Posted on: September 30, 2010 11:00 am
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Ochocinco cereal features phone sex line number

Posted by Will Brinson

Chad Ochocinco's made some serious noise for posting phone numbers recently -- first he threw his own cell phone number on Twitter (we still haven't gotten a text back, Ocho, ahem) and now the number posted on his cereal (OchocincO's) which is supposed to help children actually sends callers to a phone sex line .

The number (which you should not call) for Feed the Children that's printed on the box of deliciously athletic breakfast food is 1-800-HELP-FTC. However, calling that number will get you fired if you're using your speakerphone. (No, seriously, I called it; if you're in an office and call that number and your phone is on speaker, you're going to be embarrassed at the very least.)

The telephone number that was supposed to be on the cereal box is 1-888 -HELP-FTC. If you want to Feed the Children, that's what you should call.

Ochocinco, for his part, denied any responsibility for the mix-up, and you'd be hard pressed to find someone who thinks he did this on purpose; after all, while shenanigans are his forte and tricking a ton of people into calling a phone sex line is actually a hilarious prank, it's not really Chad's MO to prank people at the expense of starving children.

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Posted on: August 25, 2010 10:49 pm
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OchocincO's: the NFL's most exciting cereal?

Posted by Will Brinson

So, we're way late on this, but it doesn't make it any less awesome: Chad Ochocinco has his own cereal.

Just as Terrell Owens had his "TO's" through PLB Sports, now too does Esteban have OchocincO's .

“Chad is a great personality, and with his involvement in social media and his interaction with the fans, he was an athlete that we were very excited to work with,” said PLB Sports President Ty Ballou. “One way or another, America has learned and is continuing to learn more about Chad Ochocinco off the field, and they’re finding out how great he is. Who wouldn’t want to share a breakfast table with him?”

I, for one, would prefer to share dinner -- Ochocinco tweeted about some seriously delicious, Southern-style greens and chicken he was grubbing on Wednesday night, and I almost cooked up the same thing, except mom brought leftover meatloaf downstairs, and I wasn't hungry anymore.

Look, a lot of people are "over" Ochocinco, and that's fine (it's mostly football fans -- my girlfriend literally cannot watch "Ultimate Catch" enough; it's ironically depressing). But PLB Sports is smart when it comes down to creating athlete-related cereal.

They're the one's behind not only TO's breakfast munchies, but "Flutie Flakes" and "Kurt Warner's Crunch Time Cereal," which, according to CNBC's Darren Rovell , is the top-selling PLB brand, having sold over 300,000 boxes back when people cared about the Rams.

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