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Posted on: July 24, 2011 12:11 am
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Report: Eagles have interest in Brett Favre (!)

Posted by Ryan Wilson

You know, maybe Brett Favre's not the problem. Yes, he's made a mockery of the notion of a retirement press conference, and yes, he's brought a lot of this on himself by subsequent un-retirement press conferences. But when if finally seems as if he and his Wrangler jeans have moseyed off into the sunset, the media refuse to let him go.

The latest silliness: Howard Eskin of Philadelphia WIP, reported Saturday night that the "Eagles have some interest in Favre once they trade [Kevin] Kolb. Sources told me it's possible. Not sure what Favre thinks."

We don't know what Favre thinks either, but here's what he said last month about the prospects of returning to the NFL: “I don’t want to put my body through that anymore. I’ve been beat up enough.”

Favre has been known to say one thing and do another, but Favre's brother, Scott, has also weighed in on the matter, telling the Biloxi Sun Herald's Al Jones, "I would say there's less than a 1% chance (he would return). He is retired."

A few weeks ago, NFL.com's Gil Brandt, without speaking to Favre or anyone in Favre's camp, suggested that Favre still wants to play, in part because Favre offered to work with Cam Newton. (Yes, we're confused, too.)

We'll repeat what we said at the time: "We actually believe Favre when he said he's been beaten up enough. And if he gets a hankerin' for a comeback, we'd encourage him to watch these." 

It's also worth pointing out that one of Eskin's sources told him in June that Ravens coach John Harbaugh didn't want the team to draft cornerback Jimmy Smith. To quote Peter King: "That story about John Harbaugh not wanting Jimmy Smith? Wrong. Totally wrong."

Just something to keep in mind here as well.

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Posted on: June 14, 2011 4:18 pm
Edited on: June 14, 2011 4:27 pm

Brett Favre says he's really done with football

Posted by Ryan Wilson

We wouldn't blame you if you were skeptical, but Brett Favre says he's definitely done with football.

Speaking at his inaugural 7-on-7 football camp on the campus of Southern Mississippi, the former three-time NFL MVP told the Sun Herald that “I can still throw the ball as well as I ever have. No question about that,” before adding “I don’t want to put my body through that anymore. I’ve been beat up enough.”

And that's the truth. Always known for his toughness in the pocket, a 40-year-old Favre took an absolute beating last season. On December 5, he was knocked out of the Week 13 game against the Bills. Two weeks later, facing the Bears, Favre took the last vicious hit of his career when Corey Wootton drove him into the frozen turf face first.

After 20 years in the NFL, Favre, now 41, isn't quite sure what to do with himself. Other than the "Brett Favre 7 on 7 at The Rock" camp, which is just a one-day affair, the man who holds just about every NFL passing record imaginable has a lot of time on his hands. He says he likes working with young players "but in what capacity, I'm not really sure yet. … [I don't have any] plans right now and we'll see where that takes me."

Obviously, that means Favre's mounting an NFL comeback. That's a joke. We think.

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Posted on: August 9, 2010 11:00 am

Favre tells Longwell he's still undecided

Posted by Will Brinson

This "news" probably should have been included in the Hot Routes this morning, but whatevs -- it's Favre and you know you love it. Apparently, Favre talked with kicker Ryan Longwell (they go way back from their Green Bay days) and told him what the dealio was on his status for 2010.

And you'll never guess this, but Favre still doesn't know ! Which gives him something in common with Loki the Octopus . Except everything with Favre is dependent on his ankle, duh.

"I guess the thing is, from talking to him, the big issue is everybody knows he had the surgery on his shoulder last year and that was kind of three weeks out and he was zinging the ball around with little or no pain," Longwell said. "So he's had bad ankles over the years, and everybody knows that. He thought that the ankle would recover, kind of like the arm did last year, and unfortunately it just hasn't."

Honestly, expecting an ankle to recover like a shoulder is about as logical as expecting Brett Favre to make a decision before the end of August. So, for now, let's just hold our breath until it's time for an Albert Haynesworth post. Oh, right. That's now.

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Posted on: August 3, 2010 3:03 pm
Edited on: August 3, 2010 3:27 pm

The Brett Favre Retirement Timeline

Posted by Will Brinson

Brett Favre has retired, y'all. It's a sad day. At least until when he deretires again. 

But, for those that haven't been following the NFL every year since 2006, how's a little refresher on Favre's history sound? To the wayback machine!

January, 2006: It begins. Favre drops the word "undecided" on an ESPN Sunday Conversation , stating that if he "had to pick right now," he's "not coming back." (Public Mood: Sad, sympathetic. )

April, 2006: Just your everyday harmless decision NOT to retire, as Favre announces he'll be playing with the Packers once again. Everyone in Green Bay takes shots of beercheese to celebrate. Except for Aaron Rodgers, who shakes his fist angrily to the sky. The Onion , obviously wise before the rest of the world, mocks Favre for his indecision . Warning: NSFW  language.
(Public Mood: Joyous, gunslingy-y.)

May 6, 2006: Favre holds a press conference in which he renounces his comments that he would retire after 2006 and states that he may keep playing past that year. (Public mood: Confused)

December 2006: Favre nearly cries on television after getting a standing ovation from the freaking Bears FANS during the final game of the 2006 season, because everyone understands he's actually retiring this time. (Public Mood: Sentimental )

February 2007: I'm so excited. I just can't hide it. And so is Brett, as the 37-year-old unretires. Again. (Public Mood:  Warily recognizing a pattern forming.)

January 2008:   Packers lose to the Giants in the NFC  Championship Game, but MY GOD, what a way to go out for a true legend, huh? A 13-3 record, MVP chatter, everyone forgetting that he basically did the same thing as Michael Jordan on the Wizards ... just legendary stuff in terms of timing if he retires now. (Public Mood: Inspired)

March 2008: Favre weeps while giving an awesome retirement speech , stating that he has "no regrets" because he "played the game one way" -- "the only way [he] knew how." (Public Mood: Emotional, Relieved)

July 2008: Favre gets an "itch" to play again. RUH. ROH. Suddenly, Favre was "never fully committed" to retiring and the Packers and No. 4 are involved in a very public and awkward melee that results in Favre telling Fox News that the Packers "pressured" him and that they should let him "play elsewhere." Aaron Rodgers remains convinced he'll never take a starting snap. (Public Mood: Outrage, disdain, choosing sides.)

August 2008: Bretty's granted reinstatement by the NFL! He then harasses Green Bay in training camp until they trade him to the Jets. (Public Mood: Shocked, unhappy with everyone.)

September 2008: Favre throws six touchdowns (a career high!) as the Jets throttle the Cardinals and appear to be rolling towards the playoffs. (Public Mood: Jets fans are joyous. Everyone else is disgusted.)

December 2008: Favre melts down during the stretch run, as the Jets go 1-3 and miss the playoffs. (Public Mood: Jets fans are disgusted. Everyone else is joyous.)

February 2009: Favre retires. FOR THE ELEVENTY BILLIONTH TIME. He jokes, "I have no reason to wonder why you would be so skeptical." (Public Mood: Skeptical.)

April 2009: The Jets, ready to go in a "different direction," release Favre. Dear. God. NOOOOOOOO. (Public Mood:  Terrified.)

May 2009:  Favre has surgery. Because, obviously, that's what people who are retired and want to ride on tractors do, right? (Public Mood: Prepared for the worst.)

June 2009: Inexplicably, Favre considers playing for the Packers arch-rival, the Vikings. This is considered something along the lines of finding out that George Washington is actually French. (Public Mood: Shocked, Awed, Unprepared for the worst.)

July 2009: Favre decides NOT to join Vikings, thus ending the retiring the possibility that he would retire from retirement. Or something. (Public Mood: Relieved, thankful. )

August 2009: Favre UNRETIRES, joins the Vikings. (Public Mood: Annoyed, Betrayed. )

October 2009: Favre gets booed at Lambeau Field and then proceeds to beat the Green Bay Packers. (Public Mood: Annoyingly impressed.)

  January 2010: Ole' No. 4 wins a playoff game at age 40 and sings "Pants on the Ground" in the locker room . Then he proceeds to throw an interception to end the Vikings shot at a Super Bowl. (Public Mood: Secretly elated.)

April 2010 : Favre has ankle surgery, meaning he's likely to play football. We think. Maybe? (Public Mood: Dismissive, annoyed, prepared.)

August 2010 : Brett Favre finally reportedly retires for the sixth time, except he HASN'T ACTUALLY TOLD ANYONE THAT. (Public Mood: So very, very, inexplicably trusting. )

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