Posted on: September 22, 2011 11:00 pm

NFL.com uses injuries to promote fantasy football

Posted by Ryan Wilson

In the days leading up to the regular-season opener, Texans running back and defending NFL rushing champ Arian Foster, upon finding out that fans were only interested in his well being because it had huge implications for their fantasy football team, tweeted "You people are sick."

But it's not just the fantasy players who suffer from this affliction, it's the fantasy providers, too. Take, for instance, the front page of NFL.com (see the photo to the right), which found a way to not only promote its fantasy offerings, but revel in the grave misfortunes of others while doing so. Specifically, Chiefs' running back Jamaal Charles, whose season is over after blowing out his knee last Sunday against the Lions.

To recap: the fantasy football player who drafted Charles is the victim here. How dare Jamaal ruin their season.

No need to worry, though! You can "start again" because "it's not too late." Well, unless you're the real Charles. Then again, he now has a whole bunch of free time to play fantasy football. So in that sense, everybody wins.

So while this isn't as egregious as the NFL getting all sanctimonious about illegal hits and then selling photographs of said hits, it's close. Either way, Vikings punter Chris Kluwe (and friend of the Pick-6 Podcast) is unimpressed.

via SB Nation

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