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Posted on: September 13, 2011 9:39 pm
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Retired players file lawsuit against NFLPA

Carl Eller is one of the plaintiffs suing the NFLPA (US Presswire).Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Just because the NFL lockout is over and the owners and players have signed a new CBA (without, mind you, agreeing to HGH testing), that doesn’t mean the lawsuits have stopped.

No, not in regards to the former NFL players who believe they helped make the current NFL what it is today and also feel like they’re getting screwed in the aftermath.

Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel reports the latest, as a group of 28 former players, including Hall of Famers like Carl Eller (pictured at right), Chuck Bednarik and Elvin Bethea, have filed a lawsuit against the NFLPA, union executive director DeMaurice Smith, and Tom Brady and Mike Vrabel, two of the plaintiffs from the lockout lawsuit.

The suit -- filed in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis -- states that when the NFLPA decertified last March, the players were in no position to bargain for and agree to the benefits for the retired players, and as Wetzel writes, the players want a declaration that “the ‘right to negotiate with the League the rights and benefits for NFL retirees’ rests with the Eller plaintiffs.”

The veterans’ attorney Michael Hausfeld said this lawsuit does not affect the current labor peace but that the former players want to readjust the benefits they’ve received in the new CBA.

Said Hausfeld: "The retirees rights were sacrificed for the benefit of the active players.”

Why this continues to come about, I think, is a general feeling of disrespect from the current players to those who came before them. That’s the sense I got from former Oilers quarterback Dan Pastorini when CBSSports.com spoke to him recently. Even with the $620 million Legacy Fund created by the NFL and the NFLPA in the new CBA, the players obviously feel that doesn’t adequately compensate them for their sacrifices in the past.

“I think it’s a travesty the way they treat the older players,” Pastorini said. “I’m part of that group. They’re throwing us a bone with the $620 million. By the time they get to a new CBA after 10 years, they won’t have to worry about us pre-(19)93er’s. It’s sad, but it’s their M.O. They want to wait for us to die.

“What they’re talking about now is to give us a bone and to shut us up. It’s just wrong. It’s damn wrong. And the players association is just as greedy as the owners are, if not more so. The players don’t go to bat for us, which makes us ashamed.”

Although some current players, like Saints quarterback Drew Brees, have advocated for the retirees, the general feeling of discontent still lingers. Now, the former players are hoping the court system will bestow upon them the relief they feel the NFLPA hasn’t given to them.

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Posted on: March 31, 2011 12:05 pm

Hot Routes 3.31.11: Lights, camera, action

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

  • Larry Johnson, set to go on trial for allegedly spitting a drink on a woman at a bar in 2008, thinks he can’t get a fair jury trial in Kansas City. Any place, his attorney said, would be better than Kansas City.
  • Apparently, Ravens S Tom Zbikwoski isn’t the only Ravens player who can handle himself in a fight. Watch how Kelly Gregg (a three-time state wrestling champion in Oklahoma) and Arthur Jones (a two-time state titlist in New York) go after each other in this video. With Ray Lewis on the play-by-play.
  • Washington QB Jake Locker participated in his Pro Day on Wednesday and completed 38 of 40 attempts against the air (his only two misses came on 50-yard passes). But not everybody is convinced he’s going to be a star. Analyst Michael Lombardi thinks Locker is a project and wouldn’t draft him before the third round.
  • ESPN New York reports Giants C Shaun O’Hara underwent his second surgery of the offseason this week to clean out his left ankle and Achilles. Earlier this offseason, he had surgery on his right foot.
  • One of the more interesting storylines of the NFL draft will be about Clemson DE Da’Quan Bowers, his balky knee and which team will take a chance on him. Some analysts are saying he’s off a couple teams’ draft boards completely because of failed physicals.

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Posted on: March 29, 2011 7:37 pm

Bednarik nearly ready to leave hospital

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Former Eagles great Chuck Bednarik, hospitalized last week with shortness of breath, is scheduled to be released from a Bethlehem, Pa., hospital this week, his son-in-law told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Tests revealed no major problems with the 85-year-old Bednarik, and he’s been eating better.

“His heart's fine, he didn't have a stroke, so the doctors don't want to keep him any longer than they have to," said Ken Safarowic, Bednarik’s son-in-law. "They caught him crawling out of bed."

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Posted on: March 25, 2011 9:12 am

Bednarik better but to remain in hospital

Chuck Bednarik will remain in the hospital a few more days (US Presswire). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Chuck Bednarik, who was admitted to St. Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem, Pa., for shortness of breath Wednesday, is “sitting up in his bed and talking,” according to a report in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The 85-year-old Eagles legend (pictured at right in 1961) remains in serious condition, and doctors continue to run tests on him to determine the cause of his condition. Though they’ve ruled out a heart attack, doctors expect to keep him in the hospital for a few days longer.

“His heart is as strong as when he was playing,” his son-in-law, Ken Safarowic, told the paper.

And it sounds like Bednarik is ready to get the heck out of the hospital.

"I wish I could say he's resting comfortably, but he's never been one to be comfortable sitting still," Safarowic said. "He's like, 'Get me the hell out of here.'"

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Posted on: March 24, 2011 11:42 am

Report: Chuck Bednarik in 'serious condition'

Posted by Andy Benoit

Tracy Jordan of The Morning Call reports that Philadelphia Eagles legend Chuck Bednarik is in serious condition after being admitted to St. Lukes Hospital-Fountain Hill (PA) Wednesday due to shortness of breath.

Bednarik, who was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1967 after an illustrious 14-year career that included two championships, turns 86 in May. He is the last fulltime two-way player (offensive lineman and linebacker) and considered by NFL Films voters as the 35th greatest player in history.

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