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Posted on: August 17, 2010 4:49 pm
Edited on: August 17, 2010 5:23 pm

McNabb also interested in an NBA future

Posted by Will Brinson

Remember when Brandon Marshall wanted to be in the NBA? Well, we debunked that prospect to much that he's resorted to becoming a punter as well, in hopes of making some extra cash.

Turns out though, he's not the only NFL'er interested in balling it up in the L. You can go ahead and add Donovan McNabb to the list. McNabb told NBC Washington's Dan Hellie (via the Washington Post' s Dan Steinberg ) that if the NFL gets locked out, he's headed to the Wizards.

"Well, we just drafted John Wall, [have] Gilbert Arenas, they're looking for kind of a power guard that can come in, get a little physical down low," he said. "I can go play with the Wizards if things don't really work out. Drop about 10, 15 basketball pounds...slap some boards a little bit, get up on the rim.

Obviously McNabb is joking a little bit more here than Marshall appeared to be, but it still warrants discussing whether or not he could succeed. For that, we turn to our NBA expert and my good buddy, Matt Moore.
"Oh, that would be great. The one thing you want is a plodding bruiser who's longest part is his mid-section. Should work well. I've got an idea. Let's just shorten Andre Iguodala's arms by four inches and add 25 pounds. Should be about the same." Interesting that Matt referenced Philly there, right? (And quick aside: I really only asked Matt for a quote because it cracks me up that he gets auto-tagged as the Carolina Panthers quarterback. LOL, ammaright?)

Especially since McNabb said "us" when he was talking about the WASHINGTON Wizards. Guh, guess the guy has no loyalty.

Just kidding -- McNabb's a pretty awesome dude. Also, he repeated the mantra that he wants to be with the Redskins for "years." And considering the stark juxtaposition of a guy like Donovan and guy like Brett Favre (not just in how they treat teams, but how teams treat them ), it's refreshing to see someone be entertaining, honest and loyal.

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