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Posted on: September 3, 2011 8:54 pm

Lance Briggs makes his case on Twitter

BriggsPosted by Josh Katzowitz

You already know that Bears linebacker Lance Briggs wants to be traded after he asked for a raise and the club refused to do so. This isn’t the first time Briggs has shown unhappiness with his financial rewards from Chicago, and though the Bears gave him a six-year, $36 million deal in 2008, he still thinks he’s in an unfair situation.

Perhaps that’s why Briggs has taken to his Twitter account on a rant that began Friday and impressively extended into Saturday.

Writes Briggs (over many tweets): “Most have no idea what's goin on. Owners can cut any player they want at any time and answer to know one. Players fight for themselves … And get ridiculed. You know as well as I do there are things that happen behind doors that all the fans/critics dnt know about@mrileynupe … I keep reading that players (I) should honor our contracts...when have owners honored contracts...they dnt. Chris Johnson should never have … Had to hold out to get a new deal. His play spoke for himself. Yet team wouldnt just pay the man. Tommie Harris was honoring his contract … When the bears cut him right before his bonus. Cut Brandon Manumaleuna when he was just honoring his contract. … Players do what you must. People get hurt and emotional. I understand...bottom line were all still bears and were trying to bring home a championship.”

And more today: “You must also remember we are just players that help a fans favorite team win a championship. Once were not a part of that"@ChrisHarrisNFL … Any more, we become a thing if the past for many fans. who really gives a crap about players if they aren't helping the team win "@ChrisHarr.”

Though I can sympathize with Briggs, I also agree with what CBSSports.com’s Ryan Wilson wrote: “In general, we support a player's right to ask for a raise because NFL contracts aren't guaranteed. But Briggs had no issue with the deal when he signed it three years ago. Just because other teams might overpay for their linebackers isn't reason enough for the Bears to do the same. Maybe that changes after the season, or perhaps Briggs will get his wish and be traded.”

Briggs has said he’ll continue to give 100 percent even if he’s not traded from Chicago. But he clearly is unhappy right now, and that probably won’t change unless he’s given more money or traded to another team which would.

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Posted on: December 5, 2010 5:24 pm

Hochuli explains Cutler/Suh ruling (VIDEO)

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

With the Bears losing by three but driving down the field, Chicago QB Jay Cutler scrambled near the sidelines, and he took a forearm shiver to the back of his helmet by Lions rookie DT Ndamukong Suh that drew a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty.

And while the hit is nasty, it’s unclear if the play was actually illegal. See for yourself in the video below:

After the game, Lions pool reporter Tom Kowalski interviewed referee Ed Hochuli. Said Hochuli (via the Chicago Sun-Times) : "I felt it was an unnecessary non-football act, a blow to the back of the runner's helmet in the process of going down. … "As I saw it, he hit him in the back of the helmet."

Though the announcers wondered if Cutler got preferential treatment because he’s a quarterback, Hochuli said that he did not.

Either way, the Bears got the ball on the Lions 7-yard line. The next play, Cutler found Brandon Manumaleuna for the touchdown to give Chicago a lead it did not relinquish.

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