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Mangini talks about Belichick, Spygate regrets

Eric Mangini has 'a lot of regrets' about the whole Spygate thing. We suspect Bill Belichick does too. (Getty Images)
Posted by Ryan Wilson

Eric Mangini owes much of his professional success to Bill Belichick, dating back to the mid '90s when the former was a ball boy in Cleveland and the latter was a coach. In 2000, Belichick hired Mangini as a defensive backs coach in New England. In February 2005, as the Patriots were preparing to face the Eagles in the Super Bowl (their third trip since the 2001 season), the New York Daily News profiled Mangini's ascension up the coaching ranks.

"As defensive backs coach for the Patriots this year, Mangini oversaw the rebuilding and fortification of a decimated secondary, using spare parts," the Daily News' Hank Gola noted. "With Romeo Crennel expected to leave after Super Bowl XXXIX to take a long-awaited head coaching job with the Browns, Mangini is the odds-on candidate to take over as defensive coordinator. That's if there isn't a bidding war for his services.

"Know this, however: When the Raiders offered him their coordinator's job last season, he turned it down to stay on Belichick's staff.

"'It just wasn't the right time personally or professionally for the opportunity,' the baby-faced 34-year-old said. 'I was really happy where I was and I thought it was the best decision for my family and myself. I've really enjoyed where I am. I love the organization and being part of it.'"

Mangini was promoted to defensive coordinator a few weeks after the Super Bowl, and in 2006, he took the Jets head coaching job. That's where things took a turn for the worse. During the 2007 Week 1 matchup against the Patriots, Mangini accused Belichick of videotaping the Jets' defensive signals, the league investigated, and eventually fined Belichick $500,000, the Patriots $250,000, and took their 2008 first-round pick for good measure.

Needless to say, things were a little awkward between Belichick and Mangini after that.

Mangini was fired by the Jets in 2008, and lasted just two seasons in Cleveland before landing a gig as an ESPN analyst.  During a radio interview Tuesday with Boston radio's WEEI, Mangini talked about Spygate and his relationship with Belichick.

"It's one of those things where the end result wasn't the goal," Mangini said of the scandal. "I owe so much to Bill, I appreciate what he's done for me and my intention was never to hurt him or the [Patriots] organization, the Kraft family. Yeah, there's a lot of regrets, I didn't want to hurt him or the Patriots by any stretch."

Sounds nice, but we imagine Belichick has a tough time buying that given the way things played out back in '07. As for how things are between the two, Mangini said, "Probably like the New England defense, it's a work in progress."

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Colquitt: Haley mad at McDaniels for cheating

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Todd Haley has been known for his short temper long before he landed the Chiefs' head coaching gig. Five years ago, when Haley was a wide receivers coach with the Cowboys, he and Terrell Owens had a falling out that ended with Owens stating that the two would have "no other dialogue" after Haley berated him for being late to a team meeting.

And then, in January 2009 when Haley was the Cardinals offensive coordinator, he got into it on the sidelines with receiver Anquan Boldin.

We mention this because last season, when the Broncos defeated the Chiefs, Haley refused to shake hands with then-Denver coach Josh McDaniels and instead decided to give him a finger-wagging lecture right there at midfield.

Haley later apologized saying, "I do believe in doing what's right and and that was not right. I probably let the emotions of the situation get to me too much and I apologize to the fans and to Denver and to Josh."

Well, on Wednesday, Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt appeared on the "Vic and Gary" show on 102.3 the Fan in Denver and he had some thoughts on why, exactly, Haley wasn't particularly happy with McDaniels.

“I don’t know if I can answer that within the locker room, but I know that it has something to do with the Spygate, the videotaping,” Colquitt said, according to PFT. “All the stuff like that. And I think that Haley was like, ‘Listen, based on that game I can tell what you are doing, and you are cheating.’ . . .

“I think it was just a culmination of rumors and [McDaniels] had been involved in that in New England possibly before, and so Todd was just kind of saying, ‘Look, with the game plan we had and what you guys already knew we were gonna do, this is’ . . . basically saying it was ‘bush, bush league.’”

So there you have it. According to Colquitt, Haley was miffed because he thought McDaniels, who came to Denver from New England, was cheating. We eagerly await Eric Mangini's thoughts on the matter.

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Jets suspicious of Patriots spy tactics?

Posted by Andy Benoit

There have long been widespread rumors about the New England Patriots using clandestine measures to gather intelligence about opponents.

Obviously, there’s Spygate. There are whispers that the Patriots videotaped the Rams walkthrough prior to Super Bowl XXXVI. There has been talk of players being wired during games to better pick up opponents’ audibles. Peter King says Tom Moore and Peyton Manning conduct meetings in the halls at Gillette Stadium because they suspect the locker room might be bugged.

So it comes as no surprise that on Monday FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer tweeted, “Jets players told me Rex (Ryan) asked team to bring playbooks to (meeting) last night fearing them being left in rooms for possible subterfuge.”

It’s likely that the Jets are just having fun fanning the flames of New England’s dubious reputation (anything to bait the fans and media into talking about it). Consider the bait taken.

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