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Posted on: January 13, 2011 11:43 am

Hot Routes 1.13.10: Orange ties are always in

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

  • John Fox brought an orange tie to his interview with the Broncos on Wednesday. And after getting delayed by weather twice earlier this week, Fox finally actually made it to Denver. So, what separates him from the other Broncos candidates? "I've been doing it. I have a plan, whether it's a bye week schedule, a training camp schedule. It's not my first rodeo, so to speak," Fox told the Associated Press. "So, I think I do have a blueprint to do it. We've had success, some years more than others. But you know the full body of work I think holds a blueprint for success."
  • And while we’re talking about Polamalu, the NY Times does a nice job on the spiritual side of the guy with the best hair in the league.
  • The Steelers Lounge caught up with Merril Hoge about this weekend’s Steelers-Ravens game.

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Posted on: January 11, 2011 11:07 pm

Fox undone by the weather

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Former Panthers coach John Fox just can’t catch a break (unless, of course, you count Fox not having to coach Carolina anymore, which is, in fact, a pretty good break for him).

Anyway, Fox has been trying to get into Denver the past few days so he can interview for the Broncos head coaching job (and presumably be featured on the Broncos official website) .

According to the Denver Post, Fox has had his flight from the Charlotte-area to the Mile High City canceled because of bad weather twice in the past two days. Fox will give it another shot Wednesday morning.

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Posted on: January 11, 2011 2:38 pm
Edited on: January 11, 2011 4:16 pm

Ron Rivera: Carolina Panthers new head coach

Posted by Will Brinson

Ron Rivera's been all but locked-in as the next coach of the Carolina Panthers for the past few days and the fans/media/etc have simply been waiting for an announcement from the team.

While that's yet to come, multiple reports surfaced on Tuesday afternoon that Rivera and the Panthers reached an agreement to make him the next head coach of the franchise. Including the most telling "report" of them all, a tweet from Panthers quarterback Jimmy Clausen, who tweeted "Congrats to Coach Rivera being named new Panthers HC!!!"

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the sides are "putting finishing touches on the contract" and an agreement has been reached. Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post reports that Rivera "has been hired," but, again, the team has yet to announce anything.

Chris Mortensen reports that Rivera's deal will be for $11.2 million over the course of four years with no option.

It's been known/expected for about a day and a half that Rivera would land the gig in Carolina, and this means the 5:00 PM EST press conference at Bank of America Stadium on Tuesday should lock Rivera into the gig. 

As covered previously, Rivera's track record is similar to that of the Panthers' last coach, John Fox. Rivera had success as a defensive coordinator (albeit in two locations and with two different defenses), saw his star rise in the coaching ranks, received two interviews with the Panthers, and landed the job.

Rivera's staff will be critical to his success, particularly the offensive coordinator. Rob Chudzinski, the current tight ends coach with the Chargers, has been rumored as a possible candidate for the OC position with the Panthers when Rivera's officially announced. Ron Turner, who worked with Rivera in Chicago, is expected to be in the mix as well.

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Posted on: January 9, 2011 3:52 pm

For Peyton's sake, Colts should dump Caldwell

Posted by Will Brinson

Saturday night, our own Gregg Doyel wrote a column about the stupidity of Jim Caldwell calling a timeout with 30 seconds left in a game that saw Indy fall to New York 17-16. The premise being that he allowed second-year quarterback Mark Sanchez to regroup, the Jets to gameplan for a big gain, and Nick Folk to attempt a much easier field goal. The premise, by the way, is correct.

And while it seems really difficult to call for a coach's head when he was two wins away from a perfect season/Super Bowl combo in 2009 and won a divisional championship in 2010, it might be time to think about getting rid of Jim Caldwell.

Why? Well, it ties in with a great argument that the guys on the mothership had during The NFL Today about whether or not Peyton Manning can win another Super Bowl in his career:

This is relevant because the Colts will always be dangerous as long as Peyton's on the field. They'll have a chance at winning the AFC South with Peyton and they'll have a shot at the Super Bowl with Peyton. But it's also going to take a much stouter defense (one that doesn't get utterly dominated by the run, a la the second half against the Jets on Saturday) to bump up the odds that Peyton retires with multiple titles.

And Caldwell, who was Manning's quarterbacks coach before replacing Tony Dungy as head coach, simply doesn't bring a defensive presence. Look, you can't argue with his record and the success the Colts have had the last two years, except for Super Bowl wins (zero, but, yes, that's a tough argument).

You can, however, argue that Caldwell serves, at best, as a figurehead for the organization. Peyton Manning calls his own plays; you don't have to be an insider to realize that. And a new coach, particularly one who's defensive-minded, probably wouldn't have a huge issue stepping into Caldwell's role with Indy, beefing up the Colts' defensive scheme, and letting Manning do whatever he wants to do on the offensive end.

It would be awkward as hell, sure, to let Caldwell go given his resume. But time is running shorter for the Colts when it comes to Peyton's career. And since they're about to invest possibly the biggest contract in NFL history in him for the duration of his quarterbacking years, there just so happen to be a lot of very impressive defensive guys (Rob Ryan, Perry Fewell, Ron Rivera or even John Fox) on the market as possible head coaches.

Speaking strictly from an objective point of view, it makes a lot of sense to at least discuss the options that might be available.

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Posted on: January 9, 2011 1:02 pm
Edited on: January 10, 2011 1:20 pm

Denver hires search firm, interviewing Fox Monday

Posted by Will Brinson

Despite being "let go" by the Carolina Panthers about a week ago, John Fox is a pretty hot name for openings around the NFL. And he'll be interviewing for one of those openings -- with the Denver Broncos -- on Monday.

Charley Casserly of CBS Sports reported on The NFL Today that Fox is among a number of candidates for the Broncos' job and that they've retained a search firm in order to help them narrow the list.

"First of all, they're going to take their time with the search," Casserly said. "Second thing is they've hired the executive search firm, Russell-Reynolds, to consult with John Elway and his staff throughout the process of hiring a coach."

That process involves cutting down the list of candidates which, according to Casserly, includes Eric Studesville (their current interim coach), Perry Fewell (Giants DC), Dirk Koetter (Jacksonville OC), Rick Dennison (Houston OC), Gregg Williams (New Orleans DC), Fox and Mike Mularkey.

Two interesting points about Mularkey and Fox -- Casserly reported that although Mularkey, who cancelled an earlier interview with the Broncos, is still in the mix because "both sides decided they will talk at a later time."

On Fox, Casserly reported that "he'll only get consideration for [the Broncos'] job if he's willing to take less money" than he got with the Panthers in 2010.

That's no huge surprise considering that Fox was, after all, let go. It's not often that you get a promotion simply for becoming unemployed.

Either way, though, it appears the Broncos are seeking a coach who's fine with letting Elway run the show from a personnel standpoint.

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Posted on: January 8, 2011 11:17 am
Edited on: January 8, 2011 12:31 pm

Could John Fox return to New York?

Posted by Andy Benoit
J. Fox (US Presswire)
On Friday it was learned that former Panthers head coach John Fox is among the small handful of head coaching candidates in Denver. But if Fox does not get the job, or any head coaching job, what will he do?

An idea being tossed around by the New York media is Fox returning to his old Giants defensive coordinator job in 2011. This idea is partly influenced by the fact that current Giants D coordinator Perry Fewell has been interviewing for head coaching positions – including Carolina’s. That got some saying, “Hey, what if Fox and Fewell simply switched places?”

Paul Schwartz of the New York Post lays out the best argument for Fox returning to the Big Apple (or New Jersey, depending on your outlook):

Fox certainly will be considered for head-coaching openings around the league but he might get shut out. Accepting a coordinator position might be his only way to stay in the league in 2011. He ran the Giants defense from 1997-2001 and continues to have great support in the Giants' upper management and ownership. Given that Coughlin will be 65 by the start of this coming season, Fox could view this is a chance to put in his time and perhaps replace Coughlin after he retires.

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Posted on: January 8, 2011 12:20 am
Edited on: January 8, 2011 9:45 am

Similarity reigns for Panthers at top pick

Posted by Will Brinson

Off-field issues WILL be a problem for a Carolina Panthers team during the draft, even though they are in desperate need of better quarterback play.

Jerry Richardson lamented the play from under center Friday, and with good reason -- Jimmy Clausen was terrible in 2010. But for as bad as he was, he didn't do anything that could cause drama off the field, which is a potential problem for Cam Newton and Ryan Mallett.

Newton's problems are obvious and not necessarily an indictment of the potential championship-winning quarterback. It's just obvious that he has some baggage coming with him.

And the NFL Network's Albert Breer cited sources Friday that indicated there were concerns with Mallett off the field as well.

Those issues will stop Richardson and Panthers GM Marty Hurney from drafting either player, period. They don't like messing with guys that have off-field issues, and they certainly won't pull the trigger on a "franchise quarterback" with potential long-term problems.

Even if that wasn't an issue, though, let's take a look at the last time the Panthers were hiring a head coach. Conveniently, they also had a top-five draft pick that year and, if you'll recall, they took defensive end Julius Peppers.

That's because the team needed defensive help, they'd just hired a defensive-minded coach, Peppers was a stud, and he had a little bit of local drawing power. Some of this already sounds familiar, since Carolina appears to be interviewing only defensive-minded guys.

Now, Da'Quan Bowers might not be a Carolina graduate, and he might not be from North Carolina, but Bamberg, SC (his hometown) is less than three hours south of Charlotte and Clemson University (and their fanbase) is even closer. Bowers is a clear-cut defensive stud and while Charles Johnson had a monster year, he might not exactly be cheap to re-sign.

All of that is to say, for those that want to quickly elevate another quarterback to the top spot in the 2011 NFL Draft simply because Andrew Luck is no longer available, well, it might be wise to heed the old tale about the past teaching us a lesson for the future.

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 1:11 pm
Edited on: January 4, 2011 5:07 pm

Panthers hint at coaching hire, labor talks

Posted by Will Brinson

Jerry Richardson held his first full-media press conference on Tuesday in quite some time, and offered to answer any questions the media had about, well, anything.

He discussed the Panthers coaching search some, but primarily deferred to general manager Marty Hurney when discussing potential candidates. Perhaps the most interesting part of his answers was his reaction to the labor negotiations.

"I'm personally not as optimistic as some are that we are making much progress," Richardson said when asked about the collective bargaining agreement.

Richardson is the at the front of the labor negotiations and, as such, has trimmed payroll to lead by example for other owners. Part of that means leaving a slew of free agents out there, including stars like DeAngelo Williams.

Even the most important pieces of the franchise, however, shouldn't expect to see any new money from Richardson and Hurney any time soon though.

"No," Richardson answered when asked if any new deals would be reached before a new CBA.

However, that doesn't preclude the Panthers from stockpiling via the draft, and Richardson may have dropped a hint as to the Panthers plans with the No. 1 overall pick (although that largely depends on whether Andrew Luck leaves school, one could argue).

"I think it would be somewhat unusual for us to trade down in this particular case," Richardson said when asked if the Panthers would entertain offers for the No. 1 pick.

The way he said it, too, seemed to indicate that he understands what the 'Cats need badly (a quarterback) and what will likely be available with that top spot (Luck, a stud quarterback).

One thing seems certain, though -- Richardson wasn't posturing to try and land Jim Harbaugh, Stanford's head coach and the hottest NFL coaching candidate we've seen in quite some time (who may or may not actually be leaving).

Richardson stated emphatically that he had not had any contact with Harbaugh, even at one point reading from the local paper and mocking "sources" that indicate otherwise. Hurney indicated the team would certainly consider a college coach, but they hired Fox from an assistant coach position and, as Hurney said, "it worked out the last time."

Well, it didn't exactly "work out" -- Fox is gone. And apparently could have been gone a while ago.

"If we look at John Fox's tenure, he did an outstanding job in a number of ways," Richardson said. "But the facts are in nine years we had three winning seasons and we failed to have two winning seasons back-to-back."

Whatever current assistant is hired -- and you can all but guarantee that the Panthers will hire one -- better be confident he can put a streak like that together. Otherwise he probably won't last as long as Fox.

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