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Posted on: January 11, 2011 11:29 am
Edited on: January 11, 2011 11:33 am

Report: Jets 'unlikely' to chase after Asomugha

Posted by Will Brinson

When news broke Sunday that Nnamdi Asomugha was becoming a free agent thanks to a bizarre clause in his contract (which became less bizarre when we realized that the Raiders save a ton of money thanks to it), football fans everywhere freaked out.

Then football fans everywhere wondered "OMG, can my team get him???" The Jets were one of the teams mentioned there, mainly because the prospect of letting Antonio Cromartie go, signing Asomugha and then never letting another wide receiver catch a ball against the Rex Ryan's defense seemed intriguing. Oh, and because Nnamdi mentioned that he and he Revis had talked about playing together.

However, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets are "unlikely" to make a move for Asomugha and will focus more on bringing in their own players, but that it wasn't safe to eliminate them (ever) because, well, they're the Jets.

Additionally, remember that Revis' holdout and recent contract extension was substantially affected by Asomugha's deal -- Revis wants to be the highest-paid cornerback in the league. But guess who else wants to be the highest-paid cornerback in the league? Yup, Nnamdi. Both have a decent claim to the title and having both players on team, particularly once a salary cap's reinstated, could be tough work.

However, David White of the San Francisco Chronicle continually tweeted yesterday that either the Jets or the Packers would end up with Nnamdi, primarily because he's more concerned with winning than with making money. Additionally, White noted that Asomugha and Charles Woodson are good friends and that the Asomugha would relish playing for Rex Ryan after getting to play for Rob Ryan in Oakland.

If that's the case, don't bother ruling out anyone just yet.

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Posted on: January 9, 2011 11:48 am
Edited on: January 9, 2011 7:08 pm

Nnamdi Asomugha’s contract voided by odd clause

Posted by Will Brinson

The clause might not actually be "odd" but it surprised even the Oakland Raiders when Nnamdi Asomugha's contract was voided after 2010.

Adam Schefter reported the shocking news on ESPN Sunday and it eliminates the 2011 team option for $16.8 million or the value of the quarterback (yes, quarterback, they make much more on average than cornerbacks) franchise tag, whichever was higher. The Raiders confirmed the nullification of Asomugha's deal Sunday.

"The contract is voided but we have to wait on all the ramifications of the CBA before we really move on from there," Raiders senior executive John Herrera said Sunday, via Jerry McDonald of the Contra Costa Times.

Essentially, Asomugha had to reach certain incentives to keep his contract from being voided. That included either a) playing more snaps in 2010 than 2009 or b) improving upon his interceptions, fumble recoveries or sacks from 2009.

Asomugha had a "worse" season in 2010 than 2009, mainly because he only played in 14 games, and his contract was voided and the team's option to either pay or franchise him is no longer there.

That means Asomugha, who's one of the best defensive players in the NFL and, depending on how you feel about Darrelle Revis, possibly the best cornerback in the NFL will be a free agent whenever free agency picks back up after labor negotiations are settled.

And, because he's only 30 years old, he'll probably be picking up a decently-sized contract.

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