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Posted on: September 8, 2010 2:42 pm
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Givin' Em the Business: Preseason Edition

Posted by Will Brinson

Givin Em the Business recognizes all the people that annoyed us from the week that was in football. Feel free to provide nominations either in the comments or by yelling at us on Twitter (@CBSSportsNFL) .

Rank Who Why


Albert Haynesworth
If Haynesworth's offseason performance were judged on the same merits that we judge actual play on the actual football field, he would absolutely justify his $100 million salary. Instead, he's simply the most obnoxious figure in the NFL since we last left real football. Think about: he gets paid 9 (NINE!) figures and yet he still whined about the fact that he had to change positions in a new defense, he still couldn't pass a physical that every other TV reporter in the D.C. area could and he even tried to pretend like he was sick of the 'B.S.' and just wanted to play football. To top it all off: he's still  on the trading block. 


Brett Favre
Were we to do a retroactive "Givin' 'Em the Business" column for the past five or so offseasons, Favre would probably rank No. 1 every time. He managed to lock the entire world in for a full day of rehashing "Favre's Greatest Hits" even when he didn't retire, he made us watch helicopter cams follow an SUV down the highway O.J. Simpson style, and he forced several of his teammates to travel from Minnesota to Mississippi just to get a commitment from him. In fact, it's a testament to just how horrible Haynesworth has been that Favre, even though he forced us to suffer yet another wishy-washy media nightmare this season, somehow didn't win this "award."


Darrelle Revis
Somehow, someway, Revis managed to eclipse all the crap that the Jets have produced during the offseason (and it's a lot) en route to holding out up until the very last minute for a deal that wasn't really what he wanted. Look, I get that as a young superstar someone would want to get paid now and not worry about injury derailing a serious boatload of cash from being delivered to his house, but you signed a contract when you became a working professional/adult. Deal with it like you were one.


Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco have complained recently that they don't get fair treatment from the media, because they're vilified even though they've done nothing wrong. That's actually a very salient point, but that doesn't excuse the two of them having three reality television shows between them. The Versus one, which will debut in October, actually might end up being awesome, but at that point in time, we'll have seen enough insanity flowing out Cincinnati that it's all but certain the whole "zany wideout" thing will be played out. And if the Bengals are actually winning, it'll only get worse. On the bright side, we're less than a week away from one of them getting fined for a hysterical touchdown celebration. 


Looming Lockout
Really, this should be first overall: remember that we're discussing a large group of really rich men fighting with a smaller group of even richer men about who will be getting more richer in the future. All of this comes directly from the pocket of the fan, and if the lockout happens (as it certainly appears it will), the only people that will be really  harmed are fans. And that's fairly criminal. The only good news is that it seems pretty likely (at least I think so) that this could end like Revis' deal where we see a last-minute cave. Unfortunately, that will probably mean no preseason.


Tony Dungy
Yup, that's right. I'm gonna be the guy ripping Tony Dungy, who just happens to seem like one of the nicest human beings on the planet. My beef? Him sticking his nose where it doesn't necessarily belong. Look, it's swell that he's an "ambassador" for the league and everything, but that doesn't mean that every single one of his beliefs are correct. For instance, if Rex Ryan wants to tell his players to get a &#%$%$ snack on their $%$^ing time away from the field, in my opinion he can sure as $%^@ do so.


Tim Tebow
My reaction to Tebow is quite similar to my reaction to the preseason: "I don't hate it, but, MAN, does it get old quickly." Tebow was all we talked about this offseason in terms of rookies, even though he pretty clearly won't be the "guy" in Denver for some time. I'm actually optimistic that he'll eventually be good, but that doesn't mean I want to sit in the stands in Jacksonville on Sunday amid a ton of people wearing Gator jerseys while they (as Andy pointed out) wonder when Tebow will get in the dang game!   


Matt Leinart
Honestly, Leinart's situation is more humorous than anything else. Imagine being really bad at your job (and overpaid, to boot) and then imagine walking into your boss' office and demanding that you -- yes, you of the awful performance thus far in multiple years on the job -- get a promotion. Your boss would laugh in your face and probably fire you. Oh, wait. That's what the Cardinals did with Leinart. 


The Jets
Yeah, yeah, yeah. The Jets are kind of on here twice. I wasn't going to include them as a team (mainly because "Hard Knocks" has been so freaking awesome) until Antonio Cromartie decided the Jets were the "Miami Heat of football." And Mark Sanchez (who's like totally my podcast BFF) decided to add that they're building a "dream team." Come on, people. Look, their coach is brash, angry, loud and hysterical. And he inspires confidence. That's swell. But this team shouldn't have even made the playoffs last year! DO NOT CROWN THEM. THEY WILL BE WHO WE DID NOT REALIZE THAT THEY WOULD BE. Or something.


Vincent Jackson
And by extension, "holdouts in general," although that kind of got covered in Revis' section. Basically, this is annoying because I'm a Philip Rivers fan and there's nothing more annoying than seeing him possibly lose a huge window to make a run at a title because the CBA got blown up, Jackson lost some time in free agency, the Chargers decided to play hardball, and then even maybe/possibly refuse to trade him. It's impossible to find one side where you can say "alright, this is absolutely so-and-so's fault" because both sides have a reasonable case to be made, but seeing every single contract and holdout and discussion of anything football-related circle back to the fact that it might be gone in a year makes me want to pull a Spewell on someone. On the bright side, it's here now!
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Redskins-Titans talking Haynesworth trade

Posted by Andy Benoit

Chris Mortensen of ESPN is reporting that the Washington Redskins are having talks with the Tennessee Titans about a trade for Albert Haynesworth. This is not the first time these two teams have discussed the disgruntled defensive tackle.A. Haynesworth

Haynesworth’s relationship with the Redskins, and especially Mike Shanahan, has been strained, to say the least. Their epic power struggle remains ongoing. Shanahan had Haynesworth play virtually the entire fourth preseason game. This past week, there were rumors that Haynesworth would still be deactivated for Week 1.

At the moment, there is no deal in place between Haynesworth’s former team and current team. But stay with the story. Even if no trade pans out, in the very least, we could get another round of “I don’t care, I hate this organization anyway” type quotes from Mr. Haynesworth.

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Posted on: September 6, 2010 6:41 pm

Shanahan: McNabb is 'ready to go'

Posted by Will Brinson

There was some concern that Donovan McNabb wouldn't be able to play against the Cowboys during Week 1 as a result of the ankle injury he sustained during the preseason .

Based on comments from Mike Shanahan Monday, that appears to be overblown.

"He’s ready to go," Shanahan said.

That was following McNabb's participation in practice, which means it's fairly safe to say he'll play, especially considering as early as yesterday it already seemed like a good bet that the ex-Eagle would be prepped and ready to roll against the Cowboys.

Shanahan's comments just make things (almost) official and mean we can all go back to wondering what the hell will happen with Albert Haynesworth in Washington's first game.

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Maybe Haynesworth will play (who knows, though)

Now, word is A. Haynesworth will play in Washington's season opener (Getty). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

In yet another twist in what has become a tiring, tiring rollercoaster ride, it now appears Redskins DL Albert Haynesworth WILL play against Dallas in the season opener.

This, according to the Washington Post.

Two days ago, we told you it was possible coach Mike Shanahan would deactivate Haynesworth for the Cowboys game, and according to Jason Reid, Haynesworth didn’t play many snaps in Washington’s practice Saturday.

Since his poor performance in the team’s preseason finale, Haynesworth – who had been seeing plenty of time at the DE spot – was moved back inside, a move he couldn’t have enjoyed.

But now, the pendulum has swung the other way, and it’s on the upswing.

Hopefully, we won’t have to write about Haynesworth any more until Sunday, so unless there’s more crazy breaking news, here’s what COULD happen with Haynesworth in the season opener.

1)He could start.

2)He could not start but play.

3)He could be on the inactive list and not play.

4)He could kick field goals.

5)He could be that dude who carries Shanahan’s headphones wire up and down the sidelines.

6)He could be tweeting and writing blog posts Sunday along with Andy, Will and I on the Facts & Rumors blog.

My educated guess: either No. 2 or No. 6.

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Posted on: September 4, 2010 8:52 pm

Maybe Haynesworth won't play in opener

A. Haynesworth didn't perform well against Arizona, and now it's being reported he might not play the season opener against Dallas (Getty). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

We told you a couple days ago that it was possible that Redskins coach Mike Shanahan would make DT Albert Haynesworth inactive for Washington’s season-opener. I was skeptical about this theory – aside from just an absolute hellacious case of Shanahan holding a grudge, it didn’t make much sense to me - but there’s more news out there tonight that (sort of) confirms the original news.

According to Jason Reid of the Washington Post, Haynesworth’s unimpressive showing in the team’s fourth preseason game has led to renewed thoughts that the $100 million man isn’t committed to the team.

From the Post:

Haynesworth was "awful" Thursday during the Cardinals' 20-10 victory at University of Phoenix Stadium, said two of the team sources who recently reviewed game film. It often appeared he gave little effort while participating in 49 of the Redskins' 55 defensive plays. On the few occasions he did play hard, the two sources said, Haynesworth failed to adhere to the principles of the new 3-4 scheme. He was credited with four tackles, including three unassisted.

All three sources indicated that Coach Mike Shanahan has lost his patience with the ongoing Haynesworth drama. During practice at Redskins Park Saturday, Haynesworth took part in very few plays, one of the sources said. He was moved back to nose tackle -- he had been working primarily at right end recently -- and removed from the nickel package.

If this is true (and there’s no reason to believe it isn’t true), it’s hard to see how Haynesworth would be active when Washington plays host to Dallas on Sept. 12.

The Redskins didn’t comment, saying Shanahan will address the media Monday.

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Posted on: September 1, 2010 8:09 pm

Would Shanahan really sit Haynesworth?

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

From the department of “How long will this grudge last?” and “How does this make any sense at all?” NFL.com’s Jason La Canfora writes that the Redskins could give DT Albert Haynesworth considerable playing time in the team’s final preseason game (something Haynesworth obviously believes would be unbecoming a veteran) and then could deactivate him for the season opener.

Even if Shanahan still is trying to make an example out of Haynesworth, making him inactive would be a strange decision. Consider: Haynesworth is still one of the best defensive linemen in the NFL, and not playing him just to prove a point probably wouldn’t sit well with many in the Washington organization.

Frankly, it’d just be plain stupid. Which is why I don’t think it will happen.

Plus, I thought Haynesworth and Shanahan were buddy-buddy these days .

That’s not the only strange news to emerge out of Washington today.
According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN , the Redskins and Rams might have bent a few rules when they made two separate trades this week of rookies.

If you like tedious and (slightly) confusing stories – because of the subject matter, not because of the writing – this is the article for you.

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Posted on: August 27, 2010 10:58 pm

Haynesworth and Shanahan 'on the same page'?

Posted by Will Brinson

The Washington Redskins beat the Jets 16-11 on Friday night, which means that they have somehow already won the 2011 Super Bowl. (I believe that's how it works -- you take down the 2010 champs in the preseason and we hand you the title immediately, right?)

They got a little bad news because Clinton Portis suffered a sprained ankle, although he has apparently said he's "ok" and Mike Shanahan "doesn't think it's serious" according to multiple reports on Twitter.

But they got some g-g-g-g-rrreat news in the sense that Albert Haynesworth is somehow, miraculously, happy now, having played the majority of the Redskins' first-team snaps on Friday night. He's so happy, in fact, that he was making with the jokes following the game.

According to Rick Maese on Twitter , Haynesworth "says last week's problems are in [the] past. Says he's on same page as Shanahan." He also apparently made some joke about having dinner with Shanahan and "sharing cigars tonight."

Lord only knows how bizarre that scene would look, but hey, if it makes the Redskins' DT stop behaving like a kid the same age as the number of zeroes in his paycheck and lets us all cross his name off of the "annoying preseason storyline" list (which now just features Brett Favre and Darrelle Revis, with Vincent Jackson creeping close), we'll take it.

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Posted on: August 26, 2010 11:16 am
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Haynesworth won't start in third preseason game

Posted by Andy Benoit

Wonder how Albert Haynesworth will take this news…

Barry Svrluga of the Washington Post reports that the ninth-year veteran will not start in the team’s third preseason game this Friday. The third preseason game is generally a dress rehearsal for Week 1.
A. Haynesworth (US Presswire)
"Our game plan is to play him in a lot of different positions," Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan said. "He'll play end. He'll play nose, more end this week than nose like last week. We'll play him in certain substitution groups relative to the first team. We've got different nickels. We've got a lot of different ways we could do it. But talking about our base defense, he will not start with our first base defense."

Haynesworth ripped the coaching staff because they had him work with the backups in the second preseason game last Saturday against the Ravens. The second-string duties came in large part because he missed most of the practices in the week leading up to that game.

After playing Saturday, Haynesworth sat out the Monday and Tuesday practices (the most difficult practices, according to Syrluga) and came back for Wednesday’s lighter practice. Haynesworth prefers to play defensive end in the new scheme, but he’s expected to continue to get plenty of reps at nose tackle.

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