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Posted on: October 3, 2010 7:25 pm

Numerology: NFL Week 4

Posted by Will Brinson

The jury is still out on science, but the verdict on math is F-U-N, so we present the week in NFL from a numbers perspective.

1 - Middle fingers extended by Titans' defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil to an official upon not preferring the call on the field. Bad news: his fine is probably going to be a bigger number. Good news though is that Bud Adams will probably pay it, given his history for, um, flying birds at football games .

3 - 200-yard receiving games that Terrell Owens (and seven others) has in his career. Couldn't happen to a better guy!

8 - Consecutive games by Antonio Gates with a touchdown, just another record that he owns as a tight end. Once Tony Gonzalez retires in 2055, Gates can really work on catching his records.

25 - Yards that John Carney was able to move the football with his foot in order to ensure that Garrett Hartley is unemployed come Monday.

59 - Length of Josh Scobee's game winning kick for the Jaguars to topple the Colts Sunday. (Incidentally, that's also the number of Jags fans in attendance!)

60.2 - Quarterback rating for Donovan McNabb on Sunday. Of course, the number "one" is important too, since it's how many victories he has in Philadelphia.

67 - Games it took Maurice Jones-Drew to get 50 career rushing touchdowns, tied for the 13th fastest in NFL history. Yes, his fantasy owners are wondering why it wasn't somewhere between 64 and 66.

74 - Length of Arian Foster's third quarter touchdown run, which actually may be less important than ZERO, which is the number of carries he got in the first quarter after being benched for a "coach's decision" that made a lot of fantasy owners a whole lot of angry.

145 - Total yards from scrimmage by Charlie Batch as the Steelers lost their first game of the year. I assume everyone still thinks there's some sort of quarterback controversyin Pittsburgh?

158 - How many times Jeff Saturday and Peyton Manning have started a game together, which is the longest in post-merger NFL history. You wouldn't think you could get comfortable with your hands underneath another man's buttocks on a weekly basis, but I suppose after that many times it becomes routine.

165 - Speaking of Peyton, that's how many interception-less passes he'd tossed in a row until the third quarter against the Jaguars.

254 - Yards Steven Jackson needs to catch Eric Dickerson as the St. Louis Rams' all-time leading rusher following a 70-yard performance that helped him pass Marshall Faulk for second on the list and give him 6,991 for his career.

1,419 - Kyle Orton's passing yardage total thru four games of the 2010 season. Only Kurt Warner has a higher number in NFL history. (This is the part where we pause to let you pick up your jaw.)

12,012 - Career receiving yardage for Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez, the only tight end in history to cross the 12k barrier. It cannot be understated just how fantastic his career has been and, perhaps more impressively, continues to be .
Posted on: October 2, 2010 5:21 pm

Hot Routes 10.02.10: Gots to get paid

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

-Packers DE Cullen Jenkins wants a new contract. He’s saying the fact the Green Bay front office hasn’t talked with him about it is a slap in the face. He also wants Darnell Dockett money ($48 million with $30 million guaranteed).

-Former OT Willie Anderson, who visited Bengals practice this week, would like to return at some point and teach more. Although he finished his career in Baltimore, he said returning to Cincinnati was like coming home.

-The irrelevant Freddie Mitchell decided to rip Donovan McNabb this week. For some reason.

-Former Ravens DE Trevor Pryce signed with the Jets on Thursday, practiced Friday and Rex Ryan wants to play him Sunday. It helps that the defensive playbooks for the Ravens and the Jets are very similar.

-Steelers FS Ryan Clark doesn’t appear all that impressed with Baltimore’s squad. Said Clark: “To me, the Ravens are just another football team. They don't come in here wearing a cape. I am not scared they are going to take my lunch money. ” You might remember that in the 2008 AFC championship game, Clark’s hit on Willis McGahee knocked the Ravens RB out of the game.

-San Diego LB Shaun Phillips reached a conditional settlement with a man who sued him for allegedly punching him in the face in April of 2009. Phillips, though, still has to face another lawsuit from a woman who claimed that Phillips struck her and injured her in Las Vegas in February 2008. He was not charged by police in either case.

The $11 million verdict awarded to former Dolphins WR O.J. McDuffie has been tossed out by a Miami-Dade judge. Looks like they’re going to do this whole thing over again. As we all know, going to trial again doesn't generally work for guys named O.J.

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Posted on: October 2, 2010 10:20 am
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NFL Sound Off Week 4

Posted by Andy Benoit

This week we asked the social media world to fill in this sentence for us:

This Sunday, Donovan McNabb will be ____ by Philly fans because ______.

One response we did not get that would have been accurate is "McNabb will be (teased) by Philly fans because (his parents chose to stay home and watch the game on TV)."

Here are the best responses we got:

Via Facebook

Christopher Spahn: Mcnabb will be given the key to the city after he passes for over 500 yards and passes 8 tds

Chad Belt: Robbed/ he has money and this is Philly.

Joe Schlobotnik: Donovan McNabb will be PELTED WITH BATTERIES by Philadelphia Eagles fans this Sunday because IT'S TOO HARD TO THROW TIRES FROM THE STANDS.

(Andy’s note: This is our best response…funny and not entirely untrue – batteries have been thrown in Philly before. Plus, gotta love Joe’s aggressiveness and cleverness in filling in the blanks with ALL CAPS.)

Brandon Harris: DONOVAN MCNABB WILL BE unaffected BY PHILLY FANS THIS SUNDAY BECAUSE he has moved on...and so should they!

Sean Reade: mcnabb will be cheered by eagles fans because they got vick now because of him

(Andy’s note: great point – McNabb campaigned for the Vick signing. Eagles fans probably won’t connect those dots in the heat of the moment, though.)

Mike Breen: will be both cheered & booed because there are some fans that blame him 4 not winning a title showing how philly fans do not play with a stacked deck.

Zack Mills: Will be booed by Eagles fans this Sunday because he went to a division rival & 4 not giving a the city of Philadelphia a SuperBowl title!

Jason Ellis: booed harshly. Philly fans would boo their own grandmother.

(Andy’s note: wouldn’t it be cool if all 65,000-plus fans somehow actually had the same grandmother?)

HeZz Munson: Donovan McNabb will be loathed by Philadelphia Eagles fans this Sunday because he puked during the Super Bowl.

Mike Rouse: Donovan McNabb will be cheered by Philadelphia Eagles fans this Sunday because he is not Santa Claus or Michael Irvin.

Joe Rule: Will be amazed by the standing ovation bc he made philly fans proud to wear their colors and changed the way football was played in that city!....5 NFC Championship games and one SB! If they boo him then I got something to learn!

Bruce Lantry: Donovan McNabb will be doused by beer by Philadelphia Eagles fans this Sunday because that's how they roll !

Via Twitter

@ghostoflombardi : "McNabb will be showered with boos by Philly fans Sunday because Donovan plans to come out wearing a Santa Clause suit"

@dpgeezy : “booed because they are ungrateful fans”

@NICK_K_25 : “booed because the are ungreatful idiots”

@LilWilliams029 : “McNabb will be slightly cheered by Philly fans Sunday because he is a philly legend despite still being on a rival team."

@ReillyEagles : “Cheered by Eagles fans because everyone gets ONE, after that...he's a Redskins player man!”

@SevOneDeu : "McNabb will be Booed by Philly fans Sunday because, heck they booed him when he was an Eagle. They're used to it"

@Kim_Hewitt : “booed because they are saying a Philly goodbye!”

Stay with us next week as we continue the Sound Off feature all season.

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McNabb's parents not attending Sunday's game

Posted by Andy Benoit

Donovan McNabb was blessed to be raised by parents who never missed any of their son’s games. (And McNabb’s parents, Sam and Wilma, were blessed to have a son so talented that his games continued well into his 30s.)D. McNabb (US Presswire)

But Sunday, the McNabbs will not be returning as spectators to Lincoln Financial Field.

"To be honest with you, knock on wood, they haven't missed one game, professional, college, high school, grammar school," Donovan McNabb said before the season, according to Rick Maese of the Washington Post. "They have yet to miss one game."

Sam McNabb refuted that ever so slightly at the time. "[Donovan] probably can't remember us missing because we were there for 99.9 percent of them,” he sad.

According to people familiar with the McNabbs’ decision to skip Sunday’s homecoming, their reasoning has nothing to do with the expected hostility of the Lincoln Financial Field crowd. Rather, it’s because there are so many friends of the family expected around that day that the McNabbs feel it would be a distracting environment to watch the game. So, they’re doing what anyone else these days does who truly wants to see everything an NFL game has to offer would do: watching it on television.

The McNabbs deserve the benefit of the doubt when they say they have no concerns about return to The Linc. Recall that Sam McNabb was the one laughing alongside his son when Eagles fans booed Donovan on Draft Day. And Wilma McNabb is familiar with the public spotlight, having served as a spokeswoman for Chunky Soup. And, above all else, it’s not like the McNabbs haven’t seen their son booed by Philly fans before.

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Posted on: October 1, 2010 11:13 am
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NFL Week 4 Preview Podcast

Posted by Will Brinson

Another week of the NFL is upon us, and that means another preview podcast with Andy and me.

Below, we talk about whether or not it's time for to readjust our expectations for the AFC East now that the Jets are out front, the Panthers chances of beating the Saints (no, no, seriously), whether the Steelers can move to 4-0, if we should already be celebrating Mike Singletary's demise, whether Andre Johnson will be a decoy on Sunday against the Raiders, if Tiki Barber will be booed at his own Ring of Honor celebration, and, of course, what will happen when Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick square off for the rights to decide all of humanity.

Or something -- either way, click play below and get your podcast on people. Oh, and seriously, be a friend and subscribe via iTunes .

If you can't view the podcast, click here to download .

Posted on: September 30, 2010 9:50 pm
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For the gambler in you

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

The weekly Bodog prop bets are out, and with it comes this surprising news. Apparently, people are betting on Pittsburgh to win the Super Bowl.

From Bodog sportsbook manager Richard Gardner:

“With Big Ben’s return on the horizon and the Steelers sitting pretty at 3-0, we have seen a flood of money from bettors taking them to win the Super Bowl. No one expected them to start 4-0 which could have been bet at 50/1, but their defense has been rock solid and their back-up QB’s have stepped up to the plate, so a win against the Ravens this weekend will have them challenging for the odds on favorite to win the Super Bowl.”

I don’t see it, but if you’ve got some extra money lying around, it might not be the worst bet in the world .

Vick vs. McNabb - Who will score the most touchdowns in the game (passing and rushing) 

Donovan McNabb (WAS) QB +175

Michael Vick (PHI) QB -215

Vick is the favorite. And I would have to take him as well. At this point, he’s been nearly unstoppable (fourth-and-ones with the game on the line notwithstanding).

If Donovan McNabb scores a rushing TD will he celebrate in the following way?
Michael Jackson leg kick dance 20/1

Dunk the ball over the goal post 25/1

Finger roll the ball over the goal post 25/1

How can dunking the ball over the goal post and rolling the ball over the goal post get the same odds? Is McNabb athletic enough to still dunk it? Besides, what if he goes up for the dunk but just misses, yet the ball still goes over the crossbar? What then? Who gets paid off?

How many times during the game will they show Kevin Kolb on the sideline? (needs to be a direct shot of him, not in the background):

Over/Under 3 ½

This is a tough one. But I go with the under. Kolb was on the sideline last week too. Besides, it’s not the biggest story out there this week.

Which team will be the last remaining winless team in the 2010 NFL season?
Carolina Panthers 7/4  (+175)

Cleveland Browns 5/2  (+250)

Buffalo Bills 7/2 ( +350)

Detroit Lions 7/2  (+350)

San Francisco 49ers 6/1  (+600)

Man, like our latest Top Ten With a Twist, the Bodog people don’t think much of Mike Singletary’s coaching ability.

(EDIT: 12:08 a.m.): Thanks to reader SayWhat??, I screwed up and read the odds wrong. The Panthers are the favorite to be the last winless team, not the 49ers. In that case, yeah, go with the Panthers. Or the Bills.

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Posted on: September 30, 2010 1:13 pm

Jim Mora doesn't like Doug Gottlieb's questions

Posted by Will Brinson

Doug Gottlieb (who, by the way, is a really nice dude and was fantastic enough to do a podcast with myself and MDS in the middle of filming SportsCenter segments right as March Madness started two years ago) had Jim Mora, Jr., on the radio today (he was filling in for Colin Cowherd) and asked him about -- duh -- Michael Vick, who Mora coached in Atlanta.

Gottlieb was curious if Mora thought that Vick really "bought in" to everything while he was in Atlanta (specifically becoming a pocket passer) and if it could have made the Falcons better (and saved Mora's job) and things got a little bit heated. Eventually, Mora asked Gottlieb "Dude, is this your first interview?" Gottlieb also asked Mora how people in Philly "should feel" about Donovan McNabb and, well, Mora didn't like that either. Good times!

Posted on: September 30, 2010 8:46 am

Week 4 Key Matchup: Sufficient skill for 'Skins?

Posted by Andy Benoit

Obviously on Sunday the focus in Philadelphia will be on Donovan McNabb. But what about the rest of the other 21 players on the field? The 1-2 Redskins are dangerously thin – emaciated, even – at the skill positions. Wideout Santana Moss can stretch the field. Fellow wideout Joey Galloway can stretch the field only theoretically. The 16th-year veteran has just three catches on the season.

You can’t count on Galloway or any of the backup wide receivers to provide much. Thus, one key for Washington will be finding ways to avoid a Moss-on-Asante Samuel matchup. Moss’ game is predicated on speed and quickness. Samuel’s off-ball style of coverage naturally neutralizes these elements.

Chris Cooley is often Washington’s X-factor. In this game, he’s a XX-factor. The Eagles struggled mightily last season in covering tight ends. Hence, the trade for speedy underneath outside linebacker Ernie Sims. By using Cooley in motion and aligning him in a variety of areas (the slot, backfield, etc.), Washington can force Sims – or, ideally, strong safety Quintin Mikell – to react presnap. This will make Philadelphia’s blitz schemes easier to diagnose.

A key factor will be whether rookie left tackle Trent Williams is healthy enough to block Trent Cole one-on-one (Williams was inactive in Week 3 but returned to practice Wednesday and is expected to play.) The Redskins would hate to have to keep Cooley in as an extra pass-blocker. In fact, they’d probably use Cooley as a de factor receiver and refer to second tight end Fred Davis for blocking duties. In that case, fullback Mike Sellers might off the field, which could dilute the play-action threat.

The Redskins must incorporate their run game to avoid getting into a shootout. Running will be tough given the issues at left guard (incumbent starter Derrick Dockery has fallen into a serious job competition with Kory Lichtensteiger). Philly’s Mike Patterson and Broderick Bunkley form one of the more vociferous defensive tackle tandems in the league. Plus, backup Trevor Laws is coming off one of his best games as a pro.

And let’s not forget, Clinton Portis is nearing the point where he’s only effective as a fourth quarter closer (assuming he’s still fresh in the fourth quarter). Plus, Portis’ bruising style won’t be as impactful against 258-pound middle linebacker Stewart Bradley. Ryan Torain is Washington’s best runner – especially in Mike Shanahan’s zone scheme. Don’t be surprised if Torain wears the hat on Sunday.

Ron Jaworski thought McNabb had perhaps the best game of his career against the Texans in Week 2. That still came in a losing effort. McNabb’s return trip to the City of Brotherly Love could be a reminder that talent is important, but equally as important is the talent around you.

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