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Posted on: November 10, 2011 3:36 pm

Kirk Morrison, meet Kirk Morrison

K. Morrison and K. MorrisonPosted by Josh Katzowitz

Kirk Morrison apparently wanted the @kirkmorrison Twitter account so badly that he was willing to bribe Kirk Morrison to make it happen. Er, another Kirk Morrison. A Kirk Morrison that doesn’t play linebacker for the Bills. A Kirk Morrison who happens to be a 20-year old business student attending the University of Regina in Canada.

Since the younger Morrison (Kirk No. 2) tweeted from that account, the football playing-Morrison (Kirk No. 1) -- who previously tweeted from @kirkmorrison55 but needed to change his Twitter handle after his jersey number changed -- offered this setup: Buffalo’s Morrison would pay for a VIP trip for two to any Bills home game, along with two sideline passes, in exchange for the @kirkmorrison moniker.

The collegian agreed, and when the Bills faced the Jets last Sunday, the younger Kirk and his brother Kent, after flying into Toronto and being driven to Buffalo in a town car ordered by the Bills, were on the sidelines in the pregame and in the stands during the game.

"He is such a great guy," said Kirk No. 2, referring to Kirk No. 1 in the Regina Leader-Post (via Yahoo Sports). "He was super nice and friendly with us and happy to see us.”

On his new Twitter page, Kirk No. 1 called Kirk No. 2 his “brother from another mother.”

Indeed, earlier in the week, Kirk No. 1 said he was pumped to meet Kirk No. 2, and it showed as Kirk No. 1 rolled out the red carpet for Kirk No. 2. He tailgated with former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly, and he met Thurman Thomas on the field before the game.
It was, it sounds like, an amazing experience. And the payoff for Kirk No. 1 is sweet. A Twitter handle with no clutter.

Photo courtesy of Regina Leader-Post.

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Posted on: May 4, 2011 2:04 pm
Edited on: May 4, 2011 2:05 pm

Hot Routes 5.4.11 Post-draft bragging

Hot Routes

Posted by Andy Benoit

Sydney Moss, star high school basketball player in Kentucky and daughter of Randy Moss, has made an oral commitment to the Florida Gators.

Less than a week after leaving Monday Night Football, sideline reporter Michelle Tafoya is joining Sunday Night Football.

Tashard Choice had a bin Laden tweet issue, as well. Unlike Rashard Mendenhall’s Choice’s was unintentional.

Tony Romo is once again trying to qualify for the US Open.

Redskins third-round pick Leonard Hankerson calls himself the best wide receiver in the draft.

And on a similar tiring note, Ravens first-round pick Jimmy Smith thinks he was the best cornerback in the draft. (And, of course, he also has naysayers he wants to prove wrong. Ironically, by boasting like this, the controversial Smith is so far proving his naysayers right.)

Free agent linebacker Kirk Morrison is open to a return to Jacksonville. (It’s a matter of whether the Jags want him.)

Andy Reid says Todd Herremans is unlikely to leave the left guard position. That means first-round rookie Danny Watkins will play on the right side. It’s very, very uncommon to see a first-round pick used on a right guard. Eagles had that need, though.

The Vikings still need a stadium site in order to push a bill for a new venue.

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Posted on: October 28, 2010 2:38 pm

Jags make appearance at Yo Gabba Gabba

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

As the Yo Gabba Gabba show progressed Wednesday night at the Times-Union Center for Performing Arts in Jacksonville, the concert-goers received a thrill when Jaguars LBs Kirk Morrison and Daryl Smith emerged from behind the curtain to participate as Dancey Dancers in the nearly 90-minute show.

Check out video of the results below from the Florida Times-Union website.

Apparently, Morrison and Smith took part in what’s called the “Peanut Butter Stomp.” And they seemed to perform it well. That, at least, was 5-year-old Camille Heidel’s take on the matter.

“It was good,” Camille told CBSSports.com in a phone interview early Thursday afternoon.

Her father, Lee Heidel, was a bit more forthcoming about the impact of Morrison and Smith on Wednesday night’s tour stop.

“Other than Biz Markie, they got the biggest pop of the night,” Heidel said. “Camille has been into Gabba for a couple years, and if you look at the itinerary and you see who the musical guests are and who the Dancey Dance guests have been, it’s pretty cool. And usually the guests have kids who are about that same age. So, if you’re on the stage with the Gabba friends, you’re doing pretty well in their eyes.”

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Posted on: September 19, 2010 4:53 pm
Edited on: September 19, 2010 5:12 pm

Ryan Mathews carted off in first quarter

Posted by Will Brinson

Ryan Mathews was supposed to the "next LaDainian Tomlinson." Or at hte very least, a serviceable replacement. After a horrible start to his season against the Chiefs, things got even worse Sunday against the Jaguars as Mathews lost an early fumble and then was carted off after a right foot/ankle injury in the first quarter.

Mathews was running into a pile and a rewind and slow-mo job shows that Kirk Morrison came down on his right foot as he pushed forward, in a relatively nasty looking little injury.

10 bucks says he's classified as "questionable" to return, and another $10 says he won't see the field again against Jacksonville; San Diego has too much invested in Mathews to risk further injury, particularly if he's dealing with something like a high ankle sprain.

Update: (5:10): Well, scratch THAT idea. Mathews is already back on the Chargers sideline and seems likely to play. Guess he's not the next LdT after all. (Because, you know, he would have put on a helmet and a raincoat and sat on the bench staring at nothing.)

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Posted on: August 4, 2010 11:10 pm

Russell Allen is Jacksonville's best linebacker

People who closely follow the Jacksonville Jaguars spent the offseason talking about Kirk Morrison. The former Raiders linebacker was traded for a mid-round pick to come in and solidify Jacksonville’s Mike position. Morrison’s presence keeps super steady veteran Daryl Smith on the strong side and pushes athletic fourth-year pro Justin Durant to the weak side. All in all, it’s not a bad outside linebacking duo. R. Allen (US Presswire)

But the linebacker Jaguar fans should be chattering about is Russell Allen. Thanks to a rash of injuries, the undrafted second-year man from San Diego State started games at all three linebacker positions last season. Allen’s attacking, downhill style consistently stood out on film. It was a refreshing change from the read-and-react tendencies of so many of his teammates.

“I think (attacking ballcarriers) is just in my nature,” Allen says. “The object of playing defense is to attack the offense and get them off the field.”

Last season, Allen finished fifth among NFL rookie linebackers in tackles per start. Now, he is competing for a starting job, which means he’s also competing against pro football politics. Morrison is being trumpeted as the new centerpiece. The reality is, Morrison lacks instincts and lateral agility. But the Jaguars would never admit that now. Smith is a veteran and former second-round pick who won’t be benched. Durant, the guy Allen is competing with most directly, was also a second-round pick.

Allen understands the uphill nature of his battle for a starting job. “I have to be clearly better (than the current starters),” he says. “Obviously our coaches are fair and they want to win and they’re going to put the best guys out there. If it’s neck and neck, there’s really no reason (for coaches) to make a change. I have to be head and shoulders above the other guys ahead of me.”

Last season, he was. This season, his versatility will get him on the field at some point (nickel packages if nothing else). But if performance is truly the only measure, it’s hard to believe Allen won’t earn a first-string job.

--Andy Benoit

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