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Posted on: December 29, 2011 2:11 pm
Edited on: December 29, 2011 2:28 pm

VIDEO: D-Wade, LeBron salute Cam at Bobcats game

Cam kicks it courtside with MJ. (Getty Images)
By Will Brinson

On Christmas Eve, we noted that Cam Newton's rookie year might qualify for G.O.A.T. status. (That's "Greatest Of All-Time" for those that don't know.) So it's fitting that Cam spent Wednesday evening with OG GOAT, Michael Jordan.

Newton, who lives in Charlotte, was visiting the Heat-Bobcats game and sitting courtside with MJ.

Unfortunately for Jordan, the Bobcats lost the game on a Dwyane Wade game-winning shot with less than three seconds left. But the bright side is that immediately after making the shot, Wade and LeBron James saluted Newton with a Superman shoutout.

The bigger issue, though, as our Eye on Basketball compadres note, is that Wade traveled on the final play of the game. Or maybe he was just trying to impress Cam with his "rushing" skills.

Click to view the clip at NBA.com
Dwyane Wade and LeBron salute Cam Newton. (NBA.com)

So here's an interesting aside: people apparently think Wade was trying to show up Cam. He wasn't, though

"Not showing up #Cam Newton yall-- jus paying respect to one of the great athletes 2day.." Wade tweeted on Thursday.

I thought that was obvious, but apparently it wasn't.

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Posted on: July 6, 2011 10:30 pm
Edited on: July 6, 2011 10:41 pm

Lewis on Brady: 'one of the greatest of all time'

Posted by Ryan Wilson

We joked earlier that if you're weary of the Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning arguments, you could refocus your energies into deciding if Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg knows what he's talking about when he says that Michael Vick could be better than Steve Young.

Well, it seems there's no escaping Brady-Manning. NFL Network finally unveiled the No. 1 player in their countdown of the top 100, and Brady was the big winner. (In related news, Dhani Jones has asked for a recount.) Manning, of course, was No. 2.

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, who ended up fourth on the list, on why Brady was deserving of the honor:

“He’s not the biggest. He was never the strongest. He was never the fastest. He was overlooked. He went in the sixth round. So with that being said, all of the intangibles that a quarterback is supposed to have, they overlooked with him because it was burning from the inside of him. ...

“It’s a chess match because he understands every coverage, he understands every defense. And if you give it away too early, then the game is like checkers then for him. He plays it how he wants to play it. … And that’s what makes it frustrating playing against him; he always finds those mismatches. … You don’t find too many people playing (who are) willing to sacrifice that much time to do that. That’s why Tom Brady will always be considered one of the greatest of all time.”

Football Outsiders agrees with Lewis. Looking at the last five years of FO's quarterback efficiency ratings, Brady ranked fifth in 2006, and first in 2007, 2009 and 2010 (Brady missed all but 15 minutes of the 2008 season with a knee injury). Manning ranked first in '06 and second every season from '07-'10 (which includes '08, when Drew Brees was first).

So it's finally settled … except that Lewis' teammate Derrick Mason thinks that a) Peyton is "hands down" the NFL's best player and that b) Joe Flacco is the Ravens' "Michael Jordan."

We're still waiting to hear what Terrell Suggs thinks about all this.

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Posted on: June 29, 2011 11:00 am
Edited on: June 29, 2011 11:29 am

Mason: 'Hands down' Peyton NFL's best player

Posted by Ryan Wilson

In the eyes of Derrick Mason, Joe Flacco might be the Ravens' Michael Jordan, but Peyton Manning is, "hands down," the best player in the NFL. It might be hard to reconcile those two statements since, by all accounts, Jordan was the best player in the NBA ever, but Mason can explain.

During a radio appearance on The Norris and Davis Show, Mason was asked about how he voted for the NFL Network's top 100 players.

“I don’t think I ranked all 100 players. I think I ranked maybe 20 guys and that was it because I wasn’t sitting down there and ranking 100 guys. I don’t even know all 100 guys to sit down and rank them, so I ranked maybe 20 of them," Mason said, according to SportsRadioInterviews.com.

"When you look at the rankings and you look at the importance of a player is this: not the type of season that he had, one seasons or two seasons that he had, it’s what player do I kick off a team and it changes that team dramatically? I only know one player and it’s Peyton Manning. You take Tom Brady off New England, they showed that they can go 11-5. Now you take Peyton Manning off the Colts I don’t know where that teams goes offensively."

The man makes a good point. (Although, presumably, Brady is perfectly happy with how his life -- professionally and otherwise -- turned out.)

And CBSSports.com's Andy Benoit, writing for the New York Times, writes that the Colts, without Manning, are "a perennial 5-11 team. No hyperbole." That said, Benoit ranks Peyton No. 2 behind -- you guessed it -- Tom. CBSSports.com's Pete Prisco has Manning and Brady tied for first.

"How can you pick between them?" Prisco asks. "Rings? Advantage to Brady, but Manning won the last one of the two. MVP awards? That goes to Manning. Numbers? Manning. You make the call."

One thing we can all agree on: The Flacco-MJ comparisons are a reach. Or, to quote fellow Eye on Football blogger Will Brinson, "This is an analogy that should be shrugged off faster than Byron Russell." (Benoit doesn't rank Flacco among the NFL's top 10 QBs, and Flacco doesn't crack Prisco's top-100 players list.)

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Posted on: June 22, 2011 12:34 pm
Edited on: June 22, 2011 1:17 pm

Mason: Flacco is Ravens Michael Jordan

Posted by Will Brinson

For a guy who holds the Ravens' record for passing yards and passing touchdowns and has taken his team to the playoffs in each of his first three years in the league, Joe Flacco doesn't seem to get a whole lot of love.

Example: LaMarr Woodley of the Steelers recently said as long as Flacco was quarterbacking the Ravens, Baltimore wasn't going to make it to the Super Bowl. Flacco, for his part, didn't agree with Woodley's take, saying the Pittsburgh linebacker "doesn't know what he's talking about."

Wide receiver Derrick Mason, swinging by ESPN's First Take on Wednesday morning, also disagreed. In fact, he went so far as to claim Flacco is the Ravens' version of Michael Jordan.

"[The Steelers have] had our number for the last couple years," Mason said via Michael David Smith at PFT "I equate it to the Chicago Bulls, they couldn’t beat the Pistons, and then they finally beat the Pistons."

The only natural follow-up, of course, involves whether the Ravens have that little piece of the puzzle that was Michael Jordan for the Bulls.

"Flacco is our Jordan," Mason said. "He’s our Michael Jordan."

Now, I like Joe Flacco. And I think he gets way too much, um, flak for his performance, from opponents and Ravens' fans alike. But this is an analogy that should be shrugged off faster than Byron Russell.

First of all, football doesn't swing in momentum the way that basketball does, primarily because there aren't best-of-seven series, and because it's impossibly more difficult for a single player to exert an influence on the entirety of the game.

Also, Flacco is not the Baltimore version of MJ, in case he's actually going to turn out to be the greatest player in NFL history, and we just haven't realized it yet.

So it's unfair of Mason to even think about putting that kind of pressure on his quarterback, much less lobbing such a statement out there on national television. Unless, that is, as Steelers Lounge 's Adam Gretz puts it, Mason's referring to the MJ the baseball player.

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