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Posted on: September 13, 2011 11:45 am

Drew Pearson: Dez Bryant hasn't done anything

Former Cowboys great Drew Pearson is unimpressed with Dez Bryant. (US PRESSWIRE)
Posted by Ryan Wilson

Tony Romo got a name check in our Week 1: Coach Killers column, not so much because we think he'll get Jason Garrett fired, but based on the perception that he has a knack for making the worst decisions at critical points in the game.

Against the Jets on Sunday night, Romo did just that, throwing a back-breaking interception late in the fourth quarter. The pass was intended for Dez Bryant, who had been limping around the field for some time with cramps, but was easily picked off by Darrelle Revis.

At the time, we wondered why Romo would throw in Bryant's direction since it was clear that he wasn't 100 percent. To his credit, Romo took full responsibility for the loss but former Cowboys great Drew Pearson isn't concerned about the quarterback. His issues are with Bryant, the team's 2010 first-round pick.

Appearing on 103.3 FM Monday, Pearson, according to the Dallas Morning News said, “You saw what happened in the fourth quarter. We had wide receivers that couldn’t finish the game. Come on! Jeez!”

He was just getting warmed up: “The first quarter was spectacular. Great job, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah,” Pearson said. “But now we need you in the fourth quarter and you can’t even run? You catch three passes in the first quarter and then you get targeted five times after that and you don’t make any catches? . . . Let’s not be so high on this guy who hasn’t really done anything. He missed four games last season, he comes in this game and he can’t finish it out."

Bryant seems to attract scrutiny. Former mentor Deion Sanders distanced himself from Bryant after the "droopy pants at the mall" incident, saying in March that "[Bryant] needs help. I told the Cowboys from Day 1 that he needs help. Matter of fact, they have a team in place to help him. But you cannot tell a grown man what to do." Then there's the civil suit for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid debt.

As for the play in question against the Jets that led to the Revis interception, Pearson observed, "Dez's first move was a jump, a hop-step. What is that? That's one second gone from the pass route. I mean, what is that? Come on. …

"Yeah, he's raw. He's a monster. That's what monsters do, I guess. You see that in high school kids running routes like that."

We're pretty sure Pearson was being sarcastic there.

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