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Posted on: November 16, 2010 5:51 pm

NFL investigating Landry spittle, pregame scuffle

Posted by Will Brinson

In the wake of Michael Vick and the Eagles dropping some record-breaking offense in Washington last night, some alleged details emerged that didn't paint some Redskins defenders in a flattering light. Namely that LaRon Landry and DeAngelo Hall taunted DeSean Jackson about the concussion he suffered a few weeks ago, and that Landry spat on Philly center Mike McGlynn several times.

Naturally, the NFL is investigating -- a spokesman told the Philadelphia Daily News that they were looking into both the alleged spittle and the pregame skirmish between players (which occurred because of the alleged taunts directed at Jackson).

This is the second week in a row that the NFL's had to investigate an incident of spitting during a game. Last week Channing Crowder and La'Ron McClain got into a nasty little war of words after the Dolphins-Ravens game, although the NFL concluded that there wasn't enough evidence to warrant punishing McClain, despite some video that seemed to indicate otherwise.

Landry's denied that he spit on McGlynn (the two incidents in question were on an extra point to put the Eagles up 21-0 and then again with four minutes remaining in the game), claiming that the proof he didn't is positional, as there'd be no reason for him to line up in the A-gap at any point during the game.

"This is my answer: When would I ever be in touch with the center? I never blitz the 'A' gap." Landry said, according to the Washington Post."Extra points? Still, when would I ever be in the 'A' gap? Extra points I'm on the end. With that said, that's your answer."

Hall also, according to the Post, denied taunting Jackson before the game and Landry "downplayed" it.

Given a lack of video evidence (that we know of so far anyway) on Landry spitting, it seems like a long shot that he'll be punished by the NFL, given that McClain received no punishment the week before.

As for the taunting, though, that might be more serious of an offense given the way in which the NFL has handled concussions this year. The notion of one player threatening another one with physical harm and/or making light of what is a very serious injury probably won't go over well with the league office.

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Posted on: November 16, 2010 8:47 am

More details on LaRon Landry's behavior

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Will was up late Monday night telling you about how Redskins S LaRon Landry and CB DeAngelo Hall mocked Eagles WR DeSean Jackson about his concussion from a few weeks back.

You know, the typical “making pillow gestures” and saying “night, night” that we all seem to think is absolutely hi-larious (especially when you talk about another man’s health).

Not surprisingly, that disgusting behavior seemed to motivate the Eagles, who absolutely dominated Washington as Michael Vick had the individual performance of the year (20 of 28, 333 yards, four touchdowns, zero interceptions) while feeding an 88 yard touchdown pass to Jackson 18 seconds into the game.

Needless to say, after the game, Philadelphia described the pregame trash-talking and how it got the Eagles blood boiling.

“He brought up my concussion, and said, ‘I’m going to put you asleep again,’” Jackson told reporters, via the Philadelphia Sports Daily, recounting his pregame conversation with Landry.

Said Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin: “Everybody trash talks, but there are certain things you talk about and certain things you don’t. In incidents where someone is really hurt, or life-changing incidents like that – you don’t talk about those type of things. Thirty was running at the mouth a little too much.”

But that’s not all. Apparently, the Redskins couldn’t keep the saliva from pouring out of their mouths (why is spitting in people’s faces, all of a sudden, becoming a trend?) According to Philadelphia center Mike McGlynn, Landry spit on him at least twice.

While the Redskins were embarrassed badly on their home field, one person came off looking worse. Apparently, Landry had an off-night.

As a human being.

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