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Posted on: February 7, 2012 9:50 pm

Theismann doesn't think Redskins need Manning

We've seen this cartoon before: player smiles, signs for big bucks, then underperforms, hates life. (CBSSports.com illustration)

By Ryan Wilson

There were two primary storyline during Super Bowl week in Indianapolis: the Patriots-Giants matchup and the day-to-day (and sometimes hour-to-hour) Peyton Manning soap opera. The Giants won in dramatic fashion, which elicited all types of responses. Some people couldn't comprehend how the Pats receivers could drop so many passes. And others relished the fact that they played a part in beating the Giants during the regular season not once but twice.

The former, Tom Brady's super model wife Gisele Bundchen, and the latter, Redskins returner Brandon Banks, have both taken criticism for their observations. Banks went on the Mike Wise show to explain himself.

“I wasn’t bragging at all,” Banks said, according to the D.C. Sports Bog. “I was going for the Giants, I wanted a team from the NFC East to win. It made me feel better that a team that we were capable of going out there and competing with and beating, that they won a Super Bowl, something that I want to do in my career.”

Banks says he thinks the Redskins can win the Super Bowl too, but that's what he's supposed to say, even if he doesn't believe it. Whatever, the Sports Bog's Dan Steinberg unearths a staggering statistic:
With the Giants winning the Super Bowl, that means the past 12 NFL champs have a combined 52 regular-season losses. And, remarkably, a full 11.5 percent of those losses — six games in all — came at the hands of the Washington Redskins, one of the stinkiest NFL teams of the past 12 years.

No other team has as many wins over Super Bowl champs in that span. In fact, only two other teams have even four wins over Super Bowl champs in that span: Dallas and Miami.
All that's missing? Why, a quarterback, of course. And while the previous sentence can't be refuted, who should replace John Beck and Rex Grossman is still up for debate. The word on the street is that organization is "expected to pursue" Manning.

This certainly seems reasonable -- except that not everyone agrees. Take the 'Skins last franchise quarterback, Joe Theismann, for example.

“It’s not a good idea, it’s not a bad idea — It’s a horrific idea,” he said during an appearance on told 106.7 The Fan last week. “It would be one of the poorest things that we could do as a franchise. Are we gonna go find another guy for just a couple of years again? Haven’t we done this before? Haven’t we seen this act before? And by the way, if you get Peyton Manning, don’t you have a concern about protecting him? Don’t you have a concern about who he throws the football to?"

The man responsible for giving us "Norman Einstein" makes a lot of sense. Manning is a prototypical Dan Snyder free-agent acquisition: one-time great player clearly on the downside of a Hall of Fame career.

“We’re tired of looking for stop gaps,” Theismann continued. “It’s time to draft one of your own, or make a deal for a young one of your own, and nurture him, and then put the players around him. If we’re gonna be 5-11, if we’re gonna be 6-10, let’s do it with somebody who’s [learning as he goes], instead of guys that have been here, making mistakes.”

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Posted on: November 5, 2011 8:55 pm

Theismann prefers Grossman over Beck

Theismann thinks Grossman gives the Redskins the best chance to win. (US PRESSWIRE)

Posted by Ryan Wilson

The Redskins won three of four games to begin the season, all with Rex Grossman under center. The former first-round pick would start just once more, a four-pick effort against the Eagles in Week 6, before head coach Mike Shanahan replaced him with John Beck, who last started an NFL game in 2007.

Predictably, the results have been laughable; Washington's 0-2 with Beck under center and this does not sit well with former 'Skins quarterback and Super Bowl champ Joe Theismann.

“I just don’t agree with the decision to start John Beck,” Theismann said before the Redskins played the Panthers two weeks ago.

And those sentiments haven't changed. Appearing on Mike Wise's radio show Thursday, Theismann shared his thoughts on Beck (via the Sports Bog's Dan Steinberg).

“I think John’s inexperience has shown a little bit. John hasn’t played a lot of football; Rex has played a lot more football and I think is a little bit more comfortable with what they want to try and do.

“Remember, Rex, this is his third year in the system. He’s made some decisions that have hurt him. Some of the interceptions are not his fault and some of them are. That’s all shared. It’s like the 10 sacks last week against Buffalo. I think John has to shoulder responsibility for five of them, and the job up front by the offensive line and tight ends and route runners have to shoulder some responsibility."

It's worth pointing out that 'Skins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan brought Grossman to the Redskins from the Texans where they worked together. That said, we're still talking about Rex Grossman.

And that leads us to this: despite Theismann's arm-waving, there isn't much difference between the two quarterbacks this season.

* Completion percentage: Grossman - 55.8; Beck - 58.8
* TD per pass attempt: Grossman - 3.6%; Beck - 1.2%
* INT per pass attempt: Grossman - 5.5%; Beck - 3.5%
* Passer rating: Grossman - 66.5; Beck - 69.9

According to Football Outiders' quarterback efficiency metric, Grossman ranks 29th behind Sam Bradford and Kyle Orton. Beck ranks 37th, ahead of only Tim Tebow and Blaine Gabbert (among QBs with at least 60 pass attempts through Week 8).

The San Francisco 49ers look to continue their impressive run as they travel to FedEx field to face off against the Washington Redskins on Sunday. Who will come out on top? Jason Horowitz and NFL.com's Pat Kirwan break down this game.

So, yeah, if you're Shanahan, it doesn't really matter who you play. Just close your eyes and pick one because the outcome probably won't change.

Washington hosts San Francisco Sunday and if Beck gets off to another slow start Theismann thinks Rex should replace him (because, really, nothing screams consistency like swapping QBs ever few weeks).

“...If John struggles in this game, I think Mike’s almost obligated to go back to Rex," he told Wise. "You thought that John Beck would bring you some more versatility, you thought that he would bring you a little more [mobility to] the quarterback position, but it hasn’t really worked out that way with all the injuries.”

Ah, yes, the injuries. Cueing Grantland's Bill Barnwell:

"Washington is more susceptible to injuries than the average team because the depth behind their starters is so bad. Their 3-1 start before the bye, no surprise, was as a very healthy football team! Since then, injuries have riddled the offense, which is now down six of its expected starters from before the season."

It's almost as if Vinny Cerrato's ghost continues to haunt Redskins Park.

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Posted on: June 9, 2011 3:26 pm
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Hot Routes 6.9.11: Tebow looks like he works out

Posted by Ryan Wilson
  • Remember: consider the source. According to the New York Post, Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith had "a very jovial dinner" Wednesday, lasting nearly two hours. 
  • Just so we're clear. Football Outsiders has had enough of the NFL propaganda machine. Upon hearing that Goodell recently told Bucs ticket-holders that one of the goals of the lockout is to lower ticket prices for fans, FO staged an impromptu lesson on the basics of supply and demand. 
  • Don't call me Pac-Man. Bengals cornerback Adam Jones, appearing on Denver's 102.3 The Ticket, talked about his journey from high-profile college player to high-round NFL pick, and all the pressures -- and off-field entanglements -- that come with the transition. And because we can't go 15 minutes without bringing it up, Jones relates his experiences to Terrelle Pryor, who could enter the NFL's supplemental draft (should there be one). 
  • Channeling Norman Einstein. Joe Thiesmann thinks players treated Jay Cutler "very, very wrongly" after the Bears QB left the NFC Championship game with a knee injury. Evidently, he didn't appear hurt enough
  • It's a start. It's been nearly two hours and Kenny Britt hasn't been arrested. 
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Posted on: May 5, 2011 9:32 am
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Report: Bob Papa out; Mayock, Nessler in for NFLN

Fans should be excited to hear Mike Mayock on Thursday Night Football broadcasts next year (US Presswire). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Every time they watch the NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football broadcast, gobs of NFL fans flock to Twitter to protest the color analyst stylings of Joe Theismann and Matt Millen. So, today should be a good day for those who are unimpressed by the duo.

According to Richard Deitsch of SI.com, the NFL Network will switch up its lineup next season, implanting in the booth Brad Nessler on play by play and Mike Mayock on color.

We already told you about Mayock replacing Theismann and Millen – which should make those who appreciate preparation and good analysis quite happy (that’s not an insult at Theismann and Millen; it’s a compliment to Mayock’s ability) – but Nessler is a bit of a surprise.

Bob Papa, who had been holding down the play by play job since 2008, is a solid broadcaster – not flashy, yet very capable – but the NFL Network made him re-audition for his job (which many of us saw as quite a slap in the face) and ultimately didn’t get it.

There were rumors that excitement junkie Gus Johnson would be tapped to lead the broadcast, but ultimately, the network went with Nessler, who’s been working with ESPN the last two decades as a college football and college basketball broadcaster.

Deitsch also reported that Papa and Theismann are expected to continue their affiliations with the NFL Network in some way.

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Posted on: April 14, 2011 3:23 pm
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Changes in the NFL Network Thursday night booth

Posted by Andy Benoit

There are changes coming in the NFL Network booth. Our friend Richard Deitsch at Sports Illustrated reports that Mike Mayock, one of the fastest-rising analysts in the business, will replace Matt Millen and Joe Theismann as the color commentator.

Mayock has earned respect throughout the league for his tireless work ethic and commitment to film study. He drew rave reviews for his work in the Saints-Seahawks wild card thriller this past January.

There are also whispers that the lovable Gus Johnson and his ALL CAPS play-by-play style could replace Bob Papa.

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Posted on: February 4, 2011 6:53 pm
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Joe Theismann REALLY appreciates Crown's DD car

Posted by Will Brinson

I'm typically loquacious enough to not simply post a picture of something and let it ride without too many words. But this image of Joe Theismann taking home one of Crown Royal's "Safe Rides Home" in Dallas is just too rich to spoil with typing.

[More Super Bowl coverage]

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Posted on: November 26, 2010 4:30 pm

Marcus Millen says hi to his dad

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Not many people are fond of the announcers who call the Thursday night games on the NFL Network.

If you happened to be watching Thursday night’s Jets-Bengals game while surfing your Twitter account, it was hard to avoid the insults and taunting aimed at color analysts Joe Theismann and Matt Millen.

But there was a nice moment midway through the game when, rolling one of the always inspiring holiday greetings where a screen full of military men and women seated at a table in some far-away location (Afghanistan, for instance) wish us a Happy Thanksgiving, one of the men said hi to his father.

It was Marcus Millen, Matt’s son who’s a lieutenant in the 10th Mountain Division and is stationed in Fob Shank, Afghanistan. No matter what you think about Millen’s past as the Lions president or what you think about his credibility now that he’s an analyst, this was a really cool moment. And Millen had a tough time keeping his composure.

Check out the video below to see it (and to see Matt Millen’s reaction):

No matter what you think about Millen’s talent, the video is compelling, because, at the very least, it shows he is a concerned father.

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