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Posted on: February 17, 2011 3:30 pm

NFLPA reportedly alerted of health care setup

Posted by Will Brinson

Healthcare's been a dominating theme for NFL players leading up to a potential lockout. It doesn't get mentioned too much as a concern for fans, but clearly, players are worried about their healthcare being continued.

And it will be, via COBRA. The players were informed, according to Judy Battista of the New York Times, on the general state of healthcare and just how expensive things will be.

According to Battista, the players were told monthly COBRA for two adults and one child will cost $1,521.71. They were also told they can avoid a lapse in healthcare coverage by filling out the appropriate paperwork and paying their first monthly installment before March 3.

The players can also "elect level of coverage and for whom" and the monthly price tag will vary, depending on dental coverage and how many people are being covered under one plan.

That's actually not an unreasonable amount -- COBRA gets really expensive because it's typically coming from a group-based health plan, as opposed an individual going out and seeking their own plan via an agent. But it's still a chunk of money coming from players' pockets at a time when they seem unlikely to be earning any money for the foreseeable future.

And someone like Antonio Cromartie might be looking at this new plan and thinking that he's going to have trouble affording coverage for all his dependents, especially if he's a free agent.

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