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Posted on: July 22, 2010 10:18 pm

Norv Turner goes on the offensive

San Diego coach Norv Turner made a bold statement (Getty). San Diego coach Norv Turner must feel the pressure. He must know that his job only can be secure if San Diego, for the first time since 1994, advances to the Super Bowl. So, the perpetual hot-seated coach must figure: what the hell, I’ll go ahead and raise expectations.

At a lunch today, Turner told the local media, including the San Diego Union-Tribune , that "this has a chance to be the best team since I've been here."

Ah, nothing like giving your end-of-the-season critics massive amounts of ammunition if the Chargers, once again, have a January meltdown.

Plus, they’ll get little immediate help from LT Marcus McNeil and top WR Vincent Jackson – both could hold out for much of the season, and Jackson will have to serve a three-game suspension at the very least.

From Kevin Acee’s story:

Turner said he believes his coaching staff will be better for staying entirely intact for the first time since his arrival in 2007, that "we'll get back to being an elite running team" and the Chargers will have a more aggressive defense.

And because we seemingly cannot discuss Marcus McNeill and Vincent Jackson enough, Turner was asked about them (a lot) and made a case for the Chargers being prepared to absorb the blows of their expected absences.

Turner has made a point for months to acknowledge the Chargers would miss McNeill and Jackson if they do sit out (they will). He did so again yesterday but played up, especially, the readiness of young receivers Legedu Naanee and Buster Davis.

--Josh Katzowitz

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Posted on: July 22, 2010 2:29 pm
Edited on: July 22, 2010 2:50 pm

Merriman a Charger 'until I am told otherwise'

Shawne Merriman is one of many San Diego Chargers not, um, "thrilled" with his contract status. He joins, most notably, Vincent Jackson and Marcus McNeill as those steering clear of the Bolts' headquarters ; not to mention rookie Ryan Mathews who's been waffling on holdout chatter this week .

But that doesn't mean Merriman thinks he's done in San Diego. In fact, he was at least mildly enthusiastic about being a Charger when asked about his future on XX Sports Radio in San Diego :
“I am a San Diego Charger until I am told otherwise. The rest of the stuff is just talk to me and until I hear or get a call from someone saying you are not a San Diego Charger anymore, I am a San Diego Charger until I am done playing football. That is the way that I started when I came in and that is the way I am going to keep it until I go out. Until I am told otherwise I am going to continue to do what I am doing. Merriman also touched on a timetable for getting to camp, stating that he had no specific date in mind but would just "be ready when the time comes."

The former Defensive Player of the Year also touched on his upcoming Entourage cameo, but the primary point of the interview seemed to be that Merriman really, really wants to get back on the field and play football for San Diego.

One small problem there: if GM A.J. Smith isn't budging on Jackson and McNeill, why would he cave to Merriman, particularly when he reached for a replacement (Larry English) in the first round last year? He won't -- which means if Merriman wants to play in San Diego this year, it'll be without a long term deal.

-- Will Brinson

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Posted on: July 19, 2010 1:28 pm
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Bolts resigned on Jackson/McNeil; say no to Owens

As recently as like three years ago, Terrell Owens would've had a shot at cracking CBS Sports' "Top Five Wide Receivers in the NFL " list.

Now? Child, please; he needs a team first.

The likelihood that he will find one has been narrowed further, provided you believe the comments made by A.J. Smith about Owens to the San Diego Union-Tribune 's Nick Canepa:

“We’re all set right now with our receivers,” says Chargers General Manager A.J. Smith, back from vacation a week before the opening of training camp. “I don’t want to be involved. A lot of people have us targeted [for Owens], but they know I wouldn’t do it.

The Chargers are clearly in a bizarre situation, because while they have a ton of talent on the offensive end, they could be without star wideout Vincent Jackson for a minimum of three weeks (his suspension ) and possibly up to 10 (provided he continues to hold out ).

In fact, Smith acknowledges in the same article, when referring to Jackson and Pro Bowl left tackle Marcus McNeill , that, "it's over with ... I think they're going to be here for six games, and then think they're going to be free." Yet, they still have clearly zero interest in the oft-troubled wideout.

All of this lends even more credence to something that our own Mike Freeman wrote recently : that Owens is being pseudo-banished by the NFL.

Think about it -- he's been rejected by the Panthers (Jon Beason, who practically laughed at the notion of TO coming to Carolina in an online chat ), the Redskins , the Bengals (even though Chad Ochocinco was reportedly pleading the brass to ink him), and now the Chargers. All of those teams need help at wideout, and yet, Owens can't find a home.

Adam Schefter tweets that Drew Rosenhaus texted him today to say he's "very confident" that Owens "will have a home within a few weeks," but making the presumption that someone will ink TO -- particularly given all the wideout-needy teams that have passed already -- just based on an agent's PR manuevers seems pretty optimistic.

Of course, injuries happen, even in training camp, and it's likely some team that will get desperate and give Owens a short-term, incentive-laden deal. But, on the bright side, even that doesn't happen, he's always got a future as a reality show sidekick . So there's that.

-- Will Brinson

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Posted on: July 16, 2010 1:16 pm
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Position rankings: wide receivers

A. Johnson makes a TD catch over Chicago's C. Tillman (Getty). Josh Katzowitz and Andy Benoit resume their debate, with today’s focus on wide receivers.

Andy Benoit’s top five

5. Brandon Marshall, Dolphins

4. Calvin Johnson, Lions

3. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals

2. Reggie Wayne, Colts

1. Andre Johnson, Texans

I wish we could do top 10 receivers – this position is flooded with talent. A lot of times, a receivers’ success depends on the system he’s in. For example, Miles Austin, with his fluidity and speed, produces like a top five receiver in Dallas’s catch-and-run offense. But could he succeed in a downfield “power-throwing” offense like Vincent Jackson does in San Diego? Probably not.

As you can see, I like receivers with freakish athleticism and size. These five guys can dominate in any system. Shuffle Fitzgerald, Wayne and Andre Johnson in any order you want – just don’t drop Wayne from the Top 3 and tell me it’s because he plays with Peyton Manning. Wayne might be themost fundamentally-sound player in the entire NFL.

Calvin Johnson hasn’t done anything yet, but that’s only because he’s stuck in Detroit. He’s at least 125 percent as gifted as anyone on this list.

I’m willing to have just about any discussion that pertains to the best receiver in the game – just as long as you don’t try to sell me Randy Moss. As a deep threat, Moss is the best ever. As an all-around receiver (route running, blocking, reading coverages, etc.), he’s average.

Josh Katzowitz’s top five

5. Calvin Johnson, Lions

4. Wes Welker, Patriots

3. Reggie Wayne, Colts

2. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals

1. Andre Johnson, Texans

I agree with everything you said about Johnson. He’s the best WR out there today. He seemingly has it all. He runs great routes, he can make the tough catches in traffic, and he has great athleticism.

Fitzgerald has recorded 25 touchdown catches the past two years, more than any other receiver. Plus, his dad is a sportswriter – which bodes pretty well for my children. I like him just a little bit better than Wayne, who’s more experienced but not quite as athletic and who, like you said, has the benefit of catching balls from one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. But I agree with the top-three – which, truth be told, is hard to argue against.

I’ve got to go with Welker at No. 4. He has sneaky speed, he can read any defense, and his yards-after-contact numbers are extraordinary. Will he be the same receiver after his knee problems? Well, we won’t know that until the regular season begins, but for now, Welker is a top-five guy. I’m interested to hear your take on Welker, Andy. I dropped Johnson to No. 5, because he flubs too many catches.

I thought hard about putting San Diego’s (for now) Vincent Jackson on the list. He has a very high yards-per-catch average, and he’s a very good blocker. But with the three-game suspension and the fact he might hold out for much of the season, I just couldn’t pull the trigger. I also thought about Sidney Rice, but one season doesn’t make a career. Where do you stand with those guys?

Andy’s rebuttal

I have no problem with Welker being top five. The numbers are there – 346 catches for 3,368 yards over the last three seasons – and there isn’t a little thing he doesn’t do right. Welker is the sustaining element of New England’s offense. I left him off my list because he’s essentially confined to the slot.

Jackson might be the best deep threat in the NFL right now. And while I’m on numbers, I’ll mention that 58 of Jackson’s 68 receptions last season resulted in a first down. Of everyone you mentioned, Josh, Rice is the only player I never considered. He had a great ’09 campaign, but given his (albeit short) track record, I need to see him do it at least once more.

Josh, you surprised everyone by not taking a principled stand and including a “solid, scrappy (read: white)” backup receiver like Mike Furrey or Austin Collie on your list. Since this made our lists virtually identical, how about we do the top three wide receiver duos in the NFL? But let’s put a wrinkle in it: top three duos, but no member of the duos can be on our top five list (i.e. no Moss-Welker, Wayne-Garcon or Johnson-Walter). Here’s what I have:

1. Donald DriverGreg Jennings, Packers. Perfect fits for Green Bay’s quick-slanting system.

2. Vincent Jackson – Malcolm Floyd, Chargers. Their size and speed creates nightmares for defensive coordinators and allows Antonio Gates to work against safeties and linebackers.

3. DeSean JacksonJeremy Maclin, Eagles. Jackson is fast becoming the best big-play weapon in the game. Maclin, in only his second season, could soon emerge as another version of Jackson.

Josh’s final word

Jeez, Andy, you make it sound like I put backups on my top five lists. Hey, I wasn’t the one who put Chad Greenway on my 4-3 outside linebackers list. That was you.

I’ll play your game, though.

1. Driver – Jennings, Packers. You’re absolutely right about these guys, Andy. Driver has been really good for many years, and though neither of these guys are top 10 by themselves, they help make Aaron Rodgers look really good.

2. Sidney Rice – Percy Harvin, Vikings. These guys are young – 23 and 22, respectively – and with Brett Favre throwing passes their way probably for the next … oh, say … five or 10 years (psst, he’s never going to retire), the Minnesota offense will continue to be very dangerous.

3. Jackson - Floyd, Chargers. We've talked about Jackson, but Floyd was solid last year after the Chargers waived Chris Chambers. He obviously needs to score more touchdowns - he only had one last season - but his 6-foot-5 stature will continue to grab the attention of QB Philip Rivers.

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--Josh Katzowitz and Andy Benoit

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Posted on: July 12, 2010 11:55 pm

Vincent Jackson officially suspended

It’s official. San Diego WR Vincent Jackson is suspended for the first three regular-season games, the team confirmed in a statement Monday night.

The news, of course, comes as no surprise, but this is the first time the Chargers have commented on Jackson’s violation of the league’s substance-abuse policy.

“Obviously, we're disappointed,” San Diego GM A.J. Smith said in the statement. “Vincent made a mistake and now must deal with the consequences.”

--Josh Katzowitz

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Posted on: July 5, 2010 4:18 pm

Analzing the latest in Vincent Jackson drama

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported today that the San Diego Chargers are in fact NOT actively looking to trade wide receiver Vincent Jackson. And they don’t seem inclined to negotiate with him, either. Jackson is staging a holdout to express his displease with being tendered as a restricted free agent, rather than being offered a long-term contract. When he refused to sign the $3.628 million RFA tender, Chargers GM executed his right to reduce the offer to 110 percent of Jackson’s ’09 salary ($583,000).
V.Jackson (US Presswire)

Jackson plans to hold out until the final six games. Chargers GM A.J. Smith has already referred to Jackson (as well as disgruntled left tackle Marcus McNeil) as “lost” players. Even though Jackson will serve a three-game suspension in September (multiple DUI’s,), there is undoubtedly a viable market for the sixth-year pro. He’s one of the best deep-ball threats in the game and, at 6’5”, 230, he can also operate in traffic over the middle. Fifty eight of Jackson’s 68 catches moved the chains last season.

The Chargers signed receiver Josh Reed, but he’s an inadequate replacement for a Pro Bowl receiver. If Jackson does indeed sit out, look for San Diego to have Legedu Naanee start opposite Malcom Floyd.

--Andy Benoit

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Posted on: July 2, 2010 9:38 am

What to do with Vincent Jackson?

An interesting column by Tim Sullivan in the San Diego Union-Tribune this morning. In it, he calls WR Vincent Jackson (who’s freshly-suspended for three games for another DUI and who has threatened to hold out the season over his contract) a “prime piece of real estate with termite issues.”

He’s got phenomenal skills, Sullivan argues, but he’s also a real knucklehead who constantly undermines himself with his behavior.

From Sullivan:

Clearly, this is a player worth keeping. Ideally, however, on a short leash. But with both sides inclined toward impasse, with no sign of compromise, and with numerous trade scenarios in circulation, the most promising possibility could be a deal that brings the Bolts a high draft choice in 2011, a year in which there’s no guarantee any NFL football gets played.

Worst case: Use your imagination. And remember to keep your distance from the sharp objects.

His original restricted free agent was for about $3.2 million. He didn’t sign it. Now, the Chargers have reduced the offer to $583,000. Trade rumors have been floated (maybe the Seahawks, maybe the Bears), but those teams would have to pay him big money, and they’d have to ask themselves if he’s worth the risk. At this moment, apparently nobody thinks so.

--Josh Katzowitz

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Posted on: June 30, 2010 10:34 pm
Edited on: July 1, 2010 12:13 pm

Vincent Jackson expected to be suspended 4 games

Pro Football Talk is reporting that Vincent Jackson is expected to be suspended for four games in 2010 as a result of his second DUI arrest. This was discovered by one of the teams interested in trading for the disgruntled Charger.

Jared Allen was suspended four games for a second DUI arrest in 2007. However, through positive actions, that suspension was later cut to two games.

UPDATE: ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that Jackson has been suspended three games.

--Andy Benoit

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