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Posted on: December 7, 2010 1:01 pm
Edited on: December 7, 2010 1:16 pm

Troy Calhoun not interested in Broncos gig

Posted by Will Brinson

With Josh McDaniels gone, who's gonna end up coaching the Denver Broncos? Great question, actually. One name floated prominently the last 24 hours has been Troy Calhoun, who was an assistant coach under Mike Shanahan, and is currently the head coach of the Air Force Academy.

But you can already scratch him off the list -- Calhoun released a statement Tuesday indicating his happiness with the the Academy and his lack of interest in the Broncos gig.

"The Air Force Academy has tremendous General officers and staff members who are remarkably dedicated to the development of our cadets. It’s inspiring that an 18 year old kid makes a commitment to embed the necessary character traits to grow into a fine young man or woman who honorably serves for at least five years," Calhoun said. "Our coaching staff and our families are proud to be a part of the daily lives of our nation’s future officers. We certainly look forward to seeing our seniors graduate in May along with coaching the Falcons in 2011 and beyond."

Okay, so it's not like renting a billboard that says "I'm not taking my talents to Mile High" or anything, but it's a pretty strong commitment to his current gig without actually mentioning that he's been approached about the Broncos job. Which he clearly has -- we can all agree that's true, right?

So, the Broncos "coaching search" is off on the right foot already! But that's no surprise, given the mess that we already knew they had on their hands when they initially canned McDaniels.

Here's what the team should do: hire John Elway in a "Football Business Czar" type of role, have him approach a "football guy" (you know, the type of person who's really good at evaluating talent, but doesn't want to coach and/or see the light of press conferences when possible?) and bring him on, and then let the two of those guys go after a coach for the Broncos.

While it's true that the team needs an identity change and they need it quick, the inability of Denver's front office to recognize the need for a rebuilding effort and some organizational structure is potentially more damaging than any horrible trade McDaniels ever made.

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Posted on: December 7, 2010 11:11 am

WWHTT (What Will Happen To Tebow?)

T. Tebow might not be around Denver for that much longer (AP). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Now that former Broncos coach Josh McDaniels is out of Denver, what will become of QB Tim Tebow? After all, trading up to select Tebow in the first round of last year's Draft was one of the moves that probably got McDaniels fired in the first place, and it’s pretty clear that most of the coaches in the league don’t have the time or inclination to see if Tebow could become a legit full-time NFL player.

According to Yahoo! Sports’ Jason Cole, Tebow could be making his way out Denver’s door pretty soon, as well.

From Cole:

What may be just as predictable is that Tebow’s career may be over before he gets a real chance. Or as one NFC general manager put it recently: “The thing that’s tricky [about firing McDaniels] is what happens with Tebow. This is a league where at least 75 percent of the coaches and personnel people are not Tebow-ites.”

Whomever (owner Pat) Bowlen turns to next as coach is likely to look at Tebow and say, “Thanks, but no thanks.” McDaniels’ unwillingness to turn to Tebow as this season unraveled will probably be viewed as an indictment on the first-round draft pick.

The bottom line is that Tebow is an acquired taste who needs a coach who believes in him and is willing to work on his throwing motion until it has completely changed. Even then, there are significant questions about Tebow’s accuracy.

Tebow has made the most of his time on the field this season. Running out of the Wildcat formation, Tebow has rushed for three touchdowns while throwing for another score. But he hasn’t played much, and the fact that McDaniels didn’t use him a whole lot when it was clear Denver’s season was over is telling.

If McDaniels didn’t believe in Tebow’s abilities, who else will (assuming, of course, Urban Meyer doesn’t somehow jump to the NFL)?

By the way, Air Force coach Troy Calhoun seems to have some momentum behind him as one of the leading candidates to take over the full-time Broncos job. Don't know if that's good news or bad news, but there it is.

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