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Posted on: October 13, 2011 10:55 pm
Edited on: October 13, 2011 11:01 pm

Phil Simms says Al Davis offered him coaching job

Millen, Simms and Mayock all reportedly had job offers from Al Davis. (US PRESSWIRE)

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Phil Simms' NFL career spanned 14 seasons, all with the New York Giants, and it included two Super Bowl wins. After he retired in 1994, Simms transitioned from the playing field to the broadcast booth, where he's been ever since. Turns out, Simms had other post-NFL opportunities, too. During Wednesday's Inside the NFL, Simms admitted that Al Davis once offered him a coaching gig.

"He did offer me to become a Raiders coach, and to be their head coach," Simms said, according to USA Today.

"And I got interviewed over the phone for many, many hours. I don't know if it's a compliment, maybe it says something about him that's not good," he added kiddingly, though he didn't specify the time frame of the discussions.

"Of course I turned it down -- I'm glad I did -- because I would truly ... how bitter would I be if I'd been hired and got fired a few times?" Simms laughed.

Al Davis, the longtime Raiders owner who died Saturday, had a history of making unconventional job offers. In 2007, NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock was rumored to be in the running for Raiders personnel director.

"Al Davis had expressed an interest in me a year ago," Mayock told the Philadelphia Daily News at the time… "At that point, I told him the timing was not good for me and kind of backed out of it early. So I don't know what [the job] could have been or couldn't have been."

And last Sunday, Sports Illustrated's Peter King reported that Matt Millen, the man whose stint as the Lions' general manager can kindly be described as a "reign of terror" (and recently spawned this), turned down an offer from Davis to work for the Raiders after Detroit pink-slipped him.

Of the three, Millen would've easily been the worse hire. And in general, you make that statement about Millen and any two other people you can think of.

This week, Colt McCoy and the Cleveland Browns will take on Jason Campbell and the Oakland Raiders on Sunday afternoon. Jason Horowitz welcomes NFL.com's Pat Kirwan to preview this matchup. Watch the game on CBS at 1 PM ET.

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Posted on: August 10, 2011 4:25 pm

Hot Routes 8.10.11: Ron Rivera says he owes fans

Posted by Ryan Wilson
  • It's with a heavy heart that Steelers Lounge suggests the team should extend linebacker Lawrence Timmons' contract now and wait until after the 2011 season to revisit safety Troy Polamalu.
  • Colts blog 18to88.com busts out the abacus to support the notion that Randy Moss was, in fact, The Quarterback Maker. (And no, this doesn't mean that Moss might be headed to Indy. We think.)
  • PFT's Michael David Smith, Lions fan and friend of the Eye-on-Sports blog, must be having flashbacks: Detroit is bringing in Matt Millen's son-in-law for a workout.
  • Related: just in case it wasn't obvious, new Panthers head coach Ron Rivera has a message for you, Carolina supporters: “Our fans, we owe them after being 2-14 last season which was not acceptable.”
  • More evidence that the NFL and Arena League are completely different games (in case you couldn't make that out by the shorter field, padded sidelines, and funny-looking football): video of an Arena League fan keeping a player from returning a kick and then getting high-fives from the other team. James Harrison body slams these people.
  • Shutdown Corner's Chris Chase pretty much captures the essence of this story with the very first sentence of his post: "Dallas Cowboys rookie Phillip Tanner is trying to make the leap from the concession stand to the locker room."
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Posted on: August 2, 2011 2:21 pm
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Joey Harrington hit by SUV on bike, hospitalized

Posted by Will Brinson

Some scary news out of Portland, Oregon today, as Joey Harrington, the former third-overall selection of the Detroit Lions, has been hospitalized after being hit by an SUV while riding his bike.

That's according to the Statesman Journal, who also reports that Harrington's injuries include "a broken collarbone, a punctured lung, and a laceration on his head." According to his father, John Harrington, the injuries are not life-threatening, which is great news.

"This certainly was not life-threatening," Harrington's father said. "There is no doubt he was extremely lucky."

According to Portland police, Harrington was "hit from behind just before 8:30 p.m. by a Toyota RAV4" driven by a man who stayed on the scene and was cooperative with the police.

Harrington -- fortunately -- was also wearing a helmet, which may have saved his life.

"The impact … put him up on the top of the car," his father said. "Joey ended up upside down and came down on his head and shoulder and then skidded off to the side."

Harrington's name hasn't been floated in NFL circles for quite a while now -- the former first-overall selection for the Detroit Lions hasn't played in the league since 2007, which is kind of crazy in that it was forever ago that he went from sure-fire stud to absolute bust with the Lions during the Matt Millen era.

Hopefully his recovery will be quick and the next time we see his name in the news it will be because he's doing well.

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Posted on: June 29, 2011 4:30 pm
Edited on: June 29, 2011 4:52 pm

Hot Routes 6.29.11: Carson's Cincy home: sold

Posted by Ryan Wilson
  • First the Bills get new uniforms and now Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly says that the team was wise to pass on a QB early in the April draft. Turns out, Kelly thinks incumbent Ryan Fitzpatrick is more than capable.
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Posted on: May 5, 2011 9:32 am
Edited on: May 5, 2011 9:39 am

Report: Bob Papa out; Mayock, Nessler in for NFLN

Fans should be excited to hear Mike Mayock on Thursday Night Football broadcasts next year (US Presswire). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Every time they watch the NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football broadcast, gobs of NFL fans flock to Twitter to protest the color analyst stylings of Joe Theismann and Matt Millen. So, today should be a good day for those who are unimpressed by the duo.

According to Richard Deitsch of SI.com, the NFL Network will switch up its lineup next season, implanting in the booth Brad Nessler on play by play and Mike Mayock on color.

We already told you about Mayock replacing Theismann and Millen – which should make those who appreciate preparation and good analysis quite happy (that’s not an insult at Theismann and Millen; it’s a compliment to Mayock’s ability) – but Nessler is a bit of a surprise.

Bob Papa, who had been holding down the play by play job since 2008, is a solid broadcaster – not flashy, yet very capable – but the NFL Network made him re-audition for his job (which many of us saw as quite a slap in the face) and ultimately didn’t get it.

There were rumors that excitement junkie Gus Johnson would be tapped to lead the broadcast, but ultimately, the network went with Nessler, who’s been working with ESPN the last two decades as a college football and college basketball broadcaster.

Deitsch also reported that Papa and Theismann are expected to continue their affiliations with the NFL Network in some way.

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Posted on: April 14, 2011 3:23 pm
Edited on: April 14, 2011 4:17 pm

Changes in the NFL Network Thursday night booth

Posted by Andy Benoit

There are changes coming in the NFL Network booth. Our friend Richard Deitsch at Sports Illustrated reports that Mike Mayock, one of the fastest-rising analysts in the business, will replace Matt Millen and Joe Theismann as the color commentator.

Mayock has earned respect throughout the league for his tireless work ethic and commitment to film study. He drew rave reviews for his work in the Saints-Seahawks wild card thriller this past January.

There are also whispers that the lovable Gus Johnson and his ALL CAPS play-by-play style could replace Bob Papa.

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Posted on: January 5, 2011 2:32 pm

Hot Routes 1.5.10: The mic is hot!

Posted by Josh Katzowitz
  • If football fanatics like Ron Jaworski and Jon Gruden think a football game is running a bit long, chances are it’s taking forever. Check out this video from the Orange Bowl when the MNF team discuss how long the game took.
  • Looks like some of the Jets players are going to need a refresher course on the NFL playoff overtime rules system.
  • It sounds like Giants coach Tom Coughlin doesn’t hate the media quite as much as he used to hate us. With an appearance by CBSSports.com’s own Pete Prisco.
  • Matt Millen feels good for John Elway. And he has some advice for how to navigate the world of an NFL team’s front office.
  • How brutal is this? UFL players, according to Pro Football Talk, are still waiting to receive their final paycheck of the year. If you’ll recall the UFL championship game was played at the end of November.

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Posted on: November 26, 2010 4:30 pm

Marcus Millen says hi to his dad

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Not many people are fond of the announcers who call the Thursday night games on the NFL Network.

If you happened to be watching Thursday night’s Jets-Bengals game while surfing your Twitter account, it was hard to avoid the insults and taunting aimed at color analysts Joe Theismann and Matt Millen.

But there was a nice moment midway through the game when, rolling one of the always inspiring holiday greetings where a screen full of military men and women seated at a table in some far-away location (Afghanistan, for instance) wish us a Happy Thanksgiving, one of the men said hi to his father.

It was Marcus Millen, Matt’s son who’s a lieutenant in the 10th Mountain Division and is stationed in Fob Shank, Afghanistan. No matter what you think about Millen’s past as the Lions president or what you think about his credibility now that he’s an analyst, this was a really cool moment. And Millen had a tough time keeping his composure.

Check out the video below to see it (and to see Matt Millen’s reaction):

No matter what you think about Millen’s talent, the video is compelling, because, at the very least, it shows he is a concerned father.

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