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Posted on: January 14, 2012 1:07 pm
Edited on: January 14, 2012 3:03 pm

Tim Tebow, 1.4M fans embrace Facebook's Timeline

Tebow's embraces Facebook's 'Timeline' and so do his fans. (Facebook.com)
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By Will Brinson

Tim Tebow is, in many walks of life, conservative. His demeanor at press conferences, his religious beliefs, and his on-field football behavior can all be classified as such. But when it comes to social media, the Broncos quarterback is as progressive as they come, and he's one of the first celebrities to use Facebook's newly-launched "Timeline" feature.

He's also one of Facebook's fastest-growing celebrity profiles, thanks in large part to his recent success on the field.

Broncos vs. Patriots: Tebowmania

Tebow has 1,463,732 subscribers (and growing, natch) on his profile page right now; nearly 500,000 of those have subscribed (subscribe is the new "like") in the past month since Tebow debuted his Timeline.

His most recent post, a celebratory reaction to the Broncos win over Pittsburgh last weekend, currently has 240,345 likes, nearly 30,000 comments and over 7,300 shares.

But here's the cool thing about Timeline, and how it works for an athlete: Tebow's last post came January 9, but his page doesn't feel stagnant in the slightest. The Broncos win is still fresh in everyone's mind, and the cover photo, with Tebow's arms pointed skyward, is a pretty timeless representation of precisely who Tebow is and what he does.

"The profile page you’ve had is really good at representing the present, and it’s really terrible at representing the past," Facebook spokesperson Meredith Chin said at the Timeline launch in December. "Social media is very much about right now, but the story of who people are isn’t just the present."

Scroll down Tebow's page (or that of any active Timeline user) and it's clear how Timeline can change the way people interact with famous users (and their friends): Tebow has a photo of his graduation from Florida in 2009, "The Promise" in 2008, his first jump-pass touchdown in 2006, and even a picture of a toothless Tim in 1993.

If you didn't know who Tim Tebow is (no, really, there are actually still people like this in the world) and you wanted to find out, Facebook is now truly a one-stop shop for a biographical recap of all things Tebow.

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