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Posted on: January 19, 2011 11:34 am

Hot Routes 1.19.11: Beware of beards

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

  • A newer, faster, less sticky way to procure your beer at a football/baseball/rodeo/curling event? Sign me up and color me impressed. This is today’s must-read, by the way. Via Dan Wetzel at Yahoo! Sports’ The Postgame.
  • Former Lions WR Charles Rogers continues to have problems keeping his houses from not going into foreclosure. This time, he owes about $421,000 for a condo in Birmingham, Mich.
  • A circuit court judge in Tampa has ordered former Buccaneers DL Chidi Ahanotu to give up his 2002 Rams conference championship ring, as his ex-wife tries to recover from him $130,000 in legal fees. Naturally, this news did not make Ahanotu very happy.
  • If you believe trash-talking fires up the other team or if you think Rex Ryan is trying to take pressure off his players with his continued proclamations, Ross Tucker of ESPN.com insists you’re completely wrong.
  • Minneapolis Star Tribune columnist Jim Souhan writes he’d rather have Packers coach Mike McCarthy on the sidelines than Vince Lombardi. An … um … interesting perspective. Writes Southan: “Clearly, McCarthy is the better coach. But in the interest of even-handedness, we have to give Lombardi this: He was the better dresser.” This is what we call the “minority voice.”
  • I wonder if Brett Favre can try to hijack major league baseball as well. A link to the MLB Facts & Rumors blog. I also think those boys are taking a shot at us.
  • Apparently, there are quite a few different ways to spell Chicago (my old Cincinnati Post buddies could think of at least one). The Green Bay Press Gazette came up with another attempt.

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Posted on: September 3, 2010 8:31 pm

Former Bucs DT forced to part with ring

Posted by Andy Benoit

Remember Chidi Ahanotu? The Bucs defensive tackle who lined up next to Warren Sapp in the late 90s?

Elaine Silvestrini of the Tampa Tribune has a unique (and, frankly, sad) story on the now-retired athlete. The cliff notes version: he recently squared off in court against his ex-wife in a custody battle and lost. His ex-wife’s legal team says Ahanotu owes them $130,000.
"I don't have $130,000," Ahanotu said. "It's been a long time since I played in the NFL."

Ahanotu says he makes only $36,000 a year in disability and can’t collect NFL pension until he turns 55 (he’ll be 40 in October). To partially satisfy the $130,000, Ahanotu must turn over his NFC Championship ring. This was supposed to take place Thursday.
But, as Silvestrini writes:

Instead of bringing the ring or the money, Ahanotu brought a new lawyer, Melton H. Little, who sought to delay the proceedings.
Hillsborough Circuit Judge Liz Rice would not grant a continuance but scheduled a Wednesday hearing at which Ahanotu will have a few choices: produce the ring; satisfy the judgment; give a good reason for not complying; or go to jail.

Ahanotu did not say where the ring was or whether he intends to produce it. He said it means a lot to him and that he planned to will it to his sons.

Asked outside the courthouse whether he would go to jail rather than turn over the ring, Ahanotu deferred to his attorney, who wouldn't let him respond.

"I want to answer," Ahanotu said, although he didn't.
He said he's not afraid of jail.

"The Lord's on my side."

No one knows the ring's value, although all parties agree it's only a small portion of what is owed.

Thatcher said that if Ahanotu turns over the ring it will be sold at a sheriff's auction.

Ahanotu said he’d rather lose his money than the ring. Problem is, he doesn’t appear to have any money.

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