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Posted on: January 25, 2011 9:39 am

Hot Routes 1.25.11: Still more talk on Cutler

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

  • Perhaps one reason why NFL players and some media ripped Jay Cutler to shreds for not playing most of the second half of Sunday’s game: he comes across as awfully aloof and doesn’t allow anyone to know him. Maybe even his fellow NFL players.
  • NFL.com’s Albert Breer breaks the story that Bears QB Todd Collins – you might know him better as Caleb Hanie’s warmup act – suffered a shoulder injury Sunday and he might need surgery. Meaning his 16-year career is very much in jeopardy.
  • Titans RB Stafon Johnson is suing his alma mater, USC, for negligence. He alleges that the weightlifting accident that crushed his larynx and threatened his NFL career was the result of carelessness by former assistant strength coach Jamie Yancher.
  • The Broncos have hired former Saints DB coach Dennis Allen to be their new defensive coordinator. Allen was considered a candidate for the Eagles defensive coordinator position as well.

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Posted on: January 2, 2011 10:12 pm

Charles misses YPC record by 0.02 yards

Posted by Will Brinson

The Chiefs were playing for the No. 3 seed in the AFC on Sunday, but they were also playing for Jamaal Charles, who hoped to not only lock up the NFL's rushing title, but to break Jim Brown's yards-per-carry rushing record.

He ended up doing neither and while the rushing title is understandable because of the big day Arian Foster had, the YPC record is pretty painful, because, according to Josh Looney of KCChiefs.com, Charles lost the record by just two-hundreths of a yard, and he lost on it on his final carry of the day when he went for negative-one yard.

Charles finished with 6.38 YPC on the year, while Brown's record is 6.4. But to get really specific with it, Brown finished the season with 291 carries for 1,863 yards, which works out to 6.40206 YPC. Charles, before his final carry, had 6.4104 YPC. The final rush, for a loss of one yard, dropped him to 6.38 on the season.

And lest you think this record doesn't have the prestige of a single-season yardage mark, just consider how difficult it is to crank out more than six yards every time you touch the ball out of the backfield.

The good news? Charles is talented enough to crank out yards for years to come.

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Posted on: August 27, 2010 8:13 am

Jim Brown's relationship with the Browns

Posted by Andy Benoit

The Cleveland Browns will be inducting the first 16 members in their Ring of Honor on September 19 (why they’re cramming all 16 into once ceremony is hard to explain…)

The greatest Brown – and perhaps greatest player of all time –Jim Brown, will not be on hand. Brown claims he has another commitment, though speculation is he is miffed at the organization from removing him from his position as executive advisor to owner Randy Lerner.
Mike Holmgren addressed the issue in a recent article by Pat McManamon of Fanhouse.

"We had a very good conversation," Holmgren said. "I'm hopeful he can be there. Jim Brown is synonymous with the Cleveland Browns, one of the great players in the National Football League. This will be a great celebration for all of us and the 16 families on that day and I trust he'll be part of that."

Brown said on Syracuse’s 1260 The Score, "I've been very quiet about my situation in Cleveland. Sometimes when you comment on things, all you do is create problems. And the last thing I want to do is create problems for anyone or especially disrupt the team or ownership or the plans of other people.

"But on the other hand, as an individual, I have plans of my own. I have a dignity and character of my own that I also protect. So I don't really need to comment on where I go, why I go, why I don't go. And all the people that are involved should be doing all the commenting. Because they're the ones with the power. I'm just an individual that played football and worked for the Browns for a while.''

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Posted on: June 25, 2010 10:01 am

"Enhanced Season" Further Diminishes Records

What hasn’t received a lot of press in the intensifying debate over the NFL’s “enhanced season” (i.e. 18-game schedule) is what it means for records. Single-season records will basically cease to exist. Jim Brown, arguably the greatest running back of all time, said to FanHouse.com, "Ultimately, I don't think the NFL cares about records in a pure way, because you look at when they went from 12 to 14 games in a season, that was major, but they never addressed that properly with an official position as to what it meant [for records].”

The NFL should consider adopting a mathematical formula that calculates single-season records in a fashion that takes games played into consideration. In other words, for example, instead of focusing on something like “total rushing yards in a season”, the focus needs to shift to “average rushing yards per game over the course of a season.” Something needs to be done to keep players like Brown in the historical conversations.

And it’s not just about records. Brown gives another example:

"I'll put it to you this way: Once they went from 12 to 14 games (after Brown's fourth NFL season), I never thought of rushing for 1,000 yards in a season as being anything special, but they kept talking about 1,000-yard rushers, 1,000-yards rushers," Brown said. "I could never understand that kind of talk, because that was based on somebody doing that in a 12-game season, so logically that didn't make sense."

--Andy Benoit

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