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Posted on: November 10, 2011 3:36 pm

Kirk Morrison, meet Kirk Morrison

K. Morrison and K. MorrisonPosted by Josh Katzowitz

Kirk Morrison apparently wanted the @kirkmorrison Twitter account so badly that he was willing to bribe Kirk Morrison to make it happen. Er, another Kirk Morrison. A Kirk Morrison that doesn’t play linebacker for the Bills. A Kirk Morrison who happens to be a 20-year old business student attending the University of Regina in Canada.

Since the younger Morrison (Kirk No. 2) tweeted from that account, the football playing-Morrison (Kirk No. 1) -- who previously tweeted from @kirkmorrison55 but needed to change his Twitter handle after his jersey number changed -- offered this setup: Buffalo’s Morrison would pay for a VIP trip for two to any Bills home game, along with two sideline passes, in exchange for the @kirkmorrison moniker.

The collegian agreed, and when the Bills faced the Jets last Sunday, the younger Kirk and his brother Kent, after flying into Toronto and being driven to Buffalo in a town car ordered by the Bills, were on the sidelines in the pregame and in the stands during the game.

"He is such a great guy," said Kirk No. 2, referring to Kirk No. 1 in the Regina Leader-Post (via Yahoo Sports). "He was super nice and friendly with us and happy to see us.”

On his new Twitter page, Kirk No. 1 called Kirk No. 2 his “brother from another mother.”

Indeed, earlier in the week, Kirk No. 1 said he was pumped to meet Kirk No. 2, and it showed as Kirk No. 1 rolled out the red carpet for Kirk No. 2. He tailgated with former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly, and he met Thurman Thomas on the field before the game.
It was, it sounds like, an amazing experience. And the payoff for Kirk No. 1 is sweet. A Twitter handle with no clutter.

Photo courtesy of Regina Leader-Post.

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Posted on: October 23, 2010 7:17 pm

Hines Ward: QBs might have some blame on big hits

Posted by Will Brinson

We talked to Thurman Thomas recently, and he made a funny (but salient) point -- some blame for big hits has to be placed on quarterbacks, especially if they continually hang their receivers out to dry over the middle.

Hines Ward agrees with this theory.

"It's funny, I was talking to [Mohamed] Massaquoi about quarterbacks pregame," Ward said. "I told him it's rough playing with three different quarterbacks. It's especially tough playing with a rookie. If he considers you his go-to guy, he's going to watch you run your route the whole way. That's what happened on that play when [Massaquoi] was hit. [Colt McCoy] followed him with his eyes the whole way. James saw that and knew that pass was coming."

Ward also pointed some blame towards Kevin Kolb on the hit that's knocked DeSean Jackson out for this week's game against the Titans.

"[Dunta Robinson's] quarterback didn't see the cornerback there and led him right into him," Ward said. "What was he supposed to do? He led with his shoulder. That's a good football play. If he tackles him low, he blows out his knees and ends his career. Is that what the league's trying to tell us it wants?"

Of course, Ward didn't put all the blame on the quarterbacks -- he also called the changes "ridiculous" (blame on the league) and told Massaquoi that he need not run through the middle of zone coverage (blame on the receiver).

Ultimately, it is up to the defensive player, because they're the ones making the hits, but there are absolutely steps that offensive players and coaches can take to help prevent their teammates from getting devastated -- you probably just won't see those on Sunday, now that the NFL put everyone on notice, opening up the possibility of dink-and-dunk exploitation of zone coverage throughout the day.

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Posted on: October 21, 2010 10:17 pm

Thurman Thomas talks Bills, Spiller, big hits

Posted by Will Brinson

Thurman Thomas, former Bill superstar and NFL Hall of Famer, joined the CBSSports.com Football Podcast on Thursday to talk about the Bills' current situation (it can't be summed up any differently, although Thomas provides some nice insight into how early the Bills might draft a quarterback in 2011 -- hint: EARLY), as well as the possibility that C.J. Spiller could be Buffalo's next feature back.

While we had him on the line, we also discussed the NFL's new policy on big hits (he's got a fairly amusing take on why we should blame quarterbacks too), LaDainian Tomlinson's change of scenery (you may recall Thomas played a season with the Dolphins before retiring) and the big crop of running backs up for vote in Canton during the next induction (Thomas is also working with FansChoice.com, where fans can give input into a voting process that typically excludes the layman).

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