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Posted on: October 15, 2010 3:41 pm

Hot Routes 10.15.10 (insert TGIF cliché here)

Hot Routes

Posted by Andy Benoit

Mary Garrard told Jaguars offensive coaches that they need to call more plays that allow her husband to use his mobility.

Conveniently, here is another story about an important woman in the life of another mobile AFC South quarterback who, like Garrard, is playing on Monday.

The Falcons are getting exactly what we thought they’d get in Dunta Robinson: a top cover corner who doesn’t make interceptions but improves an entire secondary.

Thanks to the Mark Clayton injury, confident (cocky?) Rams rookie Mardy Gilyard will get a chance to shine.

Deuce Lutui is not as fat as he once was.

The Bills offensive line may actually get worse in the next few weeks. Veteran right tackle Cornell Green is going to miss some time with a knee that has been problematic since late summer. Rookie Cord Howard relieved Green late against Jacksonville last week.

Ron Greene of the Charlotte Observer points out that the Panthers will go a week without a loss…thanks to the bye.

Linebacker Brian Iwuh is prepared to start Sunday for the Bears if Pro Bowler Lance Briggs (sprained ankle) is unable to go.

The Broncos want fans to get in on the fun when the team wears its orange jerseys against the Jets this Sunday. (Yes, those orange jerseys that should probably replace the blue jerseys because, let’s face it, the orange looks 10 times better.)

Mike Ditka has zero sympathy for Jenn Sterger in this whole sordid affair.

Just a formality, but Nick Barnett was placed on I.R. (Also, the Packers brought back DE Mike Montgomery.)

Why can’t more sportswriters have this kind of humility? Props to Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times.

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Posted on: September 8, 2010 9:48 am

Hot Routes 9.8.10: Well, how big a boy are you?

Posted by Will Brinson

Originally I was going to try and get a full post out of Suh and Larry (via Suh's Twitter account, seen right) and the whole "big boy" thing was aimed at Deuce (see: No. 2 below). Then I realized that it was something the Cable Guy might say and that I definitely don't have 300 words in my brain that revolve around that picture.

We will, however, accept captions in the comments or via twitter (@CBSSportsNFL) , where you may also send tips for the Hot Routes.
  • Deuce Lutui will get loose at right guard for Arizona , despite heavy concerns (literally) about his weight keeping him from performing at an expected level. Said Lutui, it's "not the first time I've been called fat. It's one of those things, as a big boy, you have to live with."
  • My buddy RJ Bell of Pregame.com points out that the Colts are expected to be favored in 15 of their 16 games this year (the lone exception being their game at New England), while the Lions are only expected to be favored in ONE game, when they play the Rams in Week 5 at home. These expectations, remember, don't judge future performance (necessarily) ... just expectations.
  • So, there's apparently a chance that Tim Tebow might not play in Jacksonville, as according to the Denver Post , he and Brady Quinn are still battling it out for the No. 2 quarterback spot. There might be a full-on revolt at Everbank Stadium if that happens.
  • Hue Jackson, the Raiders offensive coordinator, helped get T.J. Houshmandzadeh from Seattle to Baltimore. Weird .
  • Big Blue View takes a look at the 2009 Giants draft class and decides that it might be nice to take a mulligan on that one, even if Hakeem Nicks is pretty talented. Unfortunately, well, you know how mulligans work in the NFL.
Posted on: August 20, 2010 4:25 pm

Overweight Cards still make Whisenhunt mad

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

RG Deuce Lutui and RT Herman Johnson reported to Cardinals training camp heavier than the coaching staff wanted. Head coach Ken Whisenhunt still isn’t happy about it.

From the Arizona Republic :

Rather than look at how far Lutui and Johnson have come in three weeks, Whisenhunt envisions how well they could be playing if they had shown up in shape.

Whisenhunt finds that infuriating.

Lutui reported at 360 pounds, about 15 more than the club wanted, and he’s around 350 now. Meanwhile, Johnson came in at 380 pounds – the Cardinals wanted him at 360 – and he says he’s lost about 15 pounds.

Maybe it’s not all Johnson’s fault, though. According to this story, Johnson was the biggest baby ever born in Louisiana, topping the scales at 15 pounds, 14 ounces (hell, at that point, he probably could have walked himself out of the delivery room).

For now, both are running with the second team, but don’t expect Lutui to stay there very long. After all, he’s started 53 of the past 54 Arizona games. Johnson, though, some work to do in order to make the squad. Coming into camp 20 pounds overweight didn't help his cause.

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Posted on: July 31, 2010 11:47 pm

Milk and cookies for you

A late-night links round-up:

Though it’d make sense if the veterans absolutely hate the fact No. 1 pick Sam Bradford just got a $50 million guarantee without ever having played a down of NFL football, Tom Brady doesn’t seem upset about the deal. He tells a radio show, as captured by the Boston Herald that players of any sort (or experience) should be getting money.

Much has been made about Frank Gore’s party in Miami that ensnared a few collegiate players in the headlights of the NCAA and which might or might not have been paid for by an agent. Gore tells the Press Democrat that the controversy surprised him and he was the one who paid for the party.

Toby Gerhart missed the first day of training camp. Pat Williams, as mentioned in this 1500 ESPN story, didn’t appreciate it.

Unlike a certain NT in Washington, Cardinals OT Deuce Lutui, who says he weighs about 360 pounds, passed his conditioning test today. The Cardinals official site talked to him afterward.

Packers S Atari Bigby isn’t happy with his contract situation, as described by the Green Bay Press Gazette . Bigby, in all reality, should worry about retaining his starting spot over Morgan Burnett, because the ankle injury he suffered today won’t help.

Do you think former Ole Miss QB Jevan Snead wishes he stayed in school one more year? After the Buccaneers cut him today , I imagine the answer is probably, yes.

A few more first-round signings: Jason Pierre-Paul to the Giants for a ton of money . Joe Haden to the Browns for a ton of mone y. Demaryius Thomas to the Broncos for a ton of money . Kyle Wilson to the Jets for a ton of money .

--Josh Katzowitz

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Posted on: July 17, 2010 5:24 pm

Lutui lets Cardinals down

When guard Deuce Lutui chose to protest is RFA tender by staying away from the team during the offseason, coaches were concerned that the fifth-year pro would let his weight spiral out of control. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. D. Lutui

When Lutui finally showed up to sign his tender in June, he was tipping the scales around 400 pounds. As transcribed by ESPN’s Mike Sando, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt recently talked about Lutui (who, by the way, might lose his starting job to Reggie Wells) on XTRA 910:

"When Deuce came in and signed his contract, that was one of the things we talked about. You guys know me pretty well and I have very little tolerance for that. Because, listen, this offseason, we had our guys in there working about as hard as I have ever been around.
They are focused because everybody said we don't have a chance, we lost all these players and we can't do it. Our guys have really taken that challenge and worked hard. And it's difficult when you have guys in there busting their tails and one of the players isn't in there and then when he comes in and signs his contract, he's pretty heavy. That is frustrating. The onus is on Deuce."

--Andy Benoit

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Posted on: June 30, 2010 6:53 pm

Lutui is a true American

Cardinals guard Deuce Lutui will become a true American twice this summer. The first time happened already when Lutui showed up at team headquarters carrying about 50 pounds of extra weight. The second will happen this weekend when he literally becomes a true American. This from Kent Somers’s blog on azcentral.com:

Guard Deuce Lutui will be among 204 Arizona residents who will become U.S. Citizens on Friday in a ceremony at South Mountain Community College.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the college are playing host to the naturalization ceremony.
Lutui was born in Tonga but spent most of his life in Mesa. He will take the Oath of Allegiance along with immigrants from 55 other countries. The ceremony is part of The Fiesta of Independence, an annual program. According to the press release, many immigrants choose to be part of this ceremony because it's always held July 4.

--Andy Benoit

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Posted on: June 25, 2010 3:05 pm

Lutui Blows It

The Arizona Cardinals were irked by Deuce Lutui’s refusal to promptly sign his RFA tender all offseason. The fifth-year guard wanted a long-term deal. The Cards’ stance was, “Sorry, not this year, and not before we take care of Darnell Dockett (which hasn’t happened yet, by the way). And P.S., Deuce, we recommend you get to the OTA’s asap because we both know that, when left on your own, you tend to get fat.”

It appears the Cardinals were right. According to Mike Jurecki of Xtra Sports 910 in Phoenix, Lutui, who had his once-secure starting job jeopardized after the signing of Alan Faneca (Faneca’s arrival shifted left guard Reggie Wells to Lutui’s right guard spot) reportedly weighs 396 pounds. That’s roughly 60 pounds – or one-and-a-half Olsen Twin – over his listed weight.

--Andy Benoit

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Posted on: June 14, 2010 9:40 pm

Deuce Lutui signs tender, but what about his job?

Deuce Lutui has improved each year since joining the Cardinals as a second-round pick in 2006. Originally sloppy in his footwork and hand technique, he polished himself into Arizona’s most consistent blocker last season. Lutui is still not quite nimble enough to make every lead or pull as a run-blocker, but he knows how to compensate by creating good angles without having to over-extend. Most impressive is the nasty way he finishes blocks.

That said, Lutui could find himself in a backup role for the first time in his NFL career. He’s been away from the club all offseason, refusing to sign his RFA tender until today. His hope of receiving a long-term contract is understandable but, given the team’s current economy and tenuous CBA situation, misguided.

Because free agent acquisition Alan Faneca immediately took the left guard position upon signing in Arizona, versatile veteran Reggie Wells finds himself vying for Lutui’s right guard job. So does less-noted free agent pickup Rex Hadnot (another versatile veteran, by the way).

We often see players avoid offseason team activities and workouts. But aside from a friendly demotion early in training camp, rarely do we see these players lose their starting job. No promises, but Lutui could change that. (The bet here is that he begins training camp on the second string but manages to crack the starting lineup sometime during the preseason.)

---Andy Benoit

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