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Posted on: April 22, 2011 9:26 pm

Does anyone want to workout with Hasselbeck?

Posted by Andy Benoit

Matt Hasselbeck is getting a little lonely up inM. Hasselbeck (US Presswire) the Pacific Northwest. He said in an interview with Dave Mahler of Sports Radio 950 KJR this week that he’s having trouble finding Seahawk teammates to work out with.

"With the amount of free agents that we have on our team, there aren’t a lot of guys that stuck around,” Hasselbeck said. “And the guys that are here are here because they had offseason surgeries and are doing rehab. It’s been a challenge to get guys to come live here in Seattle in the offseason, because they don’t know they’re going to be on the Seahawks next year. So it’s been disappointing that way.

"But at the same time, it’s been an opportunity to work with guys on other teams, former teammates, Seneca Wallace, Nate Burleson. I’m working out with John Carlson who's kind of my workout partner. And he's an absolute beast, so he’s the perfect partner to work out with because he really gets after it.”

What’s interesting is Hasselbeck is part of that group of Seahawk free agents. But he’s been in Seattle the past 10 years now, so unlike other unsigned teammates, he’s probably grown attached to the rain.

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Posted on: April 20, 2011 3:05 pm

Hot Routes 4.20.11 a time for hypotheticals

Hot Routes

Posted by Andy Benoit

Brandon Marshall thinks Ryan Mallett will be an All-Pro.

Norv Turner believes that being at home in three of the first four games will give the Chargers an opportunity to get off to a fast start (for a change).

Click here to see some sloppy touch screen analysis from Michael Irvin.

Ozzie Newsome says the Sergio Kindle story “is not written yet”. (True, but the first few chapters were sure bad.)

Based on 2010 records, the Carolina Panthers have the toughest 2011 schedule in the NFL. (Reason why: they don’t get to play the Carolina Panthers.)

Bengals season ticket holder Dr. Kim Brady will have the honor of announcing the team’s fourth round draft pick this year. (Expect it to be a player with some sort of criminal record.)

Film studying savant Greg Cosell says Jimmy Smith, not Patrick Peterson, is the best cornerback in this year’s draft.

Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News is incensed that NFL Films had Thursday Night Football’s Bob Papa audition for the play-by-play job he already has.

Cheerleaders aren’t locked out right now, which is why the Titans are holding a tryout next month.

Matt Hasselbeck talks about his status with the Seahawks (predictably, it hasn’t changed since before the lockout).

Michael Vick is visiting the Virginia Tech campus for the first time since his incarceration. (We’re gradually running out of “first time since prison” stories with this guy.)

Da’Quan Bowers says speculation about his knee is wrong.

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Posted on: April 20, 2011 11:37 am

Serious flaws in Thursday night schedule

Network (US Presswire)Posted by Andy Benoit

In its nearly eight years of existence and four years of broadcasting live games, NFL Network has drawn plenty of external and internal criticism.

The external criticism has been from fans who subscribe to non-dish cable services and, for many years, have been unable to receive the channel as part of their basic programming package (the unavailability was a consequence of the NFL and cable providers – most notably Comcast – bickering about the channel’s price).

The internal criticism is less publicized but perhaps more damaging to the league. The eight-game Thursday night package is rumored to be costing the NFL hundreds of millions in lost revenue (considering the package could have been sold to another network like Versus or Turner). What’s more, many teams privately disdain having to play on a Thursday night, especially on the road.

Expect that disdain to manifest. This year’s NFL Network schedule contains three uncommonly brutal scheduling snafus.

In the Week 11 Thursday package opener, the New York Jets must fly across the country to face the Denver Broncos. Exacerbating the Jets’ travels is the fact that they host the Patriots in the Week 10 Sunday night game. The Jets players won’t even leave the Meadowlands until well after midnight Sunday night. The coaches might not leave the Meadowlands period.

In Week 11, the 49ers must fly across the country to face the Ravens on a short week. (John Harbaugh, by the way, has been privately clamoring for a primetime home game for several years; the Ravens often get stuck on the road for night games.) This isn’t an atrocious scheduling blunder, especially given that the league wants to trumpet the Harbaugh Brothers matchup on the ultimate family holiday. But a west coast to east coast trip on a short week? Iffy.

It gets worse. The Eagles host the Patriots at 4:15 in Philly in Week 12 and then travel to Seattle for a Week 13 Thursday night matchup. That’s a late start preceding a cross-country trip that is already outrageously unfair in the first place. What’s more, the Seahawks get to play at home in Week 12. In a more just world, Seattle would at least be on the road in Week 12 so that both the Seahawks and Eagles would have some sort of travel in the short time leading up to their Week 13 contest.

Instead, the Eagles will lose one of their three days of prep time to dealing with the hassles of travel and adjusting to a three-hour time zone change. The Seahawks will be comfortable at home for all three days of prep time, thus ensuring 50 percent more prep time than their opponent (two days the Eagles, three days for the Seahawks). This same issue occurs with the Ravens-Niners game, by the way.
To be fair, the NFL got it right with it’s Week 14 Thursday matchup (Cleveland @ Pittsburgh) and especially with its Week 15 matchup (Jacksonville @ Atlanta). The Jacksonville-Atlanta matchup is a.) short travel for the Jags and b.) a non-conference game, making the more difficult short week slightly less impactful on the standings.

Obviously, the league is not trying to bilk any teams. Scheduling is complex and impacted by many unseen factors (stadium availability, team requests, etc.) Certainly the league took travel concerns into consideration.

That said, to appease teams and ensure fairness, the NFL may want to consider a time zone rule with the Thursday night package (something along the lines of “no team shall have to travel more than one time zone away for a Thursday game”). Or, as the league has always done with the Thanksgiving games, ensure that any team playing on Thursday at least gets the earliest possible kickoff time for their previous week’s game on Sunday.

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Posted on: April 18, 2011 4:55 pm

Hot Routes 4.18.11: Suggs, um, like Celine Dion?

Posted by Josh Katzowitz
  • Good lord, could Michael Strahan really have a good chance of replacing Regis Philbin on the Regis and Kelly Ripa show?
  • The Cowboys players and coaches hung out together Sunday night, but don’t worry. Nobody was breaking any lockout rules. Instead, they were attending a long-standing charity event – which is A-OK by the NFL. “We’ll talk about the bread and water,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said.
  • A Twitter war broke out between NFL spokesman Greg Aiello and a Texans blogger/fan. Spoiler: Aiello doesn’t come off looking so good here.
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Posted on: April 12, 2011 2:03 pm

Hot Routes 4.12.11: Brady weeps ... over 'Idol'

Posted by Will Brinson

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  • Tom Brady, as you will see about 5,000* times over the next few hours, is going to cry on television soon. A certain four-letter sports network got him to weep on camera about his sixth-round selection back in 2000 and, well, it's a heart-wrenching story about how tough his life's been. Or maybe he just likes to cry a lot? After all, the gents over at Tauntr.com did happen to catch a montage of him sobbing over the recent booting of Pia from "American Idol."
  • According to Tim Leiweke, the CEO of AEG and therefore a primary investor in the downtown L.A. stadium effort, the NFL will "double" its rights fees in the next television contract negotiations. Yowza.
Posted on: March 25, 2011 12:07 pm
Edited on: March 27, 2011 12:49 am

Offseason Checkup: Seattle Seahawks

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

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The Seahawks were subjected to much ridicule when they became the first team in playoff history to enter with a losing record (for that, we can thank the incredibly weak NFC West – not to mention the Rams, who fell to the Seahawks in Week 17 in a game that would have allowed St. Louis to win the division with an 8-8 mark).

But then, Seattle immediately thumbed its nose – and indirectly taunted the Giants and Buccaneers, both of whom missed the playoffs with 10-6 records – at the NFL by beating New Orleans (we can talk all day about how Seattle had an unfair advantage by getting to host an 11-5 team, but Seattle outclassed the Saints big time).

Seattle was a weird team to observe last season. The Seahawks were either pretty good (wins against the Chargers and the Bears attest to that), or they were absolutely horrid (remember the 33-3 loss to the Raiders and the 41-7 defeat to the Giants in consecutive weeks?). I never really got a handle on which Seattle team was going to show up each week, and I still couldn’t tell you whether the Seahawks were a good team last year. I kind of lean toward no, though.

Future franchise QB, Too much change

Matt Hasselbeck could return for another season, and honestly, that wouldn’t be a terrible decision, because he was decent enough last year for a 35-year-old quarterback. But his backup Charlie Whitehurst – who the Seahawks traded for last season – simply has not proved he’s a quality starter, and while third-stringer J.P. Losman started in Buffalo, there’s a pretty good reason he’s not doing it there anymore.

It seemed like coach Pete Carroll has turned over the roster about 15 times since he took over as head coach, and he’s lost a few assistants. At some point, there needs to be some roster and staff consistency, doesn’t there?

1. Franchise QB
Could Philadelphia’s Kevin Kolb be that quarterback? The Seahawks would have to give up, at the very least, a first-round draft pick (and probably a mid-round pick as well) in order to trade the Eagles, but Kolb could very well be the guy to replace Hasselbeck. Emphasis on the word “could” because Kolb, as far as I’m concerned, still has much to prove as a starting QB. And if Seattle doesn’t get Kolb (and can’t re-sign the unrestricted free agent Hasselbeck), what the heck happen

2. Offensive consistency
wks fired offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates after just one season, probably because they averaged less than 300 yards of total offense per game and perhaps because they thought they could get Josh McDaniels to take that job. Instead, they hired former Vikings offensive coordinator Darren Bevell to replace Bates and former 49ers head coach Tom Cable as the OL coach. Maybe that will work. And if not, Carroll won’t have a problem looking for a replacement.

3. Cornerback help
Seattle allowed 11 passes of 40-plus yards last year, and though that wasn’t necessarily always the fault of the 30-year-old Marcus Trufant and the underwhelming Kelly Jennings, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Seattle takes a defensive back in the first round of the draft. The top-two CBs in the draft (Prince Amukamara and Patrick Patterson) surely won’t be around by the time the Seahawks pick at No. 25, but Colorado’s Jimmy Smith is a definite possibility.

For a playoff team, the Seahawks have soooooo much room to improve. RB Marshawn Lynch (who, you’ll recall, did this against the Saints) was serviceable after landing in the Pacific Northwest, and Seattle signed WR Mike Williams to a three-year extension near the end of the season. But the offensive line needs help (the team has used 15 (!) players on the left side of the line in the past three years), and the Seahawks could forgo a cornerback and draft a lineman in the first round.

That said, remember the Seahawks play in the weakest division in football. So, you could mark them down as favorites to win the NFC West, and you actually have a pretty good chance of being correct. But this team, like last year’s squad, could be very flawed. And it might not be very good.

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Posted on: March 22, 2011 3:56 pm

Carroll says Seahawks tried to re-sign Hasselbeck

Posted by Will Brinson

Recently, I posited an interesting theory to Andy during a podcast (that'll be uploaded soon -- have I mentioned you can subscribe via iTunes so you don't have to wait?) that Matt Hasselbeck might be better off not signing with Seattle, because the market will be so desperate for veteran quarterbacks who can step right in and play.

That theory might actually hold some water, because it seems Seattle already tried to ink the 'Beck, and apparently whiffed on a deal.

"We made a run at getting it done before the stoppage and just weren't able to work anything out," Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told ESPN's Mike Sando at the NFL owners meeting Tuesday. "As we go forward, Matt has been in our plans the whole time and now that it's in free agency (at some point in the future), we just have to see what happens."

The thought of Hasselbeck playing anywhere other than Seattle seems pretty odd, but this isn't the same Seattle organization that went to the Super Bowl, and Hasselbeck isn't the same quarterback, even if they'd previously stated they wanted him back.

"Financially, we went after it and couldn't get it done," Carroll said. "In my mind, it kind of came right down to the final day of it. We made an effort and they made an effort."

Carroll doesn't exactly sound like he's completely resigned to losing Hasselbeck, but he doesn't sound like someone who expects to see his starting quarterback be the same in 2011 as it was in 2010.

Of course, if the Seahawks are in fact going after Kevin Kolb (they certainly make the most sense as a team who's offered their first-rounder, only to see Philadelphia look for more), maybe Carroll's not even worried about whether or not Hasselbeck returns.

And there's a good chance that Hasselbeck isn't that concerned either -- if the lockout lasts a long time, he could be in for a much bigger payday than he would have gotten had he given Seattle a hometown discount.

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Posted on: March 14, 2011 10:58 pm

Holmgren on Delhomme returning: 'Absolutely'

Posted by Will Brinson

Logic stands to reason -- now that Seneca Wallace is already back with Cleveland -- that Jake Delhomme won't be coming back to the Browns.

But Mike Holmgren didn't rule out the possibility that Jake could come back when asked about it Monday.

"Absolutely," Holmgren said. "Again we aren’t going to talk too much specifics on the guys other than the things you already know until this thing gets ironed out. I wouldn’t say no to that possibility."

So he obviously didn't say "I'm bringing Jake back!" But he certainly left the door open, which means we could end up seeing Delhomme AND Wallace AND Colt McCoy on the roster when 2011 (eventually) starts.

Given the situation that Cleveland's in, though, it makes more sense to let Colt McCoy play the role of starter with Wallace backing him up, and then draft some sort of upside-riddled quarterback.

Just like for Delhomme, in his current situation, it might make more sense to try and make a run for starting for one of the 10 or 20 other teams that apparently need a quarterback, rather than settling for a backup role in Cleveland.

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