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Posted on: June 27, 2011 11:57 pm

Pat White to look for success in UFL

WhitePosted by Josh Katzowitz

The last time we left former Dolphins QB Pat White, he had been cut by Miami, retired from the NFL and decided he wanted to continue on with a pro baseball career within the Kansas City Royals organization.

That was about nine months ago. Now, White has a new pro sports goal. He wants to play football again, and this time, he’s going to do it in the UFL with the Virginia Destroyers.

"I'm excited about my next step," White said via the UFL website. "My blood is boiling. I guess I kind of feel like a little kid again, a kid in a candy store. Hopefully, we'll be playing for another 5-10 years. I just love to compete.

"It puts a smile on my parents' face. I'm just excited to get back out there and run around in the heat."

It will be very interesting to see how White performs in what is basically the NFL’s minor leagues. He was awesome at West Virginia -- by my estimation, he’s the most-important collegiate player ever to emerge from the Big East -- and though he was taken way too soon by the Dolphins in the 2009 draft (really, Miami, in the second round?!?), he’s obviously got the athleticism that made him such a danger when he had the ball in his hand at West Virginia.

With the Destroyers, White will play for coach Marty Schottenheimer -- who, you might recall, doesn’t want to have anything to do with Terrelle Pryor -- and he’s hoping to parlay what he learned in the NFL to success in the UFL (so that, perhaps, he might get another chance in the NFL).

"(Schottenheimer) is looking for a leader," said White. "He's looking for somebody who enjoys the game, somebody that other players see as their quarterback, and I hope I fit that description.

"It's a great opportunity. I've heard nothing but good things about coach Schottenheimer. It's a competitive league. It's new, up-and-coming, and, hopefully, we can make a name for ourselves."

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Posted on: June 21, 2011 12:39 pm
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If Bulger wants to start, Miami could be option

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano would only offer a "we'll see" when asked recently if Chad Henne would be his starter in 2011. The team has been upfront about its pursuit of a veteran quarterback once free agency begins; the only question is who Miami might target.

Regarding realistic free-agent options at QB and RB, Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel tweeted Monday that it's "[h]ard to say until I know the RFA rules. But at worse: [Marc] Bulger & [Darren] Sproles."

We've mentioned the uncertainty surrounding the restricted free-agent rules. However that plays out, Bugler will draw the interest of several QB-needy teams. NFL Network's Jason La Canfora said in May that the Dolphins could be in the mix for Bulger's services. But even then, Rotoworld.com speculated that "Bulger doesn't want to be a starter in the NFL, and that he'd be more comfortable not taking anymore hits."

This jibes with what Kurt Warner, who was Bulger's teammate in St. Louis, said last week (via PFT):
Warner pointed out that Bulger “got beat up pretty good” as the starter in St. Louis, and that it wouldn’t surprise Warner to learn that Bulger is “happy” as a backup, and that “he can just enjoy life and not have to worry about the pressure of being an NFL starter and everything that goes with it.” Again, Warner was careful not to phrase his assessment as criticism, and Warner said he thinks that Bulger would want to start again if he finds the right situation.
Whether Miami would be the "right situation" remains to be seen, although Henne is presumably on a short leash after two inconsistent seasons.

In related news, the Dolphins' 2009 second-round pick Pat White has signed to play for Marty Schottenheimer and the UFL's Virginia Destroyers. (Yep, that's the same Marty Schottenheimer who basically said "thanks but no thanks" when asked about Terrelle Pryor.)

White, who briefly played professional baseball, calls his new opportunity a "chance to show I can do it." Unfortunately, that never happened in Miami.

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Posted on: June 16, 2011 4:30 pm
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Hot Routes 6.16.11: Taylor, Asomugha not close

Posted by Ryan Wilson
  • Come again? We think it goes without saying that Nnamdi Asomugha is a better corner than, say, the Steelers' Ike Taylor -- but apparently not. Using facts and common sense, Shutdown Corner's Doug Farrar takes the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's John Harris to task for suggesting that Taylor is better than Asomugha. 
  • Still wanted: QB. Pat White may not have been the answer (and Pryor almost certainly isn't), but according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Dolphins' first order of business once the lockout ends will be finding a veteran QB to compete with Chad Henne
  • We need Matlock. If there's something we can all get behind it's that the lawyers shouldn't be allowed in the room during CBA negotiations. PFT's Mike Florio offers up yet another reason to lock out the lawyers: money (shocking, right?). 
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Posted on: June 16, 2011 1:44 pm
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Possible NFL landing spots for Terrelle Pryor

Posted by Ryan Wilson

If you're of the opinion that Ray Lewis and Ed Reed would be good locker room influences on any player with off-field issues, then you may have no problem with John Clayton's suggestion that the Ravens might be one of five teams willing to take a flyer on Terrelle Pryor. If you don't buy the initial premise (and some folks are understandably skeptical), then the whole argument falls apart.

Writing for ESPN, Clayton admits that "This might be a bit of a reach, but as a lower-round selection Pryor could interest the Ravens as a receiver. Having him learn under Anquan Boldin would be the key. Boldin was a quarterback in college and uses the knowledge gained there to put himself in position to help his quarterback."

We agree. It's a reach. Not because the Ravens aren't willing to gamble with talented but troubled players (they are), but because if we're to take agent Drew Rosenhaus at his word (we'll wait while you quit laughing), he thinks Pryor is not only an NFL quarterback but a "first-round pick."

Perhaps that stance will soften as teams explain to Rosenhaus that his client probably isn't worth more than a fourth-rounder. Although, as Mike Mayock pointed out Wednesday night, "Nobody is better than Rosenhaus in driving perceived value. … Sometimes perceived value is almost as good as real value if he can get enough people talking about [Pryor] as a first-round pick."

Other possible destinations, according to Clayton: Oakland, Miami, Pittsburgh and Washington.
Terrelle Pryor's NFL future

The Raiders makes sense because, well, it's the Raiders. Once Al Davis sees Pryor's 40 time, he very well could be a first-rounder. Still, that doesn't mean it's a good idea.

Clayton says the Dolphins "want to add someone to compete against Chad Henne," and we agree. It's just not going to be Pryor. Remember: Miami wasted a second-rounder on Pat White two years ago. Pat White is now out of the NFL.

As for Pittsburgh, Clayton notes that, "Many scouts believe Pryor potentially has Dennis Dixon-like ability as quarterback." Dennis Dixon also never had off-field issues (just the opposite, in fact). He's also been an adequate NFL backup and nothing more. Probably not worth the potential headaches that will accompany Pryor, even if Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau is impartial to Ohio State players.

Finally, there are the Redskins. Like the Raiders -- and given their blindfold-and-a-dartboard personnel philosophy -- it makes too much sense not to happen. To Clayton's credit, he calls Pryor-to-Washington a long shot, even given the fact that Mike Shanahan doesn't have an starting-caliber QB currently on the roster.

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Posted on: May 12, 2011 7:22 pm

Thomas could help Miami reinvent Wildcat

D. Thomas might play a little Wildcat offense for Miami.Posted by Josh Katzowitz

A few days ago, we mentioned a story that discussed the possibility of the Dolphins reinserting some elements of the Wildcat offense.

And now that Miami drafted RB Daniel Thomas in the second round, it certainly makes sense to give it a shot.

Thomas, in case you didn’t know, was a quarterback in junior college and then had pretty good success at Kansas State when the Wildcats occasionally dialed up the Wildcat offense. You might ask, “Well, the Dolphins drafted Pat White in the second round a few years back, and that was a disaster, right?” True, but remember this – Thomas is about three inches taller and 40 pounds heavier than White.

Plus, White was a quarterback and nothing more. Thomas instead would be used every once in a while at the QB spot, and he’d be better equipped than White to handle more of a pounding by the defense (he is, after all, a running back).

Recently, the South Florida Sun Sentinel asked him about the potential of running the Wildcat and if the team had talked to him about it.

"Just a little bit,” he said. “They didn't give me some of the details, but that's something I definitely can bring to the table. I ran it a lot in my two years at Kansas State. You know, I was actually a quarterback in junior college, so that's basically what I did there as well."
Yes, but can you actually throw a pretty decent pass?

"I'm good with throwing,” he said. “I can do whatever they need me to do."

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Posted on: March 10, 2011 9:35 pm
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Hot Routes 3.10.11 squeezing 'em in

Hot Routes

Posted by Andy Benoit

Chris Cooley reads every ounce of his fan mail (even if it’s several years later).

Nick Fairley is now a Nike guy .

The Broncos are working out Von Miller (who probably doesn’t fit their new 4-3 defense anyway).

Mike McCarthy is making no bones about it: Nick Barnett is no longer a starter .

The Steelers don’t want Tiki Barber.

Less than a year after mysteriously quitting football, former Dolphins second-round pick Pat White has retired from baseball .

Another Larry Fitzgerald contract bit .

The Dolphins will have a private workout with Cam Newton. That’s the benefit of being a professional sports organization: you get to workout with some of the best athletes in the world. It’s the perkiest of perks; Newton ain’t working out with, say, a southern Florida branch of Charles Schwab.

Just to be clear, Randy Moss is not returning to the Titans.

Good news passed along from Sports Illustrated’s Peter King on Thursday: Steve Sabol is recovering well in a Kansas City hospital. The president of NFL Films suffered a seizure on Saturday.

Kevin Faulk says his surgically repaired ACL is 70 to 75 percent recovered at this point.

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Posted on: January 22, 2011 4:24 pm
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Dolphins extend GM Ireland's contract

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

The Dolphins announced earlier today that general manager Jeff Ireland had signed a multi-year contract extension, and it must come as a relief, though not necessarily a big surprise, to Ireland (and, I suppose, to those who want stability in the organization).

While Ireland certainly has garnered some positive accomplishments since taking over his role after the 2007 season, he had to wonder – at least, slightly – about his job security now that Bill Parcells is basically out of the picture.

Ireland was one of Parcell’s guys – Parcells hired Ireland when he took over the team’s football operations after they worked together in Dallas – but after Parcells stepped away to become a team consultant, one had to wonder if owner Stephen Ross really thought Ireland was the horse he could ride.

Apparently, that is the case.

“The decision to extend Jeff’s contract as our General Manager was an easy one," said Ross in a statement. "The young talent that Jeff has assembled during his three years with the Dolphins has made a profound impact on our franchise’s recovery from the 1-15 season of 2007. Jeff has my full support moving forward as we pursue our goals to build the best and brightest front office in the National Football League and ultimately to win a Super Bowl championship for all of South Florida and Dolphin fans around the world.”

Since taking over, Ireland has drafted talented players like OT Jake Long, CB Vontae Davis, LB Koa Misi and WR Brian Hartline while procuring the services of WR Brandon Marshall and TE Sal Anthony Fasano .

But he’s also missed out on big picks – 2008 second-round pick Phillip Merling and 2009 second-round pick Pat White come to mind – while the jury is still out on QB Chad Henne (2008 second-round pick).

Plus, there was that incident when he, in a pre-Draft interview, asked former Oklahoma State and current Cowboys WR Dez Bryant about the rumors that his mother was a prostitute. Ireland later apologized for the misstep.

But Ross, unlike his latest dealings with coach Tony Sparano, made this transaction rather clean, because so far, Ireland has done enough to impress.

"He's an excellent judge of talent," CBS’ own analyst Charlie Casserly told the Palm Beach Post earlier this month. "He has a clear vision of what he wants the team to look like on the field, and he wants to have a physical team up front on both lines. Any time you have that, you have a chance to win."

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Posted on: September 10, 2010 5:22 pm
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Pat White turns to baseball

Posted by Andy Benoit

Pro Football Talk is reporting that Dolphins 2009 second-round pick, quarterback Pat White, is temporarily giving up football for baseball. Cut by Miami last week, White is set to sign with the Kansas City Royals. P. White

We say “temporarily giving up” because it is believed that White wants to resume his pro football career at some point, perhaps even if it’s in the UFL. However, the UFL’s season gets underway next weekend; if White were to join a team this late, it’d be as a backup. (And that’s if he could even latch on to one of the five teams.)

The Royals are signing White to a minor league contract with the understanding that he could return to football in the near future. White was selected by the Angels again in the 26th round in 2007, then by the Reds in the 49th round in 2008, and then by the Yankees in the 48th round in 2009.

It’s somewhat surprising that no NFL team is taking a flyer on White. (He isn't eligible for a practice squad because he played in 13 games last season.) White doesn’t have an NFL arm, but he has NFL legs. Perhaps this is a sign that the wildcat offense truly is (was?) only a fad.

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