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Jimmy Johnson: Jerry Jones 'will never change'

Posted by Will Brinson

The lack of success from the Dallas Cowboys has been, for the most part, pinned on Wade Phillips. After all, they (we think) have a ton of talent and yet they (we know) have very few wins.

But it's completely understandable to put some of the onus for failure on Jerry Jones, as he's the Owner/President/GM. And that's just what former Dallas Cowboys coach (and recent Survivor contestant!) Jimmy Johnson did recently.

"Jerry will never change," Johnson told Sam Farmar of the Los Angeles Times. "Jerry wants to be right in the middle of it. That's why he paid all that money to buy them."

Johnson also added that Stephen Jones, Jerry's son and the Cowboys' COO is "such a huge part of the process too."

"So that's family," Johnson said. "And when it comes to family, there's no stronger bond. Jerry's not going to change because his family's so involved."

There are plenty of folks out there who believe that the Cowboys won't win, regardless of who's coaching the team, until Jerry cedes some of his control over personnel to someone with a better knowledge of how to assemble a team.

And that makes sense given the unwillingness of Jones to can Wade Phillips sooner, despite Wade's obvious inability to control his troops (sloppy play and mental errors have been a trademark of Phillips' regime). But before everyone starts petitioning for Jones' resignation (which ain't coming), it's worth at least giving the Cowboys' talent a shot at how it'll do under a coach who understands discipline, like John Fox, Bill Cowher.

And yeah, Jason Garrett nearly made that list, as he could definitely end up coaching the Cowboys in 2011 -- but he was running the O in Big D when, as Johnson (and everyone else on the planet who watched the Cowboys play the last three weeks) put it, "they quit."

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Jimmy Johnson and Survivor

Posted by Andy Benoit

Former Cowboys and Dolphins head coach and current Fox NFL analyst Jimmy Johnson will make his debut on CBS’s hit reality show Survivor Nicaragua this Wednesday. Johnson, a longtime fan of Survivor, tried unsuccessfully six years ago to get on the show. “I did my little video and everything and went through the regular application,” he said. (Likelihood that a two-time Super Bowl winner actually went through the “regular application”: somewhere between 0 and 0.5 percent.) J. Johnson (US Presswire)

Johnson tried to get on the show again three years ago and, well, here’s how he tells the story:

“(I) went all the way through and got pretty well approved up until the medical and I was a - I always worked out and jogged – (but) I was heavy. The Survivor doctors called me and said, ‘Coach, we’d love to take you but you’ve got one artery 100% blocked and another one 70% blocked. You need to see your cardiologist.’ I went to see the cardiologist and a week later I had a stent put in, went on a strict diet, lost 30 pounds, my cholesterol went from 220 to under a hundred and so I got healthy and in fact Survivor may have actually, you know, made me a survivor.”

Johnson, 67, got in good enough shape to succeed on his third try this year. In a conference call with reporters, Johnson, careful not to give away any results of the show, talked about his strategy. He wanted to avoid lying to other players, and he wanted to avoid a leadership role (apparently the early leaders tend to get voted off quicker). But, obviously, his background as a two-time Super Bowl champion made it difficult to abstain from all leadership positions.

In the conference call, more than a few clever reporters asked Johnson to make the connection between the show and football. Asked who else from the NFL he’d like to see on Survivor, Johnson said, “Most professional football players and people that really I’m associated with, they’re too accustomed to the easy life.”

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Posted on: July 21, 2010 9:52 am
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Jimmy Johnson joining 'Survivor: Nicaragua' cast?

Jimmy Johnson, former Cowboys coach and current Fox broadcaster, will inexplicably (and, reportedly) spiff up his already impressive acting resume on "Survivor: Nicaragua," the latest rendition of CBS' popular television show.

My man Calvin Watkins has a source claiming that Johnson is prepared to go where no really wealthy, multiple-championship-winning, still-gainfully-employed broadcaster has gone before: reality television.

Now, sure, there have been lots of folk who have appeared on stuff like "Dancing With the Stars," like Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, Chad Ochocinco, and Lawrence Taylor. But that's more of a "hey, look how my talents on the football field translate over into stuff that kind of seems like real life!" attention grab.

Or something. This, though, is different. It's "Survivor," where the whole purpose (at least I've always thought) is to throw a ton of strangers onto an island and see how long they can last while playing a low-stakes game of international intrigue vis-a-vis learning each other's weaknesses and then exploiting them for personal gain.

Johnson on board kind of defeats the purpose, since someone just needs to sneak in his tent and hijack whatever product JJ brings to put in his hair. He won't last more than two episodes.

-- Will Brinson

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