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Patriots v. Dolphins: MNF Preview w/ Gregg Doyel

Posted by Will Brinson

The Patriots and Dolphins square off on Monday Night Football in a few hours, and unlike past years, this promises to be a pretty good shootout .

CBSSports.com's Gregg Doyel is on-hand for the game, so I caught up with him to discuss who will score more points, whether or not the Pats can win the AFC East without a strong defense this year (and if that defense can mature), how the Fins can hope to control the game on the ground, why BenJarvus Green-Ellis has 17 names, and whether or not Brandon Marshall has any business mouthing back to Sterling Sharpe.

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Posted on: September 8, 2010 9:24 am

Brady doesn't want to talk about his deal, Moss

Posted by Will Brinson

Yesterday was all about Tom Brady and the potential for him getting a new deal -- originally it was reported by the Boston Herald that Brady had received a three-year, $58 million offer from the Pats and was close to inking. That was semi-refuted by more reports from ESPN, who, just a little while later, reported seperately that four-year deal could be done before the season .

Fortunately, Brady hopped on WEII with Dennis and Callahan Wednesday morning and the guys were able to force him to answer all the relative questions about the Patriots, his possible contract and Randy Moss' apparent unhappiness with his lack of a deal.

Okay, actually, when asked about having a new deal "in his desk drawer" on Sunday, Brady was fairly noncommittal.

"Well, I think everyone on our team would," "Every player on our team would, every coach would, but that's just not the way things work."

He did, of course, "admit" that he and the Patriots were talking, but really only so much in that he "admitted" they talk about stuff.

"I think there's always communication," "I've been in communication with them on a lot of things. It's pretty uncomfortable talking about a contract ... I don't want to get into it. For me it's the same as it's been -- I want to find a way to score some touchdowns against the Bengals."

Brady was also asked about Moss' state of well-being and whether or not he was concerned about the wideout's contract.

"Randy is my locker mate, and he's one of my great friends on the team," Brady said. "He and I have a lot of conversations that are certainly very personal to the two of us. This is the third team he's been on, so he knows what the business is and he also knows what he can bring to the team."

Without reading TOO deeply into what Brady is or is not saying, it's definitely worth noting that on this weekly radio show, he's almost always open about almost everything. But he even managed to (kind of) skirt the issue about Moss returning.

"I would love that," Brady said. "Of course I would -- I would love that. It's not my decision. I think this is the type of things that's out of every player's controls -- we're not general managers. I would to have Logan [Mankins], I would love to have other players that are extremely important to our team. From my standpoint as a quarterback, I love Randy and I would love to play with him for a long time."

If he's shifting the focus from his contract/Moss' status over to the first game (which is the standard athlete line, even if it's true), that means he'd rather not say exactly how he feels about those two particular subjects.

Maybe he's worried he's jinxing them, or -- more likely -- he's just smart enough not to offer a potentially damaging bomb on the radio just before the Pats start their season.

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Posted on: August 16, 2010 10:23 am

Brady: 'I'd love to be here my whole career'

Posted by Will Brinson

Tom Brady joins the Dennis and Callahan show on WEEI every Monday morning to talk Patriots football. Today, even though he's in the midst of an awkward contract situation, has a thumb injury and apparently can't get an appointment to have his haircut, he swung by. And things got interesting -- not in the sense that anything awkward was asked, but Brady was pretty darn quotable.

Brady confirmed the golf outing with Bob Kraft; he pointed out that he and Kraft hadn't spoken much in the last six or seven months and that with his wife out of town, he figured he'd take him up on the outing, since they hadn't spoken much in six or seven months. Then the topic turned to whether Brady could spend his entire career in New England.

"I’d love to be here my whole career," Brady responded. "I have goals and the team has goals and hopefully they’re down the same line. But you never know. Like I said, Joe Montana got traded, and Jerry Rice did, guys I loved watching out there that really were the best players to ever play at their positions. It’s hard to think if those guys are not playing for a team, wow, why should I ever be excluded from that?"

The WEEI guys followed up by asking whether or not Brady had a timeline on when he wanted to get a new deal done; the obvious thought process is "ASAP" considering that Brady managed to bang up his finger during the first preseason game of the year. Brady, however, played the typical role of team player.

"What I want, it doesn't matter," Brady pointed out. "I'm not going to be really attached to that, because it's not up to me. There are a lot of people involved. Every player on the team wants a contact to be fairly compensated. So does Logan [Mankins], so did Vince [Wilfork] last year. So do all the other guys ... so does Wes [Welker]. Wes doesn't make a lot of money, but he's one of the best receivers in the league. We all want to be compensated fairly, but we also understand we signed contracts so that's why we're here to show up and give our best."

Brady also discussed Peyton Manning's impending contract extension and whether or not it mattered to him how much Manning makes versus his contract -- they actually framed it with "who should make $1 more?" -- but Brady didn't bite.

"I know what he’s gonna make, he’s gonna make a lot and he deserves it," Brady said. "He’s one of best to ever play. You know, honestly, it’s not about that. When it’s all said and done, I’m not gonna sit and worry about who made more money. All these other quarterbacks in the league and what they make, I don’t care what they get. Whatever works for me and the team, that’s what it’ll be. I don’t really care who makes more."

Those are nice answers and the entire interview is pretty good. But also pretty typical of Brady, who's the consummate team player. Of course, if you presume that the two sides are in the midst of negotiations right now, it wouldn't exactly behoove Brady to come out and bash the team for taking their sweet time to ink him to an extension.

Don't be surprised if you see this deal happen soon.

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Posted on: August 12, 2010 7:03 pm

No new deal for Brady pre-preseason; Welker out

Posted by Will Brinson

The Saints and the Patriots are currently warming up on the field at Gillette Stadium where they will kickoff their respective preseasons tonight.

Two things stand out about this game before the first snap has even been taken. One, Wes Welker is not playing, according to CSN's Tom Curran , who notes that people were, um, "interested" to know whether or not Welker was gonna play. Curran (who looks a lot like Drew Brees, no?) says he's "told there is no chance [Welker will play]. No. Chance. Chance? No."

Even more important, though, is the fact that Tom Brady has no new contract. And that means that the Patriots' star quarterback will indeed be playing football -- and therefore risking a theoretically large amount of money -- without any guarantee to his long term financial security.

Yes, security here is quite relative, as Tom Brady ain't exactly going broke any time soon. But if he (hypothetically) has his ACL blown out on the first play from scrimmage in a preseason game, things will be quite awkward.

So don't expect Brady to see too many snaps tonight. And if he sees a lot of pressure from the Saints or gets hit at all, expect him to kindly request Bob Kraft to join him back in the kitchen.

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Posted on: August 11, 2010 1:07 pm
Edited on: August 11, 2010 1:47 pm

Bob Kraft on Brady talks: 'We're cooking'

Posted by Will Brinson

Bob Kraft and Tom Brady went golfing on Sunday , leading many people to believe that there would be legitimate contract talks between the Patriots and Brady's camp on the horizon. Either that or both men like to play golf.

It appears to closer to the former, as CSN's Tom Curran tweeted this afternoon that Kraft's response to a question about Brady negotiations was, "We're cooking."

Whatever you think of the two playing golf , it's pretty tough to interpret Kraft's message here -- he plans on getting Brady's deal done as soon as possible. Perhaps, even before the Patriots take the field for Thursday night's preseason opener (something Troy Brown predicted earlier this week ).

That possibility seems somewhat remote, but one thing is clear: the talks between Brady and the Patriots are moving in the complete opposite direction of the discussions between the Jets and Darrelle Revis.

For fans of the defending AFC EAST Champion Pats, that's excellent news indeed.

Update (1:42): Curran has a follow-up piece on the Kraft stuff up at CSN, with the report that Kraft tried to back off the quote when asked "We're cooking" means. Tom (C) states that a "source close to the Brady situation" said a deal isn't necessarily imminent but "things change pretty fast."

People staying mum on the subject and Kraft backing off a clearly giddy quote about his favorite QB of all-time/golf buddy potentially signing a new deal shouldn't be considered anything other than quickly moving parts, either.

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Posted on: August 9, 2010 2:14 pm

Brady and Bob Kraft played golf, so ... contract?

Posted by Will Brinson

OBVIOUSLY, Tom Brady is about to get a brand new contract. Okay, not definitely.

However, if the Boston Herald 's report that the two were hitting the links on Sunday is in fact true (and surely, TMZ will confirm this), it is a good sign for Patriots fans.

That's because a) the golf course is where real men get down to bizness, and b) if you're mad at someone, you don't usually play a voluntary round of golf with them. (Unless you're gently placing their three-iron in the windshield of their car. Hypothetically.)

Seriously though, when you play 18 holes of golf, by the very nature of riding in a cart with another person for four-plus hours, dialogue is established. Conversations happen, and in a typically candid way because it's the golf course and that's where dudes go to cuss and swear and make jokes that they can't say in public.

And if the guy you're playing golf with happens to a man who you've known very well for years, there's not likely to be a bunch of fluff conversation. Stuff will get real, and it will get real quite quickly.

Even if it's just quick back-and-forth on while walking away from birdie on the fourth hole that involves "Hey, Tom. We're going to get you paid and I don't care what it takes" and "Bob, I know. Don't sweat it. Let's get back to winning a Super Bowl."

Or maybe nothing happened. But at least they're friendly , which is more than you can say for Woody Johnson and Darrelle Revis. (Aside: I would like to see them play golf, and would absolutely DVR a show revolved around that, in case you were wondering, HBO.)

And even in the worst case scenario, they still enjoyed their Sunday more than Tiger Woods.

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Posted on: July 25, 2010 11:30 pm
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Report: Brady at camp, contract 'within reach'

Getting in a tizzy over Tom Brady's contract status is more dramatic than Patriot fans need to be, but, well, there's probably no stopping them. Brady and Bill Belichick -- regardless of how well Matt Cassel performed two years ago -- are the two biggest keys to the team's success.

Good news on that front comes from ESPN's Adam Schefter , who reports that talks between Brady and the Pats are heading in a "positive" direction.
But one person familiar with the talks said there is ongoing dialogue that he described as positive and, while no deal is imminent, one now is within reach. Brady has one year remaining on his contract. Schefter also notes that there's good likelihood that an agreement could be reached this summer, with the uncertainties of the next CBA potentially holding it back.

Additionally, it appears as if Brady's holdout -- something that was believed to be a concern -- is unlikely to happen.

It seems unlikely that Brady isn't upset about the contract situation (especially giving his willingness to sacrifice cash on his previous deal for the good of the team), but it's now starting to sound more and more as if the whole "strained" relationship between the franchise quarterback and the brass is a little overblown.

We can put that all to rest (and end "Brady Watch") if Adam Caplan's report at Fox Sports is true . Caplan has a source that says Brady showed up for camp on Sunday along with the rookies. This of course would mean that there is no holdout and that talks between the Pats and Brady are indeed further along than we thought.

-- Will Brinson

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Posted on: June 15, 2010 9:18 pm
Edited on: June 15, 2010 9:23 pm

Sigh: Sports writers foiled again

When you’ve got a controversy brewing on the team you cover and if the recipient of that controversy isn’t around – or isn’t talking – the next step as a beat reporter is to ask the opinions of his colleagues.

For instance, “So and so isn’t here, but what do you think about his a) desire to not play for your team this season; b) positive drug test; or c) run-in at the local strip club?” More often than not, you’ll get answers, and even if they’re the generic “We support our teammate and we don’t know much more than what’s in the police report” statements, that’s enough to write what we in the business call “a folo.”

The Boston Herald tried to do that today in regards to Patriots Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins and his desire not to sign his restricted free agent tender. But, as the title of the Herald's blog post says, “Ho, hum, nothing to see here.”

Obviously, New England coach Bill Belichick decided not to give his opinion on the matter, but we had two other beautiful side-steps of the issue. One player, guard Stephen Neal, said he didn’t know much about the situation, because he doesn’t have cable TV or the Internet. Read that part again. No cable TV, no Internet, no comment. Another, NT Vince Wilfork, seemed to grow agitated at the repeated attempts of questioners.

“What don’t you understand?” Wilfork said. “I’m not going to touch that. If you’re going to sit here and talk about that all day, I’m outta here. I’m not going to touch that.”

Even stranger? Just about every football writer knows that if you need good, solid, smart, thoughtful quotes from players who rarely say no to an interview request, you go to the offensive line. It's a double shot to the stomach when the guards, tackles and centers blow off your questions.

Mankins touched on the issue briefly Monday when he told ESPN Boston that there was “no way” he would sign his tender offer of $3.26 million.

--Josh Katzowitz

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