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Posted on: September 11, 2010 1:59 pm

Haynesworth drama isn't cooling

Posted by Andy Benoit

Kudos to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio for putting together a few puzzle pieces on the latest Albert Haynesworth developments. Florio explains why the Haynesworth saga/distraction/nightmare might have been even worse this week than people realized. A. Haynesworth

Late in the week, Chris Cooley told D.C. radio station 106.7 The Fan that Haynesworth spent a majority of his time working with the scout team. Florio says Mike Shanahan was furious that this information went public.

"It's unusual for Chris to tell people who's working with the scout team," Shanahan said. "I've already talked to Chris."
Florio explains the possible impact of all this:

Despite Shanahan's effort to downplay Haynesworth's work with the scout team, there would have been no reason for Cooley to mention it if it was a normal, everyday occurrence. Obviously, Shanahan wants the Cowboys to think Haynesworth will play a key role on Sunday night, even if he won't.

Meanwhile, we're hearing that the Redskins "definitely" are willing to trade Haynesworth, but that Shanahan refuses to take the best offer available. Instead, he won't budge off his demand, and we continue to think that Shanahan is hoping that a Week One injury will create a demand elsewhere for Haynesworth's services -- and thus increase the price another team is willing to pay.

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