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Posted on: September 20, 2011 9:25 am
Edited on: September 21, 2011 9:18 am

Terrell Owens in Korea for stem-cell therapy

Posted by Will Brinson

Terrell Owens football career has taken him to ... Korea. But he's not there playing in some bizarro CFL that you've never heard of -- the free-agent wideout is in Korea getting treatment on his surgically-repaired ACL.

Owens went under the knife for ACL surgery in late June and was expected to miss about six months. Since then, he's said he'll be back "before they expect," which may explain why he took Dr. James Andrews' advice and hopped a plane to Asia for stem-cell therapy.

"Mr. Owens starts with therapy Monday followed by the collecting and storing of his stem cells the next day," Lee Jung-no, doctor and president of the Chaum Anti-Aging Center, told the Korea Times.

And, yes, I thought it might be an Onion article at first, too, but it's not -- Owens is actually in Korea having this work done. (Or shopping his pilot to a television network/country that hasn't seen him act.)

"We do have our branch hospital in the United States, and Dr. Andrews advised Owens to contact it first, which then led him to visit our office here," Lee said.

Presumably, the doctors in America can physically perform all the same surgeries and regenerative processes that the doctors in Korea can. The only difference might be what's prohibited by medical associations.

It's similar to what happened with Peyton Manning, who reportedly flew to Europe for stem-cell surgery/therapy in order to try and get and back on the field before the 2011 season began.

Obviously it's difficult to even gauge how far along in the rehabilitation process Owens is at this point, but if he was due to return from ACL surgery in December, and he's pushing for stem-cell therapy in a different country in September, the logical guess is that he's struggling to recover as fast from injury as he used to.

And, given his recent comments about income while being pulled over for violating carpool lane laws in a 2003 VW Beetle, perhaps he's more desperate to get on the field than we could imagine.

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