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Posted on: June 21, 2011 1:18 pm
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Raheem Brock, restaurateur, explains arrest

Posted by Ryan Wilson

And the Raheem Brock saga continues.

The Seahawks defensive end was arrested last Thursday for walking out on a $27 restaurant tab. We later learned that Brock's party was asked to leave the Copa Banana, the restaurant in question, because a member of Brock's party brought food in from another establishment. So Brock left without paying his tab, and the Copa Banana called the police, who arrested Brock after finding him at another restaurant nearby.

Now Brock tells TMZ that he did not, in fact, walk out on the $27 tab. Instead, he insists the arrest was a misunderstanding brought on by a sudden hankering for cheesesteak.

To the details:
…[T]he drama began after Raheem, his cousin and a female friend went to the (Copa Banana) restaurant to order some food Thursday night. Brock says after the group placed the order, Brock's female friend decided she would rather get a cheesesteak from a place across the street ... so she and Brock walked over while Raheem's cousin waited at (Copa Banana). But when they returned to the Cope ... the waitress wouldn't let them bring the cheesesteak inside.

Brock says his group canceled their food order and left ... thinking everything was cool -- until the cops arrived to the scene and told Brock he'd been accused of running out on the bill.  Brock says he offered to pay $40 for the $27 bill ... but the manager refused to accept payment. Raheem was then arrested on suspicion of theft of services and resisting arrest.
Brock adds: "While I was in 'cuffs, I explained to the manager that I own restaurants ... and if there's a policy about paying for food that hasn't come out ... then it should have been explained to us before we left."

It certainly sounds plausible, and perhaps it really was a misunderstanding. Of course, PFT's Michael David Smith makes a good point: "We’re only getting Brock’s side of the story here, but his side of the story sounds pretty reasonable. The restaurant has declined to give its side of the story, in which Brock may not sound so reasonable."

In any event, it's better than blaming an anonymous Facebook hacker.

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Posted on: June 19, 2011 4:30 pm
Edited on: June 19, 2011 5:35 pm

Leinart could reunite with Carroll in Seattle

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Nothing like a lockout to artificially inflate Matt Leinart's value. The former Cardinals first-round pick in the 2006 draft, Leinart has been underwhelming by any measure. After five starts as a rookie, he toiled mostly as a backup. Leinart was also occasionally characterized as disgruntled, and that eventually led to Arizona releasing him before the 2010 season.

"In fairness to Matt, I think that it would be a tough position for him to be in a backup role," coach Ken Whisenhunt said at the time. "Maybe a fresh start for him is what would be a good thing, for all of us."

Leinart signed with Houston, where he took exactly zero snaps.

Now, according to the Houston Chronicle's John McClain, "the Texans would love to have him back" but admits "Leinart wants to play for a team that'll give him a chance to start. I see him being reunited with Pete Carroll."

Which is the latest evidence that Matt Hasselbeck, who spent the previous 10 seasons in Seattle, will be hawking his wares elsewhere in 2011.

Dan Pompei, writing for NationalFootballPost.com, echoes McClain's thinking that, ultimately, Leinart could end up with Carroll. But just like Whisenhunt in Arizona and Gary Kubiak in Houston, Pompei doesn't think Leinart will be the starter in Seattle, either.
Chances are looking good that the Seahawks may have two new quarterbacks by the time camp opens. They tried to re-sign Matt Hasselbeck before the lockout started and couldn’t come to terms. Now they may move on if they can find a better alternative (hello, Kevin Kolb) as a starter. Getting hurt in each of the last three years has left Hasselbeck vulnerable in Seattle. And it would almost be an upset if the Seahawks didn’t sign Matt Leinart to come in as a backup. The Seahawks might not be crazy about what they have seen of Leinart on tape, but coach Pete Carroll has won a lot of games with him, and he thinks he can win some more.
With the Cardinals, the knock against Leinart wasn't his ability (although his inconsistent efforts in practice didn't help); it was that he wasn't considered a leader.

ESPN.com's NFC West blogger Mike Sando wrote last September that "Leinart could have made this work if he had played by Whisenhunt's rules. He wasn't willing (or possibly able) to do that under difficult circumstances. He complained and pouted and made it impossible for Whisenhunt to name Leinart the leader of a locker room filled with players more closely aligned with the Whisenhunt mindset."

As Whisenhunt said last fall, maybe a fresh start will be good for Leinart, even if he's destined to be a backup. A bit of advice, Matt: try to avoid burning bridges like your former college teammate, LenDale White.

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Posted on: June 18, 2011 1:31 pm

More info on the Raheem Brock arrest

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

As we told you Friday, Seahawks DE Raheem Brock – who likes to make prank calls to commissioner Roger Goodell and who was cuffed last November on a DUI charge – was arrested Thursday for allegedly walking out on a $27 restaurant bill and resisting arrest.

The next day, Brock participated in a football clinic in the Philadelphia area, where he spoke to about 300 high school juniors and seniors.

BrockThe camp organizers told reporters that Brock was not there to talk about his personal business, but the Philadelphia Daily News has the story of Thursday’s arrest as recounted in the police report.

Apparently, Brock’s party was asked to leave the Copacabana because a woman who was with Brock had brought in food from another restaurant. So, the party left without paying its bar tab. The restaurant called the police, and officers found Brock at a restaurant across the street.

"He wouldn't come outside and wouldn't comply with the officers," police spokesman Tanya Little told the paper. "They tried to put the handcuffs on him and he resisted." 

Little said Brock wasn’t violent with the officers, but the original responders called for backup to help subdue him. Brock was released without bail, and he has a court hearing scheduled for Tuesday.

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Posted on: June 17, 2011 2:52 pm
Edited on: June 17, 2011 3:21 pm

Report: Bush allowed to talk to teams in February

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Reggie Bush wasn't thrilled with the Saints' decision to draft running back Mark Ingram in the first round. We know this because he promptly tweeted as much. Most people figured that Ingram's arrival signaled the end of an underwhelming five years in New Orleans for Bush.

Turns out, the organization gave Bush permission to seek a trade two months before they drafted Ingram, according to a report by Yahoo.com's Jason Cole.
The New Orleans Saints gave running back Reggie Bush permission in February to talk to other teams and gauge his value as the franchise, and Bush tried to work out a restructured contract, according to three NFL sources.

Bush and agent Joel Segal were told that a number of teams would be interested in paying him handsomely, or at least more than the Saints have apparently been willing to offer at this point. That is one of the reasons that Bush has made contradictory statements about his future in New Orleans and didn’t participate in offseason workouts with Saints players. The expectation from Bush, according to the sources, is that he will be playing for another team next season.
This explains why the Saints traded back into the first round of the draft to take Ingram. The organization knew it was going to need a running back and apparently wants one who is more comfortable running between the tackles.

(By the way, we're not saying New Orleans had to get a running back early in the draft because of Bush's likely departure, but we understand the thinking. We're still of the opinion that, in general, teams overpay for NFL backs.)

The next question, of course, is which teams might be interested in Bush. According to one of Coles' sources, "Among the most likely candidates for Bush’s services … are the Miami Dolphins, Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks and the New York Giants. Miami and Pittsburgh are looking to add speed on offense. Seattle is coached by Pete Carroll, Bush’s former coach at USC. The Giants’ interest would depend on whether the team is able to keep running back Ahmad Bradshaw once free agency starts."

Bush hasn't yet reached his potential as an NFL player, and it's part of the reason the Saints are willing to let him walk. That said, he would upgrade the backfield (and the passing games) of every team mentioned above. The biggest sticking point, obviously, is how much it will cost to sign him. The last time the Steelers paid (relatively) big money for a free-agent running back was in 2004 for Duce Staley. The Dolphins have Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, and they can't afford to allot a huge chunk of their salary cap to Bush.

The Carroll-USC connection makes sense, too, but he's not afraid to cut his former college players (with unintentionally hilarious side-effects). And like the Dolphins, the Seahawks have bigger issues than adding another running back.

Cole notes that "over the past two seasons, Bush, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2006 draft, has become a role player. He has missed 10 games because of injury and been limited to only 106 carries and 81 receptions in the regular season. He has scored a total of nine rushing and receiving touchdowns, but remains an explosive player."

According to Football Outsiders, Bush ranked 32nd in total value among NFL running backs with fewer than 100 carries last season. We'll mention it again in case you missed it the first time: there are better ways for teams to allocate their salary-cap dollars than busting the bank on a running back. They're just not worth it.

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Posted on: June 8, 2011 9:32 pm
Edited on: June 8, 2011 11:02 pm

Could Hasselbeck be Locker's mentor in Tennessee?

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Matt Hasselbeck may not be long for Seattle, but whatever professional fate awaits him, it's hard to argue that he's not a leader. When healthy, Hasselbeck has been the Seahawks' starting quarterback every year since 2001, and he led the team to a Super Bowl appearance in 2006.

Currently a free agent, Hasselbeck is still organizing team training sessions during the lockout. Doug Farrar, writing for SportsPressNW.com, says that Hasselbeck ran Friday's workout "with a sense of order and command that exhibited his value beyond stats and plays to his team."

There's a sense among some in the media that once the labor issues are resolved, the Seahawks will choose not to re-sign Hasselbeck and instead move forward with Charlie Whitehurst at quarterback.  That doesn't mean there won't be a market for him, though. Sports Illustrated's Peter King and Jim Trotter think that Tennessee is a "sensible" landing spot; the Titans will jettison Vince Young before the season, and it would be both cruel and inhumane to throw rookie Jake Locker into the starting job with no OTAs or minicamp -- and possibly an abbreviated training camp.

For now, though, the Titans, like many teams around the league, are making the best of an imperfect situation. Players held unofficial workouts at a Nashville high school Wednesday, and Locker was there to meet many of his teammates for the first time.

"He's got a lot of expectations on his shoulders, but for him to come in here and take command is, you know, pretty cool," Titans wideout Marc Mariani said after practice.

The NFL Network's Steve Wyche was on hand and noted that not only is Locker trying to learn his playbook without the assistance of Titans coaches, he's also trying to get on the same page with a lot of new faces.

There's no way of knowing what plans -- both immediate and long term -- the organization has for Locker, but running back Chris Johnson seems to think Tennessee's offense will feature the rookie first-rounder whenever the season starts.

"Everybody knows [Jake's] going to be the starting quarterback so he needs to be ready come Game 1," Johnson told the media after the workout. "So he's just trying to get ready."

If the Titans decided to sign Hasselbeck, he would face many of the same challenges as Locker, but with the benefit of 13 years of NFL experience.

Wyche's colleague, Jason La Canfora, said on Wednesday's NFL Total Access that "Tennessee would make a lot of sense (for Hasselbeck) … who has ties to key figures in that front office: (general manager )Mike Reinfeldt, (VP of player personnel) Ruston Webster. … And most importantly, he's already mentored Jake Locker, who was at the University of Washington. They have a working relationship. … Hasselbeck could come in, start right away, and help Locker progress."

It's too early to predict how this all plays out, but this much is certain: Kerry Collins ain't interested in being a nursemaid. Hasselbeck is a good fit given his history with Locker, even if it's a one-year stint to bridge the gap between the old franchise QB (Vince Young) and the new one.

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Posted on: June 5, 2011 11:21 am

Whitehurst thinks he can start in Seattle

Posted by Will Brinson

Thanks to the lockout, there are still a number of teams with unsolved quarterback situations. The Seattle Seahawks, who have Charlie Whitehurst as their only "actually signed quarterback," are one of those teams.

But fear not, Seahawk nation -- the bearded one believes he can be the guy to lead Seattle back to the promised land. Or, at least he thinks he win the starting job anyway.

"Well, luckily I'm not going through the free-agent stuff like some guys are going through," Whitehurst told The Seattle Times' Danny O'Neil in a recent Q&A. "I know I'm the only quarterback that's on the roster right now, and I'm sure that will change eventually when we get it figured. I look at it like I'm going to get the chance to be the starter, and I think I can do it.

"That's what I plan to do. Whenever we figure it out, I'll compete as hard as I can to make that happen."

Alright, so it's not exactly a John Beck-esque rant and/or statement about being the No. 1 QB in town. In fact, Whitehurst doesn't really sound all that confident about his job security.
Seahawks Offseason

But that's okay, since the Seahawks are all but guaranteed to bring in an additional body or two to compete for the starting job. Matt Hasselbeck seems like a lock at this point of the lockout.

And there's a good chance that Pete Carroll calls on one more mid-level/low-end starter -- could it finally be his reunion with Matt Leinart?? -- to compete for the starting gig in whatever training camp Seattle has. But that hypothetical new guy and Whitehurst are going to suffer from the same disadvantage: time.

Which is why someone like Hasselbeck stands a much better chance of ending up starting over someone like Whitehurst. Again.

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Posted on: May 18, 2011 11:43 pm

Reading between the lines on Matt Hasselbeck

Posted by Andy Benoit

Free agent quarterback Matt Hasselbeck said in an interview with 710 AM Seattle that he got a M. Hasselbeck (US Presswire)copy of the Seahawks’ playbook from a teammate, which will allow him to learn some of the new terminology that new offensive line coach Tom Cable is bringing to Seattle’s run game. More notably, Hasselbeck also said that he and some of his teammates are quietly holding offseason workouts.

This all suggests that the 35-year-old veteran is sure to re-sign with the Seahawks once the lockout is lifted...right?

Well, not exactly. Included in those workouts are members of the Rams, Cardinals, Titans, Browns, Ravens and Lions. In other words, these are definitely just workouts and definitely not some semblance of a true Seahawks practice.

“There aren't really a ton of guys in town," Hasselbeck said. "This is Seattle, it's not (one) of the warmer places to live in our country, but it's been good. We've been having a great offseason so far in terms of workouts. It was a challenge getting going, it started out a little slow but we've rectified that. We've gotten kicked out of a few places, but we're rolling now. We're ready to roll.

"It's too bad that we can't just have our team, but we just don't have the numbers for that. All in all, it's sort of competitive that way. It's like this unspoken, you know, you don't want to get outdone by the guys in your division."

Hasselbeck’s point about Seattle not being a desirable offseason home for many NFL players raises an interesting question: can teams in warm weather climates gain an advantage during the lockout by having more players sticking around town and thus being able to workout?

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Posted on: May 12, 2011 10:51 am

Report: Seahawks talked to, interested in Leinart

Posted by Will Brinson

Matt Leinart to the Seahawks has been rumored -- and has made some sense -- for as long as Pete Carroll's been coaching in Seattle.

After all, the success that Leinart had under Carroll at USC is precisely what made him a Heisman Trophy winner and a top-five pick in the NFL Draft. But, for whatever reason, Carroll has opted not to sign him.

That could -- reportedly! -- change though, according to Scott Wolf of the Los Angeles Daily News, who writes that he hears "the Seahawks spoke to former USC quarterback Matt Leinart about joining the team next season."

I quote Wolf not because there's anything profound there, but because I find it interesting that it's "the Seahawks" and not "Pete Carroll" who talked to Leinart about the possibility of signing in Seattle.

Or maybe I'm reading too much into it -- what's especially odd about this report is that it comes on the heels of the 'Hawks reportedly talking to incumbent-turned-free-agent Matt Hasselbeck. Although perhaps Seattle simply used the brief between-lockout period to explore as many quarterback options as they could; a wise move heading into a draft where quarterback value was outrageous.

Of course, no post about Carroll and a former student would be complete without noting how odd he's handled picking and choosing former Trojans since he got to the NFL. He made a move for LenDale White, only to promptly kick him to the curb. He spurned Taylor Mays in the draft. He immediately traded away Lawrence Jackson. He somehow revived Mike Williams.

And, of course, there's Carroll not going after Leinart. We'll see if that changes in 2011, but supposing that Carroll will chase his former pupil just because he needs a quarterback and Leinart went to USC is probably a stretch, at least for now.

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