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Posted on: March 20, 2011 11:24 am

Cromartie: Let's return to negotiating table

A. Cromartie wants the players and owners to return to the bargaining table. Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Andy did an admirable job Saturday of keeping track of all the letters and e-mails emanating from the computers of the NFLPA and the NFL owners that flew through the universe with reckless abandon.

There was this letter that the players wrote in response to Roger Goodell’s letter from last week.

The players’ letter then inspired lead negotiator Jeff Pash – who the players no longer even want in the bargaining room – to write this response to the response.

Like most of you (and us), Jets CB Antonio Cromartie is apparently tired of all the back and forth. As he tweeted Saturday, Cromartie – who, at times, has been critical of the NFLPA’s strategy – wants to see more progress between the players and the owners.

Wrote Cromartie:
“Im tired of all this emailing each other. How abt the owners and the NFLPA get ur behinds back to the table and talk it out there.”

Then, he makes a pretty good point regarding the permanent injunction hearing next month that could end (or not end) the lockout:

"We as players r depending on t/ April 6th hearing which could go either way. Susan Nelson could side w/ us or keep t/lockout going then wht? … If judge Nelson keeps the lockout we lose all the leverage. So in others words bump April 6th ruling get back 2 the table and handle it.”

Cromartie, on his timeline, also praises Jaguars Pro Bowler Montell Owens, who called Goodell’s original e-mail “heartfelt” and declared that the negotiating table is where a deal will get done. This essentially agrees with what the owners, who clearly don’t want to have to litigate this issue, have been saying.

So, you’ve got a mostly-unified NFLPA which has been resolute in bashing the owners’ offer. But now you’ve got two players – one high-profile and the other a Pro Bowler – who are agreeing with the owners (at least on returning to the bargaining table).

The owners have to like that.

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Posted on: March 18, 2011 8:01 pm

Montell Owens not offended by Goodell's email

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

As expected, Roger Goodell’s letter Thursday to the NFL players (and their agents … and to some media outlets including CBSSports.com) didn’t go over quite so well.

Various players have tweeted their displeasure -- including Leigh Bodden’s, “How did Goodell get my email* address?” tweet that was my personal favorite – and others have told various outlets that they see right through Goodell’s attempt to divide and conquer the NFLPA.

*Big news out of the Associated Press today, by the way. The people in charge have decided AP style will no longer be “e-mail.” Instead, it will be “email.” We at CBSSports.com also will be changing our style. So, that’s really the big news of the day.

There is, though, at least one exception.
NFL Labor
According to the Florida Times-Union’s Tania Ganguli, Pro Bowl special teams player Montell Owens had a different opinion than most of his compadres.

Owens, bucking the trend, said he thought the letter was “heartfelt”

"I read through it and I understand we're all trying to come to some agreement,” Owens said. “I do know the negotiating table is where this is going to get resolved. I really commend him on that and his efforts of really wanting to get things done.”

Score one for Goodell.

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