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Posted on: February 25, 2011 7:16 pm
Edited on: February 25, 2011 11:18 pm

Redskins likely to lose three marquee players

Posted by Eye on Football staff

INDIANAPOLIS – For those wondering about the status of Donovan McNabb, Albert Haynesworth and Clinton Portis within the Redskins organization, wonder no more. Coach Mike Shanahan, meeting today with the media at the NFL combine, cleared it all up.

Which is to say he didn’t clear up much of anything (though, to be fair, we can take pretty good educated guesses about if those players will return).

On the topic of McNabb:

“I had a chance about two days ago to talk to (McNabb's agent) Fletcher Smith and we talked for about an hour and a half. I thought I had a great conversation with him. Obviously we had a lot of quotes that were out there over the course of the season. I was able to address questions he had and I thought the conversation went well. I think over the next few weeks we’ll get the chance to talk again, and then we’ll make a decision right after the draft of the direction we’ll go. But I thought it was a good initial conversation. We’ll let time take care of itself and we’ll get a chance to spend some more time together in the near future.”

Chances of McNabb playing in Washington in 2011: not great.

On the topic of Haynesworth:

“You never really know. Albert, right now, is appealing a four-game suspension. He’s had a couple alleged instances he’s got to take care of. Obviously that goes through the commissioner and hopefully that comes out positive. There’s a lot of ramifications there, so we’ve got to take care of that first.”

Chances of Haynesworth playing in Washington in 2011: I don’t see how.

On the topic of Portis:

"Relative to free agency and our own, we’re always wanting to sign our players, so we’re constantly talking to their agents. With a guy like Clinton Portis, he’s a little bit different. With a guy with a high salary cap, I’ve always dealt with it a little differently. If we’re not going to sign Clinton to that high salary, I’ll let him test the market out. Not to say we don’t want him, but for a lower price, and obviously we’ll try to find the best deal. It could happen. I don’t want to say right now. If I said that, usually I’m being pretty honest with you. Could be two days from now, could be three days from now. Could be later today."

Chances of Portis playing in Washington in 2011:
Not gonna happen.

Bythe way, looks like CBSSports.com's own Clark Judge and I have similar opinions.

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Posted on: February 24, 2011 5:54 pm
Edited on: February 24, 2011 5:58 pm

Combine scene Thursday night

Rex Ryan made a popular appearance at the NFL combine (Getty). Posted by Andy Benoit

INDIANAPOLIS -- I was told going in that the Combine consists of a lot of sitting around, with little bursts of action here and there. Thus far, that’s pretty much true.

The bursts have actually been fairly frequent – a head coach or GM makes his way into the room every 15 or 20 minutes. And a prospect comes in every 10 to 15 minutes. The coach and GM press conferences consist mainly of references to how all 32 teams are looking to get better, how the team is interested in improving and how everyone is still in the middle of evaluating the draft prospects (which is both true and a way of deflecting questions).

The room absolutely buzzed for Rex Ryan’s presser. He drew a crowd that was double the size of the next biggest crowd on the day. Ryan’s approach was brilliant: he immediately guaranteed a Super Bowl title for 2011 (before any questions were even asked). He then went into a long, passionate and often humorous spiel about how he was going to will a championship out of the team this season. The media loved it – LOVED it. In fact, they loved it to so much, they hardly noticed that Ryan ducked all questions of substance. It’s a fair game everyone has agreed to play.

After the press conferences, interviews generally spill out into the hallway. The TV and radio guys patrol the area and score a lot of one-on-ones. But if it’s simple conversation or who’s who sightings you’re after, the best areas are still the hotel lobbies and streets. Walking back from the Marriott this afternoon, I was a few paces behind Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum (it was actually that awkward walking distance where you can’t decide whether to pick up the pace and pass the person or just hang in there and hope they don’t think you’re following them).

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