and Roethlisberger for much of the game and bring the Jets a win.

6. The Steelers will win if ...

They can pound and pressure Mark Sanchez for much of the day. Yes, Sanchez threw three touchdown passes last week, but he still has struggled – for the past two weeks – with his accuracy. The Steelers have plenty of defenders (ahem, James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley) who can harass Sanchez and make him have to release the ball too early. Which certainly won’t help his aim.

7. Prediction: Jets 20, Steelers 17
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