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Posted on: November 26, 2010 8:40 am

Hot Routes 11.26.10: Josh Freeman No. 1 overall?

Posted by Will Brinson

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  • Raheem Morris told Baltimore writers this week that regardless of what pick the Bucs had in the 2009 NFL Draft, they would have taken Josh Freman. Now, typically, that's either a statement entirely fueled by the hindsight of a Joe Montana-like steal or a really, really crappy draft. It's a little bit of both in this case, as there have been some good selections that developed out of those top picks (Pro Bowlers Brian Orakpo, Brian Cushing and Clay Matthews in addition to Mark Sanchez, Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Maclin and Hakeem Nicks) but Freeman's also a special talent that people are falling in love with. That being said, this is similar to the "We're the best team in the NFC" bit -- if Tampa had the first pick, they COULDN'T take Freeman first overall, because his inherent awesomeness would be suppressed because of his monster contract. Instead, they'd trade down and pick him up later in addition to something else. But I get what Raheem's saying.
  • Keith Null is "braced for action" when it comes to playing with the Panthers. What I wanna know is why the Panthers haven't called my cuz Riley Skinner (from Wake Forest, currently living in Charlotte) yet. Null came to Carolina when Brian St. Pierre turned them down the first time by the way.
  • I'm a little biased towards Andre Brown (NCSU guy), but I agree with him, and the Redskins coaching staff, in an optimistic view that he could succeed with Mike Shanahan and the Redskins. It's a much better fit than his first 25 teams.
  • Pete Carroll's got "mad respect*" (that's what the kids are saying after all) for Matt Cassell's tenacity in refusing to give up, always playing as hard as he can on the practice squad and eventually getting an incredible injury opening that led to a monster contract. Or something. *No, he didn't actually say that.
Posted on: November 24, 2010 11:24 am
Edited on: November 24, 2010 12:08 pm

Coughlin names Jacobs starter over Bradshaw

Posted by Will Brinson

The New York Giants have had some problems the last two weeks, and plenty of folks are wondering if it's time to panic for their season, especially considering the injuries they're dealing with. Tom Coughlin might be one of those people too, since he just yanked Ahmad Bradshaw out as starter and replaced him with Brandon Jacobs.

Bradshaw's had fumbling problems all year long -- he's currently tied for the NFL league lead with six, and he hasn't topped 100 yards rushing since Week 7 against Dallas.

Jacobs has obviously had success as a starting running back in the NFL before -- remember when Coughlin yanked him for Bradshaw in the preseason this year? -- and while Bradshaw has looked great at times, he just hasn't been able to hold onto the rock.

So it's probably a smart move -- give Jacobs, who has yet to top 15 carries in a game this season, some more responsibility and at the same time demand that Bradshaw learn to hold onto the ball.

After all, with the dearth of wide receivers on the Giants roster right now, it's kind of imperative that they run the ball well, otherwise they'll end up with a non-dimensional offense.

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Posted on: November 22, 2010 4:44 pm
Edited on: November 22, 2010 5:02 pm

Report: Hakeem Nicks out 3 weeks with leg injury

Posted by Will Brinson

The New York Giants got another bad break on Tuesday, as breakout wide receiver Hakeem Nicks has been diagnosed with "compartment syndrome" in his lower right leg.

For those wondering what that means, it's basically when a heavy amount of pressure (usually resulting from swelling or bleeding) builds up in an enclosed space (hence, compartment) of the body. This leads to compression of nerves and blood vessels and is highly problematic if not treated. 

Fortunately, Nicks is in the hospital receiving that treatment.

According to Mike Garafolo of the New Jersey Star-Ledger, Nicks will miss three weeks with the injury.

It had previously been reported that Nicks was out for an "undisclosed amount of time," although that report appears to have been tempered.

Also tempered? The Giants chances of winning the NFC East without Steve Smith -- their top wide receiver from a year ago won't return until December because of a partially torn pectoral muscle -- or Nicks, who's been an absolute touchdown machine in 2010.

That puts the onus on Mario Manningham and Derek Hagen to catch Eli Manning's passes for the next few weeks if the Giants hope to hang with the Eagles in the division.

And yeah, oddly enough, ever since the Giants were crowned the "NFC's elite" (this was when they shattered Tony Romo's shoulder in the middle of that big blue star and almost mercy-ruled the Dallas the first time they met), things have really gone downhill for New York's "other" team.

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Posted on: November 22, 2010 12:29 am

Eagles can adjust when Vick isn't at his best

A. Samuel notched two interceptions in Sunday's win against New York

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Although Michael Vick has been an MVP candidate all season long – No turnovers! Video game athleticism! Unbelievable arm strength! A complete quarterback now! – you knew, at some point, the Eagles were going to have to win in spite of his mistakes.

Tonight, Philadelphia showed it’s more than capable of doing that.

Vick wasn’t as electrifying as usual – though he was still very good in Philadelphia's 27-17 win – and he made a few mistakes en route to a 24-of-38, 258-yard performance. He lost a fumble because he lazily held the ball away from his body. He allowed the Giants to seal him into spots where he couldn’t escape (to be fair, New York was actually pretty effective in making him more one-dimensional than normal and only allowing him 34 rushing yards). He didn’t look like the absolute best player in the NFL.

But Philadelphia still managed to turn back a tough Giants squad which took a 17-16 lead with 13:35 to play.

They did it without much help from WR DeSean Jackson. Instead, WR Jeremy Maclin had big game, WR Jason Avant (his bumbling of what should have been a wide-open TD pass, notwithstanding) had a big catch as the Eagles drove the field on what was their game-winning drive, and RB LeSean McCoy took a fourth-and-one pitch 50 yards to a touchdown before putting the game out of reach with a 40-yard run late in the fourth quarter.

And they did it with their defense, intercepting Eli Manning three times (one by LB Stewart Bradley was in garbage time, and CB Asante Samuel had the other two picks (though he fumbled the ball right back to the Giants on one of them)) and forcing fumbles from Ahmad Bradshaw and Manning.

Obviously Philadelphia still has its faults, and there’s little question that if the teams played next week in the New Meadowlands, the game would be a pick ‘em. But the Eagles proved something tonight. Even when Vick isn’t at his best, they’re still an effective squad that could make a deep run into the playoffs.

With Vick at his best, they’re Super Bowl contenders.

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Posted on: November 9, 2010 12:58 am

F&R NFL Approval Matrix, Week 9

Posted by Will Brinson

Our affinity for graphs and charts and purty pictures knows no bounds, so (with a nod to the smartypants at NY Mag), we present the NFL Approval Matrix. Suggestions, complaints and intellecutual property lawsuits may be directed to us on Twitter (@CBSSportsNFL).

Click to embiggen.

Posted on: October 26, 2010 12:38 am

Giants quietly shaping into serious contenders

Posted by Will Brinson

No one's gonna talk about the Giants, even though they just won their fifth game of the year, and even though they're absolutely one of the three best teams in the NFC (we'll also accept arguments for the Eagles or Falcons).

That's because the national media's got its hands full burying the Cowboys over the next week. Not only does Dallas totally deserve it, but the Giants probably don't care, preferring to quietly go about their business with a team that suddenly screams shades of their Super Bowl winning team in 2007.

Seriously, they've got a pretty similar defensive setup (Michael Strahan and Antonio Pierce are gone, of course, but their defensive line depth is ridiculous), a stout offensive line and, in case you hadn't noticed, maybe the best receiving corps in the NFL.

Laugh at that all you want, but Hakeem Nicks, Steve Smith (2) and Mario Manningham are all young, talented and only getting better. Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs probably need to spend their bye week handing out Butterfingers to the kids on Halloween so they don't bring any back to the field, but those guys are up there in terms of tandem backs in the NFL.

Eli Manning might be overrated by his peers, but he's plenty good; if his name was "Alex Smith" or something with less football-holy implications than "Manning," he'd be praised on a weekly basis and probably criminally underrated.

Sure, the Cowboys coughed that game up after the Giants gave them 21 points to start things off, and maybe a better team doesn't give New York that chance, but the Giants don't have to leave the mediocre confines of the NFC for the rest of the season, which means every single game from here on out is winnable.

In fact, take a look at the scores this year -- outside of their Manning Bowl spanking in Indy, the Dallas game on Sunday was the closest game they've played, and if you spent any time watching the game, you realize that it was probably a lost cause when Tony Romo went down with a broken left clavicle.

And yeah, I realize that if the onsides kick bounces the right way, we're not saying that, and yes, yes, I realize that there's no logic behind Phillips not kicking the field goal and then going for the two-point conversion, but that's just more proof that this team wasn't going to win Monday, much less play the Super Bowl at home.

But right now, the Giants are coming out every week, taking care of business handily, and not worrying about the fact that everyone's either to focused on Dallas' collapse or the total parity in the NFC to worry about a team that's quickly gelling and looking like an absolute contender.

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Posted on: October 23, 2010 5:42 pm

Nicks limited in practice, questionable to play

Posted by Will Brinson

The New York Giants have had their second straight wide receiver kickstart a breakout year, what with Hakeem Nicks going bananas this season (following Steve Smith's monster year in 2009), but there's a good chance they could be without their leading receiver against the Cowboys on Monday.

Nicks is listed as questionable (hamstring injury) to play against the Cowboys on Monday, and was limited in practice on Saturday.

If Nicks can't go, it's obviously not "good" for the Giants -- he's been their best receiving option and Eli Manning's top target thus far in 2010. Nicks, for the record, has 57 targets (with 36 catches) and Smith has 54 targets (with 34 targets). The biggest difference, has been the end zone, as Smith's scored just once, and Nicks has six teeters on the season.

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Posted on: October 17, 2010 4:50 pm

Eli Manning surpasses 20K passing yards

Posted by Andy Benoit

Eli Manning is now just the second player in the rich history of the New York Giants to throw for over 20,000 yards. Phil Simms is the Giants’ all-time passing leader with 33,462 yards.

Manning came into Sunday’s game at Detroit needing 54 yards to reach 20,000. He finished New York’s 28-20 win against the Lions with 177 yards and two TDs on 20 of 30 passing.

Assuming Manning maintains his current pace, he should surpass Simms sometime around Thanksgiving 2013 (that is if there’s no lockout in 2011, and if the world does not come to an end in 2012).

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