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Posted on: July 2, 2011 12:14 pm
Edited on: July 2, 2011 12:37 pm

Kenny Britt sued over nightclub incident

Posted by Will Brinson

Kenny Britt made it a whopping two days into July without getting mentioned in some sort of public imbroglio. Which, I suppose, is kind of impressive given his unbelievably embarrassing streak of run-ins with the law -- and Facebook! -- over the summer.

The City Paper in Nashville is reporting that Britt's now being sued by Harold E. Pointer, the man who he wrassled with at Broadway's Karma Lounge in Nashville last year.

Pointer has filed a civil lawsuit against Britt, seeking $150,000 in punitive and compensatory damages.

As you may recall, this scuffle led to then Titans coach Jeff Fisher to do a little CSI: Nashville snooping around the nightclub. (Which, in turn, led to me photoshopping this picture and using it no less than 40 times last year.)

Britt will likely need some investigative help this time around, too, if he wants to avoid a settlement that'll cost him some money.

Even though it's a he-said/he-said scenario, Britt's run-ins with the law this summer don't exactly put him in a good position to claim status as a model American.

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Posted on: June 29, 2011 5:12 pm
Edited on: June 29, 2011 5:20 pm

Kenny Britt surrenders to police, out on $2K bond

Posted by Will Brinson

Kenny Britt, who's been the most prominent police-blotter name in the NFL this offseason, turned himself into police today and is back free on a $2,000 bond.

That's according to Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean, who notes that Britt had outstanding warrants for his arrest issued by the Tennessee Highway Patrol "from a false application on a license."

Britt's court date has been set at July 18th.

Yes, for those tracking, this is the third legal issue this summer that Britt will be dealing with -- he's already pled guilty to reckless/careless driving, managed to get nailed for resisting arrest the day after he was in court, and now he's got the warrant business we just found out about a few weeks ago. (At least the charges got downgraded? I don't even know what to think at this point.)

And that probably means he's got some sort of suspension heading his way once a labor agreement is reached.

That's based on Roger Goodell's recent indication that the NFL will dole out punishments for folks who broke the law while locked out from work.

Welp, at least Britt should get a second chance to complain publicly have his Facebook account hacked.

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Posted on: June 29, 2011 1:30 pm
Edited on: June 30, 2011 9:28 am

Eagles might be good fit for Vince Young

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Five years ago, Vince Young was coming off a national championship performance with Texas, and the Titans had just taken him with the third overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft.

A lot has happened since then.

Once the lockout ends, so too will Young's tenure in Tennessee. Where he ends up remains unclear. Partly because NFL teams aren't officially permitted to comment on other teams' players, but mostly because the rumor mill has been quiet on Young's future (which hasn't been the case for every veteran free agent quarterback -- see here, here, here and here, for examples).

So far, we've heard new Titans coach Mike Munchak say Young won't be back, and the Vikings and Dolphins are either not interested or have concerns about his attitude. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of his abilities as an NFL quarterback.

Which brings us to NFL.com senior analyst Pat Kirwan. He has some thoughts on which situation could be mutually beneficial for Young and the team who lands him.

“I’ve felt, all along, that Young needs a year to disappear and not be stuck in a lineup on a bad team where he would struggle,” Kirwan said Tuesday. “To me, the best place for him to go is Philadelphia once Kevin Kolb is traded. Let’s see if Michael Vick’s newfound preparation skills will rub off on Young.”

To be fair, most players in untenable situations would benefit from not being "stuck in a lineup on a bad team where they would struggle." That's why Young was drafted third overall -- to be a franchise quarterback. It's a lot easier to be that guy when you're surrounded by a bunch of Pro Bowlers; it's a little tougher to do it on an awful team.

But scouting is an inexact science; in retrospect, Young probably shouldn't have been a top-10 selection (or maybe even a first-round pick). That doesn't mean he's destined to the life of a backup (though he could be), just that he's yet to prove that he's a full-time NFL starter. Maybe sitting behind Vick would serve him well. Or maybe Young would be unhappy in that role, just like he was unhappy behind Kerry Collins in Tennessee.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, there are a few things to sort out. First, the lockout needs to end. We appear to be heading in the right direction on that front. Next, the Eagles need to trade Kolb (the latest report is that Philly wants players, not draft picks for Kolb). Then, if Philly thought Young could be a good fit in their system, they'd have to sign him.

That makes for a lot of "ifs" but, ultimately, how Vince Young's NFL career plays out will be up to -- you guessed it -- Vince Young. 

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Posted on: June 28, 2011 10:16 am
Edited on: June 28, 2011 10:54 am

Finnegan does something nice

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Yes, Titans CB Cortland Finnegan can be a bit of a jerk-face. Which is why the normally reserved Texans WR Andre Johnson went after him last year with fists flying and why Finnegan is generally regarded as one of the dirtiest players in the league.

But kudos to Finnegan in this case. He’s gotten to know a high-school volleyball player named Kelsey Towns, who developed a rare form of cancer. The first time they met -- when Finnegan and Titans DB Ryan Mouton were visiting a hospital -- Finnegan and Towns hit it off.

So much so that Finnegan and his wife made their newborn daughter’s middle name Kelsey in honor of Towns, who’s been in remission for the past six months and who’s planning on attending Western Kentucky University this fall to study nursing.

"I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world -- besides my wife," Finnegan told News Channel 5 in Nashville. "She lit my day up with her smile. And the rest is history."

Nice story about a guy who’s maybe not such a jerk-face after all.

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Posted on: June 27, 2011 8:52 pm

Woman allegedly tries to extort Damian Williams

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

A woman in Nashville has been charged with trying to extort Titans WR Damian Williams.

WilliamsAccording to the Tennessean, police say 22-year-old Shelley David tried to extort $5,000 from Williams. David had filed a domestic assault complaint against Williams earlier this month, but she was arrested today after meeting with Williams and receiving a $5,000 cashiers check.

“Damian Williams, in the presence of detectives, placed a phone call to Shelley David this morning and arranged for a meeting,’’ Metro police spokesman Don Aaron told the paper. “David received a $5,000 cashier’s check from Williams and gave him a signed note saying she would not appear in any court proceedings against him. At that point she was taken into custody.”

David called the police June 4 and told them that Williams had grabbed her during an argument, giving her bruises on her body. She then said she was unsure if she wanted to press charges against Williams. But apparently she sent text messages to Williams, who caught 16 passes as a rookie last season, asking for money in exchange for not prosecuting him on an assault charge.

The assault charge was officially dropped today as well, because of credibility issues with David.

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Posted on: June 24, 2011 5:30 pm
Edited on: June 24, 2011 7:04 pm

Chris Johnson is going to want a new contract

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Chris Johnson is the most important player on the Titans roster and it's not even close. (Kenny Britt is probably No. 2 but it's only a matter of time before he's arrested again and/or has his Facebook page hacked.) In 2009, Johnson rushed for 2,006 yards and scored 16 touchdowns. Last summer, he declared that "I'm shooting for 2,500 (rushing yards), but I'll be happy with anything over the record (of 2,105 set by Eric Dickerson in 1984)." He ended the 2010 season with 1,364 yards and Tennessee won six games.

Now, with light at the end of the lockout tunnel and the real possibility of training camps starting on time, Johnson could be a no-show, instead choosing to park himself on his couch until he has a new contract. PFT's Michael David Smith says Johnson could be this year's Darrelle Revis, who held out during Jets training camp last summer. (As you may remember, it was one of the many story lines from Hard Knocks.)

Johnson's set to make $800,000 in 2011 but he's looking for a deal that pays him like one of the NFL's top backs. Seems reasonable given his productivity, age (25), and importance to Tennessee's offense (particularly given the likelihood that rookie Jake Locker could see the field).

Details via NFL.com's Jason La Canfora:

"The idea of another 'band-aid' deal, after three highly productive seasons, isn't appealing to Johnson, and a contract in the range of the $5 million per season extension that Jamaal Charles signed with the Kansas City Chiefs last season isn't what he's thinking, either, La Canfora writes. "Johnson has talked in the past about wanting to join the ranks of those garnering $30 million in guaranteed money, and if the free-agent cash begins flying around in a furious manner post-lockout, don't expect his desire to wane."

Well, it's a starting point. Recent negotiations between owners and players to craft a new CBA have proven that no one gets exactly what they want. Ultimately, it's about compromise. The Titans won't give Johnson a blank check, and it sounds like he's not playing for $800,000. We're guessing they'll meet somewhere in the middle.

After all the gnashing of teeth about Revis missing the 2010 season, he and the Jets found common ground days before the regular season and he ended up with some $30 million in guarantees. Of course, cornerbacks are among the best-paid players in the game. Johnson might have to set his sights lower. Then again, maybe the Titans can be persuaded to sweeten the pot if Johnson promises not to hold out again in two years.

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Posted on: June 22, 2011 7:18 pm
Edited on: June 22, 2011 7:30 pm

Britt issues statement, explains Facebook hacking

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Kenny Britt refuses to go away. He's been in the news recently for various legal entanglements, and then, earlier this week, Britt was the victim of a Facebook hacker. At least that's the story he's telling.

On Monday, this post showed up on Britt's Facebook wall:

"Retiring from the NFL. F*** You Goddell. So there is that."

It was promptly deleted and the "real" Britt informed his readers through a series of Facebook posts that his account had been hacked, he's not really retiring, and he's very much looking forward to the start of the NFL season.

Everyone hoped that would be the last we'd hear from Britt until there was actual football to discuss. Nope. The Titans wide receiver released a statement Tuesday night further explaining what happened.

Details via the Tennessean's Jim Wyatt:

“I have the utmost respect for Commissioner Goodell, the NFL and the TN Titans,” Britt said. “The Facebook posting as reported was not made by myself nor have I given any statements to anyone regarding this matter. It is not a defense but a fact that this Facebook page and associated email account were hacked and reported more than 120 days ago.”

Please. Stop. Talking. The first rule of PR is to bury the story and pray people forget about it. The recent news about the possibility of a new CBA had done just that … and then Britt goes an issues a statement.

Assuming for the moment that his Facebook account really was hacked, does Britt believe people are going to take him seriously after spending the last few weeks in court rooms and squad cars? (Also worth noting: Britt's been arrested at least six times since the Titans drafted him in April 2009.)

We joked about it Monday, but Britt's "Hey, my Facebook got hacked!" defense is right from the Anthony Weiner playbook. All that's left is for Britt to hold a press conference and have Benjy Bronk yell out unprompted questions about hot physiques and smooth sexy chests.

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Posted on: June 20, 2011 5:54 pm
Edited on: June 20, 2011 6:19 pm

Kenny Britt now says Facebook account was hacked

Posted by Ryan Wilson

UPDATE: Prunty tweets that Britt has deleted the offending post citing a "change of heart." Britt then claimed in a subsequent post that his Facebook account was hacked and he has no plans to retire. We believe this is commonly referred to as the "Anthony Weiner defense." Either way, mystery solved. 

Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. Between his court appearances and arrests, it's a wonder he has time to post to Facebook. But according to the Twitter feed of the Newark Star-Ledger's Brendan Prunty, this was on Britt's Facebook wall Monday afternoon:

"Retiring from the NFL. F*** You Goddell." So there is that."

It's not clear if Britt was being ironic when he referred to Roger Goodell as "Goddell," or if he just misspelled the NFL commissioner's name.

In any event, Britt still doesn't seem to get it. ESPN's John Clayton thinks Britt "could be facing a one- or two-game suspension [for his legal entanglements] if the player conduct policy is re-established … his continued problems with the law are going to catch up to him."

As might his social media habits. But the Titans say they have no plans to cut ties with Britt, probably because he's the second-most dynamic player on the team after RB Chris Johnson. And rookie QB Jake Locker is going to need all the help he can get.

Still, with every new revelation in the Britt saga, we're reminded of something his father told the Star-Ledger in April.

“I’m worried about [Kenny] all the time. … But my concern is not with Kenny, per se, it’s more with Kenny’s friends, and he knows that," Britt's father said. "He has too many friends with too much free time. He needs to be around more positive people.”

This also reminds us of something Mike Heimerdinger, Britt's former offensive coordinator in Tennessee, said last week. “Kenny can be as good as anybody, but eventually you have to grow up.”

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