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Posted on: August 17, 2011 12:13 pm

Corwin Brown's family was concerned for him

C. Brown has been acting irrationally, his family said (AP)>Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Last week, former NFL CB Corwin Brown was entangled in a seven-hour SWAT team standoff against the police in his Granger, Ind., home after an apparent domestic incident. His wife and children escaped the house, and though police pleaded with Brown to surrender peacefully, he eventually shot himself in the side and had to be taken to the hospital.

On Tuesday, Brown was charged with two counts of criminal confinement and a count of domestic battery for allegedly holding his wife against her will and battering her. According to the South Bend Tribune, his bond has been set at $5,000.

And while Brown’s actions are obviously concerning, his family also believes he might have symptoms stemming from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, which was what Dave Duerson was suffering from when he fatally shot himself in the chest so he could donate his brain to science.

Brown played for the Patriots, Jets and Lions from 1993-2000, and according to the Tribune, “in a statement issued Tuesday, Brown's family described how his personality changed after his eight-year NFL career, when he became suspicious, distant, gloomy, exhausted and depressed.”

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
The police report from the Brown standoff shows some interesting details about what allegedly happened that day. Brown’s wife, Melissa, said he had been acting irrationally for some time, and last Friday, he threatened to burn her clothing and dragged her back into the house when she attempted to leave the house from the back patio. His three children -- aged 14, 11 and 9 - left the house, and eventually, Brown let his wife go as well.

But not before the two allegedly battled for possession of a handgun Brown kept in his pocket. The gun apparently accidently discharged before Melissa left the house.

"There is a tragedy in this story which has unfolded over the last several years," the Brown family said in the statement. "Many are asking, 'what would cause a young man who has been blessed beyond all measure -- that he would put himself and his family in harm's way?' … We pray for studies to better understand and prevent this from happening to another player, as well as current families dealing with the same situation.”

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Posted on: August 12, 2011 6:57 pm
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Former NFL DB Corwin Brown hurt in SWAT standoff

BrownPosted by Josh Katzowitz

UPDATED (9:19 p.m. ET): According to the Chicago Tribune, Corwin Brown has been hospitalized after suffering a self-inflicted shotgun wound to his side.

During the standoff, Brown requested several people to whom he could speak, including a former Michigan coach. He was heard to be saying over the bullhorn, "I need you to be a Michigan man."

For now, Brown's condition is unknown.

UPDATED (8:23 p.m. ET): The Tribune writes the standoff is over. An ambulance has left the scene with its lights and siren running.


The home of Corwin Brown, a former NFL safety who also spent some time coaching for the Patriots and the Jets, has been surrounded by a SWAT team and other police after shots were fired inside his Granger, Ind., house.

This, according to the Chicago Tribune, WSBT-TV and the South Bend Tribune (Brown is also a former Notre Dame defensive coach).

Officials said the police were called about 1 p.m. Friday afternoon after a domestic abuse call was made. Neighbors have said that Brown’s wife and children have evacuated the house, but apparently Brown is still inside and allegedly firing gunshots.

Police also have said they’ve talked on the phone with Brown late this afternoon. They’ve also said over a bullhorn: “Please let us know that you are OK," and "Nobody here wants to hurt you."

Brown played for the Patriots, Jets and Lions from 1993-2000. In his career, he recorded three interceptions in 120 games played.

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