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Posted on: January 4, 2011 1:03 am

Harbaugh, Luck's silence says it all for future

Posted by Will Brinson

IF Jim Harbaugh goes to the NFL and if the Orange Bowl is any indication, he should be a pleasant guy to deal with during press conferences and after games.

I kid, I kid, but he clearly got fed up with all the "WHEN ARE YOU LEAVING STANFORD COACH BECAUSE WE KNOW YOU ARE?!?!?" questions over the past few hours.

Because when asked pregame by Michelle Tafoya of ESPN when he was making a decision, he quickly sidestepped the question. When Tafoya approached him after the game, he wouldn't even talk to her. And he had a little sumin'-sumin' for Rece Davis too.

"I'd just ask you to to respect the game and what these players did tonight -- it's all about them," Harbaugh said when asked about his future decision by Davis.

Andrew Luck was a little more open after the game, although you can tell he already knows how to deal with a tough question -- when asked immediately after the game if he was going "I'll definitely enjoy this, i don't want to make any impulse decision," Luck said after the Orange Bowl victory. "I'll talk to my folks and figure something out in the next couple days."

A-HA. He was all good until he said "couple of days," because that CLEARLY means he's leaving for the NFL. Thanks for your assistance, Watson, but I don't need you here any more.

Actually, Luck's a little short on time -- he's got until January 15th to declare for the NFL Draft, but, really, he'd be foolish not to leave.

He would land in a pretty good situation (the Panthers have a good running game, a good defense, a strong offensive line and as I said on Twitter, he threw more touchdowns in the Orange Bowl than Jimmy Clausen did his entire season for the Panthers). There's a good chance he'll slip in under the new rookie wage scale. He can finish his degree any time he wants. He probably won't be playing for Jim Harbaugh anyway.

And his stock will never, ever be higher than it is right now. Neither will Harbaugh's -- which probably explains why neither of them would provide any sort of confirmation or denial as to their future plans. But their domination on the field and their refusal to talk off it should say everything anyone wants to know.

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