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Posted on: November 17, 2011 2:45 pm
Edited on: November 17, 2011 3:15 pm

Vick can 'barely walk,' VY likely to start?

Posted by Will Brinson

There's no shortage of quarterback confusion in Philadelphia these days -- Michael Vick suffered a pair of broken ribs in the Eagles loss to the Cardinals on Sunday (in a game where Kevin Kolb might have helped Arizona's defense) and his status is up in the air for Sunday.

To wit: Andy Reid said on Thursday that Vick didn't need to practice in order to play, which means there's no telling whether he can get on the field or not. This isn't customary for Reid -- usually his quarterbacks need to play. Adding to this confusion is a report from Nick Fierro of the Allentown Morning Call, in which he notes that Vick can "barely walk."

"Don't care how tough Vick is. He ain't playing Sunday," Fierro tweeted on Thursday. "Just saw him a minute ago. He could barely walk."

Look, I said earlier this week on the podcast, and I'll say it again: starting Vick this week makes no sense for Andy Reid and Co. The Giants lead the league in sacks, Vick is banged up, his receivers are either sulking or hurt, and the Eagles season is, for all practical purposes, over.

Though it's unlikely that Vick could end up getting speared hard enough for a broken rib to pierce a vital organ (this being one of the rare long-term injury possibilities for rib injuries), if his mobility and arm strength are compromised, he's just not going to be effective and he'll be exposed to other more serious injuries.

Given that he recently signed a $100 million contract, the Eagles would be wise, I think, to sit him for a bit. Who would take his start if Vick can't go?

Well, Mike Kafka and Vince Young split the first-team reps this week, but most folks, including Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, believes that "it's fairly obvious Young is the guy" who'll start if Vick can't play.

And that's probably who we'll end up seeing under center once Sunday rolls around.

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Posted on: September 26, 2011 1:34 pm
Edited on: September 26, 2011 1:40 pm

Week 3 NFL Live Chat: 2-3 pm ET Monday

Posted by Will Brinson

The NFL week isn't over, of course, but there was plenty of action Sunday, and a lot of spice on Monday morning, especially on the Michael Vick and Peyton Manning fronts.

In fact, Monday got so nuts that we decided to fire up a somewhat impromptu chat to break down the Manning and Vick situations and answer any other questions you might have. Let's get it on below, starting at 2 p.m. ET Monday.

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Posted on: September 26, 2011 11:13 am

Report: Vick will miss 3-4 weeks with broken hand

Posted by Will Brinson

The Giants didn't just beat the Eagles badly on Sunday. (Though they did do that.) They may have also put the Eagles "dream" season at risk, by breaking Michael Vick's right hand and sending him to the bench earlier than he expected.

As I said yesterday, the good news is that Vick's right hand is broken. But it may not matter that much -- Howard Eskin of WIP radio in Philadelphia reported Sunday night that Vick will miss at least three to four weeks because of the hand injury.

That timeline seems logical, but we won't know for sure until Vick undergoes a CT scan on Monday. If he does miss significant time, his ref-blaming quotes from Sunday will reverberate even louder this week.

"I felt I got hit late. No flag," Vick said Sunday. "At some point something catastrophic is gonna happen. Not to blame the refs, but more precautions should be taken. I'm on the ground all the time in the pocket."

Vick's been pressured an average of more than 10 times per game this season, but has received only one roughing the passer call this season.

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Posted on: September 25, 2011 3:51 pm
Edited on: September 25, 2011 3:58 pm

Michael Vick leaves game with broken right hand

Michael Vick breaks his hand against the Giants Sunday. (AP)

Posted by Will Brinson

Here's the good news -- Michael Vick's right hand is broken. The bad news, of course, is that he has a broken hand. The Eagles quarterback suffered the injury in Philadelphia and was replaced by backup Mike Kafka.

Kafka's first pass was, unfortunately, an interception. And given the state of the game -- the Eagles are struggling mightily in the red zone, Vick looked horribly inaccurate to begin with, and the Giants are, you know, winning -- this is horrible news for Eagles fans.

And the Eagles -- this is the second-straight game that Vick's left because of injury, which would be considered fluky except the biggest knock on Vick is that it's difficult to stay healthy playing the way he plays.

Exacerbating that fact is the Eagles porous offensive line which has been heavily exposed by a ferocious Giants front four.

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Posted on: September 22, 2011 1:57 pm
Edited on: September 22, 2011 2:03 pm

Michael Vick at practice, first-team taking snaps

Posted by Will Brinson

Michael Vick suffered a concussion on Sunday night in Atlanta, and that put his status for Week 3's game against the Giants in serious jeopardy. Good news for everyone involved -- well, except Tom Coughlin, but he expected it -- since Vick appears prepped to start Sunday, as he's at Eagles practice on Thursday, taking snaps with his helmet on.

Vick was "symptom-free" earlier in the week, but the Eagles wouldn't confirm that he'd play, mainly because of the potential for regression and the possibility that he could display symptoms later.

With the Giants banged up, Andy Reid actually has an interesting quandary on his hands.

As Pat Kirwan notes in our preview below, Reid could always run backup Mike Kafka, who looked good in relief action against the Falcons, out as the starter this week and use Vick only if and win the Eagles struggled.

Of course as Pat also notes, Vick is very likely to start -- Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer correctly points out that Vick returning to practice as early as Thursday is a "clear sign" that Reid intends to play him against the Giants.

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Posted on: September 21, 2011 10:41 am
Edited on: September 21, 2011 4:07 pm

Report: Vick 'symptom-free' after concussion test

Posted by Will Brinson

Following his departure Sunday night due to a concussion, there was much concern that Eagles quarterback Michael Vick might be absent.

As it is right now, though, things look pretty good -- Vick didn't show any symptoms of a concussion after taking the NFL's baseline test on Wednesday and participated in the Eagles walkthrough even though he didn't participate in practice. 

Still, that doesn't mean that Vick is necessarly cleared for Sunday's game against the Giants quite yet.

"It's hard to give you the future because you have to do things the right way and go through the process," coach Andy Reid said.

Additionally, just because Vick didn't show symptoms Wednesday doesn't mean they can't pop up in the future, as trainer Rick Burkholder noted, adding that Vick would visit an indepedent neurologist in the next day or so.

"Just because he doesn't have symptoms today doesn't mean he won't have symptoms tomorrow," Burkholder said. "You can't predict."

Beause Vick was absent, backup Mike Kafka reportedly took most of the first-team snaps during practice. It's also believed that Vince Young will be cleared to play sooner rather than later.

"We're pretty fortunate to have three quarterbacks who can play the game," Reid said. "My message to all three of them was: 'Get ready accordingly."'

Tom Coughlin, on the other hand, is just preparing for Vick. The Giants said on a conference call Tuesday that he fully expects to see Vick on the field come Sunday.

"I expect Michael Vick will play and if he can play, I am sure he will," Coughlin said.

The issue, of course, is whether Vick is even allowed to play. Before he can step foot on the practice field, the quarterback must clear a battery of concussion tests administered by an indepedent doctor, per the NFL concussion protocol.

If Vick doesn't show any further concussion symptoms, he'll have been clear since Wednesday, which means he can return to practice on Friday.
Week 3 NFL Preview

Provided Vick has cleared the tests and provided he'll play, it's not surprising to anyone, especially the two coaches involved. Clearly Coughlin never thought about gameplanning with Vick not playing in mind, and it's highly unlikely that Andy Reid did either.

"He remembered everything," Reid said about talking with Vick after the game. "He recalled everything. I tried to quiz him and see where he was at. He was frustrated that he wasn't able to finish. He had a vested interest in finishing."

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