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Posted on: July 29, 2011 9:51 am
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Report: Vince Young takes 1-year deal with Eagles

Posted by Will Brinson

Vince Young was released by the Titans on Thursday, prompting much Twitter screaming from us. What? We were excited. (And we forgot to wash our hands after lunch so our Caps Lock key was stuck.)

So was Andy Reid apparently, because according to a report Friday from Albert Breer of the NFL Network, he didn't take long to reportedly sign Young to a one-year deal with Philly.

The likelihood of Young signing with the Eagles was first reported Thursday by CBSSports.com's own Clark Judge.

The Eagles have yet to confirm that they've signed Young, but according to our Eagles Rapid Reporter Kevin Noonan, starting quarterback Michael Vick has.

"I'm looking forward to having him in here and I'm looking forward to working with him," Vick said.

But there was some confusion as to whether or not Young would have to clear waivers, but the NFL cleared the situation up on Friday, pointing out that players with four or more years of service like Young and former Cowboys wideout Roy Williams did not need to clear waivers before negotiating with teams.

Young -- and anyone else -- still can't sign until 6:00 p.m. ET on Friday, but it now appears that he's free to negotiate a deal as the Eagles backup.

Not that it really would have mattered -- no one was going to claim Young and burn more than $4 million in roster bonus money for someone that really only appears to be coveted as a backup by one or two teams.

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Posted on: November 3, 2010 4:21 pm
Edited on: November 3, 2010 5:19 pm

Randy Moss awarded to Tennessee Titans

Posted by Will Brinson

The NFL awarded Randy Moss to the Tennessee on Wednesday -- given the Titans spot in the NFL's waiver order, a large number of teams declined to claim Moss.

A report from SI's Don Banks before the 4 PM EST waiver deadline indicated that Tennessee put in a claim, and it appears that Moss' reported unwillingness to show up to a non-contender's office may have put a scare in several teams, most notably the St. Louis Rams, who were actually favored to land Moss, but concerned with how he might affect a young locker room.

In fact, the NFL Network's Michael Lombardi reported Wednesday that the Titans were the only team put a claim in for Moss.

Fans of the NFL (and especially Tennessee fans) will recall that in the 1998 NFL Draft, with the 16th overall pick, the Tennessee Oilers made Kevin Dyson the first wideout taken ... five spots ahead of where Moss was selected by the Vikings.

Clearly Moss' addition makes the Titans a better team -- Chris Johnson will see less stacked boxes and if Kenny Britt is able to return (which isn't guaranteed, and may be part of the reason why the Titans targeted Moss), he'll be facing single coverage frequently.

Vince Young's ability to scramble and improvise should work quite well with Moss' deep speed (and, by the way, Young's the top-rated passer in the NFL right now), and Moss should be absolutely drooling when he looks at the Titans remaining schedule: after the Titans Week 9 bye, they face Miami (12th in the league against the pass), the Redskins (30th), the Texans (32nd) twice, the Jaguars (28th), the Colts (7th) twice, and the Chiefs (23rd). 

Quickly following the news that the Titans were awarded Moss, multiple reports indicated that the wideout would report to Tennessee, and his agent, Joel Segal, confirmed that in a statement Wednesday.

"Randy is looking forward to coming to Tennessee," Segal said via Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean. "He is ready to play."

The Titans are excited as well, clearly.

"We are always looking for ways to improve our roster," said Titans GM Mike Reinfeldt, according to the Titans Twitter feed. "Randy is obviously a Hall of Fame player, [and] has the ability to be a difference maker for our offense."

Jeff Fisher added that, "We had an opportunity to upgrade our offense and Randy has been a tremendous threat where ever he has been. We will bring him up to speed as quickly as possible."

Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post reports that the Patriots and Vikings will each foot $1.5 million of Moss' contract, while the Titans will pick up the remaining $3.4 million because of their waiver claim.

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Posted on: November 3, 2010 3:49 pm

Report: Titans put in claim for Moss

Posted by Will Brinson

As the Randy Moss sweepstakes (mercifully) come to a close, reports have been coming in left and right as to what teams put a claim in for him (check our full breakdown of the NFL waiver wire order here).

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated reports via a league source that the Tennessee Titans have entered a claim for the former Viking.

Tennessee is one team that really makes sense for Moss -- they're a contender and Kenny Britt's hamstring injury trainwrecked (the extent of which is still unknown) gives them a clear need for a deep threat.

Additionally, Jeff Fisher is a type of no-nonsense coach that could keep Moss in line, at least in theory.

In other news, the Chiefs' Todd Haley said they are not interested, and Pete Carroll stated that the Seahawks did not put a claim in for Moss.

The Titans are 23rd on the NFL waiver order, and would need several teams (most notably the Rams) to pass on Moss in order to obtain his services.

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Posted on: November 3, 2010 11:08 am
Edited on: November 3, 2010 4:43 pm

NFL Waiver Order: What team will get Randy Moss?

Posted by Will Brinson


We should have done this yesterday, but for those of you pining to find out where Randy Moss will end up, provided he's claimed on waivers by teams before 4 PM EST on Wednesday, here's a little breakdown of the waiver wire order, plus some pithy chatter about whether each team will claim him.

The order is based on current NFL standings (and thusly probably similar to your fantasy football league), with worst record (the Bills) having first priority and best record (the Patriots) having last priority. Strength of schedule is the tiebreaker and if there's a tie after that, the teams flip a coin. If it lands on it's side, the coaches have a steel cage death match.

Update (12:24): It appears as if we can take the 49ers, Seahawks and Jets off the list of interested teams. Per sources and whatnot.

Update (2:00): Moss reportedly might sit out the entire season if he doesn't like the team who claims him. Somehow, this isn't shocking, right?

Update (2:40): The forgotten Shawne Merriman (same rules apply below) might be claimed by the Buffalo Bills. REALLY.

Update (3:15): Pete Carroll confirms via the Seahawks that Seattle did not put in a claim for Moss, while Todd Haley said he would not be interested in working with Moss "at this time" per Kent Babbe of the KC Star.

Update (3:45): The Titans have reportedly put in a claim for Moss.

Update (3:50): Jay Glazer of Fox Sports "is hearing" the Rams have NOT put in a claim for Moss.

Order Team Record SOS Interest in Moss?
1 Bills 0-7 .667 Absolutely not on Moss, who's already says he only wants to play for a winner.
2 Panthers 1-6 .519 Have a need for a WR, but money and lack of contention outweigh that.
3 Cowboys 1-6 .558 Too much drama in Big D already, even though Jerry's always eyed Randy.
4 49ers 2-6 .508 Nice pairing with Crabtree maybe, but drama's already an issue in the bay.
5 Bronocs 2-6 .567 Passing game is already fine, and Josh McDaniels is a 'character' guy. 
6 Lions 2-5 .538 Youth movement + elite Calvin Johnson + highly paid Nate Burleson = No.
7 Vikings 2-5 .549 BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, hold on ... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ahh.
8 Bengals 2-5 .571 The "three amigos" story is outstanding but not enough balls. To go around.
9 Browns 2-5 .640 Cleveland needs the wideout help, but being out of contention negates the need.
10 Chargers 3-5 .583 My dark horse because of need, but Norv and Moss have bad Oakland history.
11 Cardinals 3-4 .566 Have Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston and need a QB before a WR.
12 Jaguars 4-4 .424 Jags could theoretically use a deep threat but he's not a Wayne Weaver guy.
13 Rams 4-4 .441 The literal Vegas fave, because of need, Sam Bradford's talent and playoff push.
14 Raiders 4-4 .443 Even the way Moss dogged it for Raiders, they'd look, but why mess with happy?
15 Redskins 4-4 .518 If the player has any name value at all, Daniel Snyder's franchise is in the mix.
16 Seahawks 4-3 .407 No one can throw the deep ball, but Seattle certainly needs the help at WR.
17 Bears 4-3 .431 Haven't chased veteran WRs in the past, but Moss could help here.
18 Dolphins 4-3 .500 "Strongly considering" it,  a deep threat makes Fins dangerous & blocks Pats
19 Eagles 4-3 .500 DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin are plenty talented already, thanks.
20 Texans 4-3 .545 Andre Johnson is the best wide receiver in football -- no need to bother.
21 Packers* 5-3 .439 Packers have wide receiver injuries, but if they wouldn't pursue a RB, why Moss?
22 Saints* 5-3 .439 Defending champs have plenty of firepower without trying to disrupt chemistry.
23 Titans 5-3 .467 Kenny Britt's hamstring injury looks bad, so this is a definite possibility.
24 Chiefs 5-2 .385 IF he falls this far, Matt Cassel, Moss & Scott Pioli have worked together.
25 Bucs 5-2 .431 Youth movement and cost wouldn't warrant the Bucs taking a gamble here.
26 Ravens** 5-2 .440 Ravens already have plenty of talent at the WR spot to worry about Moss.
27 Giants** 5-2 .440 Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham = stacked at WR.
28 Falcons 5-2 .451 Could make sense to pair with Roddy White, but character concerns say nah.
29 Jets 5-2 .471 Jets take on plenty of "headaches," and wouldn't mind blocking Pats, of course.
30 Colts 5-2 .533 A dream matchup for Moss, but Colts don't need name value to get production.
31 Steelers 5-2 .608 Not even a chance, really -- Rooneys already cleaned house on characters
32 Patriots 6-1 .420 Pats won't claim him if he falls, because they can sign him for cheap afterwards.

* = coin flip
** = coin flip
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