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Posted on: August 30, 2011 8:41 pm
Edited on: August 30, 2011 9:33 pm

Frank Gore finally gets his contract extension

GorePosted by Josh Katzowitz

It’s been an interesting few hours for 49ers running back Frank Gore.

First, a tweet from the account of Pro Player Solutions congratulated Gore on signing a contract extension, a fact that hadn’t been confirmed by Gore minutes earlier during his news conference when he said he and the team were getting closer to a deal.

Now, Pro Football Talk has details of the extension to end a strange, but probably exhilarating afternoon for Gore -- three years, $21 million with $13.5 million guaranteed.

It seems like a fair deal, especially when you consider Gore -- who was supposed to make nearly $5 million in his contract year -- is 28 years old and almost surely won’t continue to be as effective as he was in his prime (he’s also coming off a season-ending hip injury).

At the same time, he wasn't ever in the running to get the kind of deal the Panthers gave DeAngelo Williams (five years, $43 million, $21 million guaranteed) -- even though that's what Gore wanted. But San Francisco also didn't want to let him go; indeed, the club had talked about making him a 49er for life.

"Frank is a true 49er. I've said that from when I first got here," coach Jim Harbaugh said, via the AP. "That's how I thought I would feel about Frank Gore. Now, I know how I feel about Frank Gore. The guy is awesome. Somebody should do a movie. Somebody should do the Frank Gore story, because it's an awesome story."

Said Gore before the deal was reported: "I told Drew (Rosenhaus, Gore's agent), 'Man, just call me when he feels right, when he feels what's fair for both sides.' Hopefully I can be a Niner. I want to be here for my whole career."

Now, there's a pretty decent chance of that happening. And hopefully now that the 49ers have taken care of him, he has no reason to snap at assistant coaches.

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Posted on: August 30, 2011 6:34 pm

49ers take Michael Crabtree off PUP list

CrabtreePosted by Josh Katzowitz

A day after the 49ers nearly practiced receiver Michael Crabtree -- a no-no when you’re on the physically unable to perform list -- San Francisco on Tuesday yanked him off the PUP list altogether.

That’s the word from CSN Bay Area, which also writes that Crabtree didn’t actually practice today. Instead, he spent about 10 minutes warming up and catching passes from quarterbacks before removing his jersey and heading to the sidelines to continue rehabbing his foot injury while his teammates practiced.

Which is absolutely fine for a player who’s not on the PUP list. But Crabtree performed the same activities Monday when he was on the PUP list. It prompted San Francisco general manager Trent Baalke to visit the practice field to give coach Jim Harbaugh an on-field review of what it means to be on the list (namely, no field participation for said player).

Baalke then called the NFL to report the violation, and perhaps not so shockingly, the 49ers removed him from the list today.

Crabtree is not expected to play in Thursday’s preseason finale, but he should be well enough to suit up for the Sept. 11 season-opener vs. the Seahawks.

Which continues an excellent streak for Crabtree -- the third-year player who’s never participated in a preseason game.

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Posted on: August 28, 2011 2:58 pm

Frank Gore: 'I want to be a 49er'

Posted by Will Brinson

Frank Gore didn't play on Saturday night when San Francisco got rolled 30-7 by the Texans. But he wasn't injured or anything -- the team held him out in preparation for a Monday meeting between the front office and Gore's agent Drew Rosenhaus where they'll discuss the running back's contract status.

Gore, as we've detailed numerous times, wants a new deal. And he's a bit frustrated by his situation (he's only getting paid $4.9 million in a walk year -- how can you blame him?!?) and may or may not be snapping at coaches during practice these days. But that doesn't mean Gore's going to holdout or demand a trade or anything.

He just wants to be "treated right."

"I want to be here," Gore said, per Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle. "I want to be a 49er. I want to be treated right. Like I said, if it gets done, it gets done. If not, I'm going to be here for my teammates and my coaching staff."

Gore and Chris Johnson of the Titans -- who's currently embroiled in a much more contentious contract situation -- have been lumped together because they're both running backs with some wear-and-tear over the past few years who want to be paid more than they currently are.

But the situations are quite different. Gore's 28, whereas Johnson's 25 -- which one would you rather pay. Gore's also in the final year of his contract (Johnson has two years remaining) and is making multiple millions of dollars. Johnson's slated to make multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars.

While the latter distinction might seem silly given the current state of the economy, there's little doubt that Johnson is substantially more undervalued relative to his production than Gore is, and it's not as Gore's getting seriously underpaid this year.

Which may explain why he's playing a little nicer when it comes to relations with the team than Johnson.

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Posted on: August 28, 2011 1:51 pm
Edited on: August 28, 2011 6:40 pm

Arian Foster 'doing OK,' to be back for Week 1

Posted by Will Brinson

Arian Foster caused Texans fans a large amount of collective heavy breathing on Saturday night, when he left Houston's 30-7 win in San Francisco after re-aggravating his left hamstring in the first half.

But there's some good news from the proverbial horse's mouth: Foster is OK and plans on being ready for Week 1. 

"4 those sincerely concerned, I'm doing ok & plan 2 B back by opening day," Foster tweeted on Sunday morning. "4 those worried abt your fantasy team, u ppl are sick."

Head coach Gary Kubiak shares Foster's optimism and said Sunday that head athletic trainer Geoff Kaplan offered a "very positive" outlook for Foster's recovery.

"Obviously Arian's number one. Everything was positive today. It looks like we’re dealing kind of with the same thing we were dealing with at the start of camp," Kubiak said Sunday. "Hopefully get him back on the rehab train and get him ready for opening day. He'll be day-to-day. 

"I’ll keep you guys up to date, but we feel like we're fortunate."

For those that don't know, Foster is one of the most legendary fantasy football stories in the past decade or so, because he was a bargain value on draft day after he ended up leading the league in rushing.

This has generated a significant amount of attention to Foster in the form of fantasy junkies who, as he told us recently, thank him every single day for helping them win fake championships. Foster, for his part, doesn't care for the attention.

And he's right -- if people are harassing him about his hamstring injury because it might affect their fantasy team, well, they are "sick." (Everyone knows if you don't want to look like a weirdo, you keep those thoughts to yourself.) If you don't believe me, just check out his next tweet.

"I put nothing but positive thoughts and energy out on here, but look at what gets the attention," Foster said of his Twitter account. "This reiterates my original point."

Then there's the matter of his real team. The Texans have more depth at running back this year with Ben Tate healthy, but Foster is going to be a big key to them trying to take the next step and becoming a playoff team.

Plus, when you're worried about that -- as well as defending a rushing title -- your concern about Jack McGillicutty's first-round pick in his $50 fantasy league just isn't going to be that high.

And let's not forget, people, that Foster played on a bum knee last year. He'll be just fine.

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Posted on: August 26, 2011 5:29 pm

Gore frustrated, snapping at coaches

F. Gore is frustrated with his lack of new contract (Getty).Posted by Josh Katzowitz

While we detail the comings and goings of Chris Johnson -- first he’s in Florida, then he’s in Nashville, then he’s in Florida with no new deal -- a running back who desperately wants a new contract and is nearly as important to his team is actually in 49ers camp. He’s just not very happy. And he’s apparently not very pleasant to be around right now.

One team source told CSN Bay Area that Frank Gore is frustrated and has snapped at some of the team’s assistant coaches as he continues to wait a new contract offer.

Gore is scheduled to make $5 million this season, but after that, he’s a free agent and he wants to get paid. He accumulated four-straight years of 1,000-yard seasons from 2006-09 before missing five games due to a fractured hip last year. Plus, he’s 28 years old, meaning he doesn’t have much time left in his prime as a running back.

Although Gore originally threatened to hold out from training camp -- just like like somebody else we know in Tennessee who actually did it -- he’s been working out and playing in the preseason games.

That’s also a sore point with Gore, because he feels like he’s playing more in the preseason than in years past, and since it’s a contract year, he’s claiming the 49ers are putting him at greater risk for injury. The flip side to that, though, is San Francisco could want to see how his hip is responding to game action.

Gore also has the same problem as Johnson because even if he wants a trade from San Francisco, it’s unlikely to happen, because the cost to another team would be too great. Even if he was traded, his new squad would have to come up with a lucrative new deal. At this point, that’s probably impossible.

Gore's Inconvenient Truth
So, the two sides will continue to meet.*

*Which doesn’t impress CBSSports.com’s Pete Prisco. Wrote Prisco on Twitter today: “So Frank Gore will meet with 49ers? Hey, Frank. They ain't paying you. … Gore and Johnson should have a meeting and repeat after me: We are just running backs.”

"The best thing we can say is we're doing everything we can to make Frank a 49er for life and whether that gets accomplished in the near future or not remains to be seen," 49ers general manager Trent Baalke said this week.

Well, that doesn’t tell us much, does it? How about it, Frank? What if you don’t get that extension?

“I'd be upset, but I'm still a football player," Gore said. "I want to be here for my whole career. That's up to upstairs, the team. If they want me here, I want to be here. I'm just going to come out every day and practice hard."

And hopefully control his temper with the coaches.

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Posted on: August 22, 2011 11:05 pm

49ers trade Taylor Mays to Bengals

Posted by Ryan Wilson

It was nearly three weeks ago that the 49ers emailed the 31 other NFL teams to see if there was any interest in their 2010 second-round pick, safety Taylor Mays.

For 18 days and two weeks of preseason games, there wasn't. But on Monday, the 49ers finally unloaded Mays on the Bengals for an undisclosed draft pick, according to CBSSports.com Rapid Reporter Michael Erler.

Mays played in all 16 games last season, including six starts, and totaled 31 tackles and two passes defended. He was drafted during Mike Singletary's tenure as head coach, but fell out of favor with coaches during the second half of last season. Singletary was fired and replaced by Jim Harbaugh, and Erler writes that defensive coordinator Vic Fangio all but said Mays wasn’t going to make the team.

So it's curious that the Bengals would give up anything to acquire Mays knowing that he would likely be looking for work in a few weeks. And if the argument is that Cincinnati didn't want competition for Mays' services if and when he became a free agent, we'd point out that none of the 31 teams originally expressed interest in Mays earlier this month.

Making the Bengals' decision even harder to understand: CBSSports.com Rapid Reporter Paul Dehner Jr. doesn't think Mays will help Cincy's secondary either. "[Mays] won’t be an answer at safety. Mays hardly played the second half of last season and without doubt was going to be cut by the 49ers. Mays has incredible size and speed, but never showed anything resembling football instincts to be effective."

There's a saying that a change of scenery can revitalize a stagnant career. Unfortunately, we have yet to see that happen to a player joining the Bengals. Upside: congratulatory tweets from current Bengals and former USC teammates.

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Posted on: August 22, 2011 4:23 pm

Raiders, 49ers preseason series is history

Oakland and San Francisco fight before the postgame shootings (AP).Posted by Josh Katzowitz

In the wake of two shootings that occurred after Saturday’s Raiders-49ers preseason game, the San Jose Mercury News’ Tim Kawakami is reporting that the annual preseason game between the two sides will end.

According to Kawakami, the local police departments and the NFL strongly encouraged the two teams to discontinue the series. There probably won’t be an announcement on the matter, Kawakami writes. Instead, the annual event probably will just fade away.

As CBSSports.com’s Ryan Wilson wrote Sunday, one of the men, who was shot in the stomach before he drove his truck to a security station to get help, was wearing a “F--- the 49ers” shirt. Police then pulled a man wearing a Raiders jersey off a party bus and considered him a suspect.

Also coming off the incident, 49ers owner Jed York told the Sacramento Bee that there was increased security at Saturday’s game and that there will be even better security for the team’s next home game against the Texans.

Obviously, more lights around the stadium would be a start.

"I don't know if you're going to be able to get up a bunch of light poles in four days before the next game," York told the paper. "But you're going to have a lot of security out there. You're going to have a lot of SFPD. We're going to work with them to make sure we have the appropriate levels of security to make sure all our fans feel safe and comfortable."

Then, strangely, York seemed to make the case that going to an 18-game schedule -- which the owners certainly haven’t forgotten about -- would eliminate postgame violence like this.

"I think when you have a preseason game, when you don't have your regular-season ticket holders coming to the game, I think that plays a big factor into it," York said.

While that explanation seems unlikely and inappropriate in this circumstance -- the intra-Bay rivalry probably had more to do with the violence than non regular-season ticket fans attending the game -- we all can agree that providing more security and more lights hopefully will curtail the violence we’ve seen at pro sporting events.

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Posted on: August 21, 2011 9:09 am
Edited on: August 21, 2011 10:37 am

2 men shot in parking lot after OAK-SF game

Posted by Ryan Wilson

The headline Sunday morning isn't that San Francisco dispatched across-the-bridge rivals Oakland, 17-3, in preseason game. The bigger story is that a man wearing a "F--- the 49ers" shirt was shot outside Candlestick Park shortly after the game ended.

A 24-year-old man was shot two to four times in the stomach before driving his truck to Gate A and stumbling to security, said San Francisco police Sgt. Frank Harrell, via the the Oakland Tribune. The man was taken to San Francisco General Hospital in critical condition.

A 20-year-old man, also shot in the parking lot after the game, was hospitalized with superficial face injuries, according to Harrell who said, "We are treating it as separate shootings, but we believe they are related."

Police pulled a man wearing a Raiders jersey off a party bus and are considering him a suspect.

The 49ers released a statement but offered no further details.

"The San Francisco Police Department is investigating a shooting incident following Saturday's NFL game between the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders outside Candlestick Park. No other information regarding the incident is available from the 49ers at this time."

This latest incident comes more than four months after San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow was severely beaten by two men wearing Los Angeles Dodgers gear outside Dodger Stadium. Stow remains in serious condition after suffering brain injuries.

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