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Posted on: October 12, 2011 4:16 pm
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Film Room: Redskins vs. Eagles preview

Posted by Eye on Football Analyst Andy Benoit

What is wrong with the Philadelphia Eagles? Theories about chemistry, the pressure of high expectations, focus, character and, everybody’s favorite, the “It Factor” make for great talk show palaver. But they lack substance. Fortunately, there are cameras in the sky that can answer Football America’s current favorite question. Heading into a matchup against their division rival Washington Redskins, here’s what the film says is wrong with this nightmare of a Dream Team.

1. Offensive Line
You already know that Philly’s offensive line is young, incongruent and, as of late, banged up. That’s all true. And, perhaps a little bit surprising. Youth is youth, nothing you can do about that. But with new offensive line coach Howard Mudd installing his straightforward and famously teachable blocking techniques, you’d figure things would click up front a little quicker than they have (or have not).

Under previous O-line coach Juan Castillo, there were five to six different blocking techniques that Eagles linemen had to correctly choose from on any given play. It’s not easy to be fundamentally sound when you first have to think about which fundamentals to use. Mudd changed that. He teaches only one technique that has built-in variations depending on the situation.

So far, many situations have been difficult for the Eagles line to handle. That’s in part due to youth (rookie center Jason Kelce had a costly blitz-pickup gaffe against the Bills, and right guard Danny Watkins initially failed to hold onto his starting job) and in part due to injuries (with Winston Justice on the shelf, Todd Herremans has played at the unfamiliar right tackle position, which has left a void at Herremans’ left guard spot; at left tackle, big but awkward King Dunlap has been filling in for injured Pro Bowler Jason Peters).
Though it hasn’t been smooth sailing off the dock, this Eagles’ line is not as atrocious as people think. It’s an athletic group that fits the system well and should improve. Of course, people may not notice the improvements given that the man this unit blocks for always has, and always will, make his linemen look bad.

2. Vick and his line
As Mudd explains so eloquently, offensive linemen are the only athletes in all of sports that play with their backs constantly to the ball. Linemen protect the man holding the ball, but they can’t see the man holding the ball. Because of that, their positioning and execution are built on trust and timing.
Michael Vick’s sandlot nature obliterates that timing.

This isn’t just about Eagles blockers not knowing where Vick is when he’s scrambling around (though that’s part of it); it’s about Vick not having a feel for timing his drop-backs. Quarterbacks take three-step drops when receivers run short routes, five step drops on intermediate routes and seven-or nine-step drops on long routes. Simply taking the steps isn’t enough – you have to synchronize them with the timing of the routes and with the timing of the pass protection concepts.

Vick has a poor sense of this timing. It’s part of his collection of flawed fundamentals. Often, he makes up for his flaws with insanely athletic plays. But in the process, life is always difficult for his blockers.

3. Defensive Wide-9 Technique
People are starting to grumble about new defensive coordinator Juan Castillo’s scheme – and rightfully so. It’s a Wide-9, which is a system built around generating a pass-rush with your front four. The defensive ends align in 9-technique positions, which means they’re outside the tight ends. This puts the defensive ends in space and allows them to be sprinters out of the box. It’s ideal for guys like Trent Cole and Jason Babin, both of whom are having productive years rushing the passer.

The problem is this system puts a considerable strain on a linebacking unit. As Ron Jaworski pointed out in the Lions-Bears Monday Night game, with the ends aligning so far wide, offenses run to the gaping holes inside. This is what the defense is designed to do. The Wide-9 aims to shrink the field by steering all the action inside. But this demands physical, stout linebackers who can take on blocks and play downhill.

The Eagles simply don’t have any. Exacerbating matters is the fact that their miscast linebackers are also inexperienced. Jamar Chaney is a sophomore seventh-round pick who has shuffled from one position to another. Brian Rolle is a sixth-round rookie playing only because he makes fewer mental errors than fourth-round rookie Casey Matthews.

Understandably, Juan Castillo is taking a lot of heat for the defense’s struggles. Only those within the Eagles organization truly know what kind of defensive coach he is. But you don’t have to be inside the organization to see that the system Castillo signed up to coordinate is not right for this team.

4. The Vaunted Secondary
Imagine buying a 65-inch plasma TV, but instead of watching Blue Rays or DVDs on it, you watch video cassettes. That’s sort of what the Eagles are doing with Nnamdi Asomugha. The ex-Raider was worth $25 million guaranteed because he’s the best outside press-man cover artist not named Darrelle Revis. But Asomugha has not been a press-corner in Philadelphia.

Greg Cosell, the executive producer of the NFL Matchup Show and one of the most respected analysts in the country, points out that Asomugha played outside press-man only 40 percent of the snaps through the first four weeks. The rest of the time he was in off-coverage, traditional zone or lined up over the slot (where he’s never regularly operated before). Consequently, Asomugha has been uncomfortable.
There are problems on the other side, as well. Asante Samuel is a classic off-coverage corner who needs to be able to see both the receiver and quarterback in order to be effective. Cosell adds that Samuel is also suited for a blitz-oriented scheme, where the quarterback is compelled to throw quickly, thus making routes easier to jump. In this Wide-9 scheme, Samuel has often had to play bump-and-run coverage, which he doesn’t have the physicality to do.

The Eagles may be sorting this snafu out. A few times against the Bills, they used Asomugha in man-to-man while everyone else played zone. But even if the corners are all utilized to their natural talents, there remains concern about the safeties.

Cosell, who can speak at length about the intricacies of Wide-9 run defense concepts, says a major issue has been Jarrad Page’s failures in run defense. Page was benched in the middle of the fourth quarter last week after several missed tackles.

5. The Redskins Matchup
With their bye, Washington has had an extra week to rest up and study Philadelphia’s myriad problems. Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett should be licking his chops. The Redskins run one of the most aggressive (and effective) blitz schemes in the league. Outside ‘backers Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan can feast on the Eagles offensive tackles, plus they have the athleticism to plausibly keep Vick in the pocket.

If Orakpo and Kerrigan are told to cut loose, don’t be surprised if strong safety LaRon Landry serves as a spy on Vick. Of course, let’s not get carried away with thinking these matchups spell doom for the Eagles. After all, Philly’s offense hung 52 points on Washington’s defense in Week 10 last year. (Philly’s D added seven more.)

On the other side of the ball, the Redskins’ zone-blocking scheme does not create the type of pounding downhill run game that’s ideal for attacking this Eagles defense.

But it does create passing lanes for tight ends. With the Eagles corners stifling the mediocre Redskins wideouts, don’t be surprised if Rex Grossman throws 15-20 balls to Chris Cooley and Fred Davis. It’s a good place to attack given that the Eagles linebackers have also struggled in coverage.

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Posted on: August 26, 2011 10:00 am

Michael Vick defends Eagles' offensive line

Posted by Ryan Wilson

The "Dream Team" label (epitaph?) bestowed on the Eagles by backup quarterback Vince Young has already become a tedious subplot to a season that is still two weeks away. But this is what happens when ordinary people make extraordinary observations about a team that last won a championship in 1960.

There's no disputing that, on paper, the Eagles are a collection of fantastic players, but there's more to winning Super Bowls than the names on the roster. Abstract notions like team chemistry are also important and that's something you can't predict. The only way to see how a group will perform together is to put them on the field.

Last week against the Steelers, it wasn't pretty. Philadelphia had five turnovers -- including three Michael Vick first-half interceptions -- were thoroughly outplayed at every position, and the favorites to claim the NFC East looked more like an outfit primed to win the Andrew Luck Bowl. But that's why there's preseason; to work through the rough patches, make adjustments and try to get better.

Which is exactly what happened Thursday night. Against the Browns, the Eagles looked more like a team contending for a championship. They led 17-0 at the half and won easily, 24-14. That said, it wasn't a flawless performance. Issues that were exposed the week before in Pittsburgh were mitigated but not eliminated against Cleveland. Chief among them: Inconsistencies along the offensive line.

Vick's ability to avoid the pass rush certainly helps, but he's not built to take a beating on a weekly basis from now till January. Put differently: Philly's one play away from their Dream Team hopes ironically falling into Young's lap.

The Eagles have rookies Jason Kelce and Danny Watkins starting at center and right guard, and King Dunlap trying to get up to speed at right tackle. Vick, who was sacked just once but spent a nontrivial part of the evening running for his life, after the game defended the five guys tasked with keeping him upright (via the Philadelphia News' Les Bowen).

"The minute you start to get down on a player, or down-talk 'em, then that's when they lose confidence," Vick said afterward, under pointed questioning about the blocking.

"Regardless of who it is, I'm going to give defenses fits anyway. Just plain and simple, saying that out of confidence, not arrogance."

Vick's right. The problem, however, is that when he's pressuring defenses with his legs he's much more susceptible to injury. We saw it last season when he suffered a rib injury against the Redskins on a long scramble and ended up missing four games. But it's also a huge part of why he's so dangerous. Plus, given the steep learning curve currently facing the right side of Philly's o-line, Vick may not be much safer in the pocket. To his credit, he's sticking up for his teammates.

"You can't expect a guy to come in and be a Pro Bowl player in two games. That's just not the way this thing works," he said, according to Bowen. "We started out a little shaky, but we got it together," Vick said. "You have to take what the defense gives you . . . You've just got to let it develop."

You also have to take what your o-line gives you. And for now, Vick's able to do that.

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Winston Justice eager to compete for starting job

Posted by Andy Benoit

Eagles head coach Andy Reid recently said that there will be a cW. Justice (US Presswire)ompetition between Winston Justice and King Dunlap for the starting right tackle position. Justice, a former high second-round pick, has been solid but unspectacular in this spot the last two years. Dunlap, a seventh-round pick in ’08, struggled mightily as a fill-in starter on the left side last season. However, new offensive line coach Howard Mudd is fond of the 6-9, 330-pounder’s natural athleticism.

Considering that Justice underwent surgery to have a large bone chip removed from his knee (an injury that bothered him down the stretch last season), a job competition at right tackle comes as no surprise. After all, it was initially reported that Justice’s knee problems could be career-threatening.

Still, the ex-USC Trojan was caught a bit off-guard by Reid’s assertion. "They knew my knee was hurting and I wasn't full speed," Justice told Geoff Mosher of Delaware Online. "Hey, he's the coach, and he has to create competition to bring out the best in his players."

Justice has fought for his job several times before. He is working overtime this offseason to get his knee ready for training camp. (If there is a training camp, of course.)

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 12:41 pm

Jason Peters arrested for disturbing the peace

Posted by Will Brinson

Jason Peters became the second Eagles tackle to get arrested in the past month -- King Dunlap was also picked up for reckless driving -- when he was nailed for disturbing the peace in Louisiana on Saturday night.

Peters was arrested, according to KSLA-TV, was one of the "celebrity guests" at a concert by rapper "Rick Ross" (real name William Leonard Roberts, II). Ross was arrested for possession of marijuana in a Downtown Hilton.

Peters, per the Philadelphia Inquirer, for "blaring loud music and resisting arrest."

Sergeant Bill Goodin of the Shreveport Police Department stated that police "heard the music coming from Peters' vehicle in the downtown area, and when they approached the Eagles lineman, he refused to provide identification, leading to the resisting arrest charge."

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King Dunlap arrested (strange incident)

Posted by Andy BenoitK. Dunlap

OK…try to get a read on this arrest story. Eagles offensive tackle King Dunlap was taken into custody by Nashville police Friday and charged with reckless driving and disorderly conduct.

Nicole Young of the Tennessean writes that Dunlap (a Nashville native), “drove his 2004 Cadillac Escalade onto the sidewalk/plaza area of Bridgestone Arena in the midst of hundreds of SEC Women’s Basketball fans. (He) parked the SUV near the front doors of the arena at 5:15 p.m.”

According to police, Dunlap told officers that he was there to pick up his father, who is in a wheelchair. Officers told Dunlap motorists cannot drive onto the sidewalk, but that he could move his car to a nearby no parking zone next to the plaza and wait while they helped transport his father.

Dunlap refused to cooperate. When given a final warning, he refused again. So, he was removed from his car and arrested (peacefully, no less). A family member then moved the Escalade.

Dunlap’s bail was set at $1,000 (which amounts to just a really hefty parking ticket).
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Posted on: November 6, 2010 11:50 pm

Week 9 injury report analysis Part IV

Posted by Andy Benoit

Colts @ Eagles
D. Jackson (US Presswire)
These days, it’s almost easier to list which Colts players are NOT injured. Actually, there’s only one that needs to be mentioned: Peyton Manning. He’s fine, so the Colts are fine.

Though if you MUST know more details, Anthony Gonzalez went on IR with a knee, but Austin Collie (finger) could be back this week, so it’s all a wash. Joseph Addai (shoulder) is doubtful; Mike Hart is unavaila nble after not practicing on a bad ankle all week. Cornerbacks Jerraud Powers and Justin Tryon did not practice either, due to foot injuries (or would it be feet injury?). LB Clint Session, who deserves serious Pro Bowl consideration, was hoping he could fight through a dislocated elbow and fractured forearm, but he’s out Sunday.

The Eagles have Michael Vick 100 percent healthy now that his rib injury has healed. The hope is that Vick’s favorite target, DeSean Jackson, will be able to return from his Week 6 concussion. Jackson practiced and is probable. LT King Dunlap is out with a knee, but fortunately, the man Dunlap was filling in for, Jason Peters, is back from his own knee injury. No Ellis Hobbs (hip) for Philly, which is crucial because he has always killed the Colts as a return man.

Chiefs @ Raiders

Dexter McCluster was limited in practice for the Chiefs with a high ankle sprain. The rookie did not play last week and it would probably behoove the team to be safe and sit him one more game.

Speaking of ankle sprains, Raiders superstar Nnamdi Asomugha has one. He sat out practice all week and is doubtful. It’s actually amazing Asomugha’s status is even that hopeful; on Monday, speculation was he’d miss about a month. Tight end Zach Miller was on crutches during the week and is doubtful (i.e. 99 percent certain to be out) with a foot injury.

Wideouts Louis Murphy (chest) and Chaz Schilens (knee) remain sidelined. Quarterback Bruce Gradkowski’s shoulder is still not 100 percent, which is why Jason Campbell gets the nod. Most people believe the hot-handed Campbell should keep the job anyway. This gives us a chance to pass along this tidbit from Mike Tanier, arguably the funniest football expert in the biz:

“Of course, leave it to Oakland to get stage fright after a two-game winning streak: the team was considering benching Jason Campbell in favor of Bruce Gradkowski, generating a quarterback controversy for its own sake. The Raiders ultimately decided to go with Campbell, but have said Gradkowski will return as the starter when healthy. With decisions like these, they’ll be back to punchline status by Thanksgiving.”

Cowboys @ Packers

Does anyone care who plays and doesn’t play for the Cowboys at this point? (Included in that “anyone” are the 53 Cowboys themselves.) Out of principle, we’re going to skip right ahead to the Packers.

For only the second time in a little over six years, the Packers will take the field without wide receiver Donald Driver. The veteran was ineffective the past two games trying to fight through a quad injury. Defensive lineman Ryan Pickett will once again test his injured ankle. RT Mark Tauscher remains questionable with a shoulder injury (first-round rookie Bryan Bulaga has started in place of him the past four weeks). Both starting linemen on the left side, T Chad Clifton (hamstring) and G Daryn Colledge (back), are probable. Despite constantly battling for his job, Colledge actually has a 72-game consecutive starts streak that he’s continuing to build on.

Steelers @ Bengals

DE Aaron Smith (out, triceps) is the only Steeler listed on the injury report. The Bengals’ injury report reads like the first string of the defensive depth chart. S Roy Williams, CB Johnathan Joseph, DT Tank Johnson, LB Keith Rivers, S Chinedum Ndukwe, DE Jonathan Fanene and DE Frostee Rucker are all banged up. Their status for Monday night has not yet been declared.

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Eagles news: Kolb starting; Peters, Bunkley out

Posted by Andy Benoit

Michael Vick is throwing a football again, but Kevin Kolb will remain the starter as the Eagles face the Falcons this week. This according to a reliable source familiar with the organization (Andy Reid).

In news that is equally as important (though not breaking), the Eagles will also be without Jason Peters. The athletic left tackle recently underwent knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus. Peters actually hurt his left knee before facing the Niners Sunday night, but the injury worsened during the game. Anyone who saw King Dunlap try to play left tackle understands the significance of Peters’ absence. Making matters all the more severe is the fact that Dunlap will be matched up against John Abraham on Sunday. Reid gave no timetable for when Peters will return.

Finally, as expected, run-stopping defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley is also out with an elbow injury.

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