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Posted on: October 6, 2010 8:56 am
Edited on: October 6, 2010 9:23 am

Moss deal is complete

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

The Randy Moss trade is done.

First reported about 8:50 a.m. by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Randy Moss trade from New England to Minnesota is official. The Patriots compensation will be the Vikings third-round pick in the 2011 Draft, and Moss will head to Minnesota without a new contract in place.

Much more to come. Come back to the blog early and often for all your Moss-centric info.

UPDATE (9:18 a.m.):
This has been a weird year for Randy Moss – and for the reporters who have to follow the Randy Moss saga.

After making five catches for 59 yards in Week 1 against Cincinnati, Moss walked into his postgame news conference and let loose – a rarity for Moss when he’s dealing with reporters. He said he wanted a new contract, and considering he’s in the final year of his deal, he was disappointed he hadn’t received one yet. He said he was making an issue of it at that point, because he wanted to get it off his chest.

He said he wanted to retire a Patriot, but he also predicted that 2010 would be his last season in New England. After a nice win, Moss’ presser seemed a touch inappropriate.

No matter.

After the NFL world was reminded before New England’s game vs. the Jets in Week 2 that New York CB Darrelle Revis had called Moss a slouch, Moss only had two catches for 38 yards. Of course, one of those receptions was a brilliant one-handed grab that beat Revis for a TD (it’s worth noting that we haven’t seen Revis in a game since).

The weirdness came to a climax Monday when Moss didn’t record a single catch in New England’s Monday Night blowout of the Dolphins – he was targeted just once. After the game, he said his zero-catch night was part of the gameplan. That also seemed odd.

Two days later, Moss is headed back to the team which drafted him 1998 to play with Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin.

Oh, and there’s this: the strangeness will continue Monday night when Moss faces the Jets for the second time in three weeks and will continue on Halloween when Moss and the Vikings travel to … yep, you guessed it … New England.

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Posted on: October 6, 2010 8:22 am

Pats likely to get 3rd round pick for Moss

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

On a day that figures to be very Randy Moss-centric, let’s get the news started early.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that when the Moss-to-Minnesota trade is complete – most likely some time today (funny how quickly these things happen sometimes, eh?) – the Patriots will receive a third-round pick in return.

Remember, the Raiders traded Moss to the Patriots for a fourth round pick who turned out to be former University of Cincinnati standout John Bowie. Quick aside: when I talked to Bowie that day – I was working at the Cincinnati Post – he had just gotten out of church. I said, “So, you were basically traded straight-up for Randy Moss.”

Naturally, he wasn’t real comfortable with the idea.

Anyway, when Moss was traded from Oakland to New England, he had 676 career catches for 10,700 yards and 50 touchdowns. In his four seasons in New England, he’s added 259 catches, nearly 4,000 yards and 40 touchdowns. So yeah, that’s probably worth a draft pick that’s one round higher.

Also, as Schefter points out, the Patriots will have double picks in the first four rounds of the 2011 Draft, because of all the wheeling and dealing they’ve done. Say what you will about how the Patriots seem to trade away talent when the depth behind that talent isn’t that great – think Moss, think Richard Seymour, think Deion Branch – they likely will have one hell of a draft.

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Posted on: October 5, 2010 8:19 pm
Edited on: October 5, 2010 11:48 pm

Randy Moss could be headed to Minnesota

Posted by Andy Benoit

Multiple sources are reporting that the New England Patriots and Minnesota Vikings are discussing a trade involving Randy Moss. A deal likely hinges on whether Moss and his original team can come to terms on a long-term contract. Moss, as he himself has reminded everyone, is in the final year of his current deal.R. Moss (US Presswire)

Pro Football Talk, among other media outlets, has said that Moss and the Vikings have not yet begun negotiations, and that the Patriots have not granted permission for the receiver to discuss contract terms with other teams.

Though not preferable, it’s possible Moss could get dealt without a new contract. There are whispers that the Patriots would receive a third-round pick in the trade.

Apparently, this issue has been brewing for weeks. Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald reports that Moss’ agent, Joel Segal, called Bill Belichick and requested a trade after Week 1.

Comcast Sports’ Gary Tanguay says that Moss, who had zero catches and was targeted just once in New England’s win over Miami Monday night, “showed up unhappy” on Tuesday and “had words” with Belichick. (Adam Schefter of ESPN, however, says Moss and Belichick did not speak Tuesday.)

If this trade does indeed happen, it would make sense from the Vikings side and be a shocker from the Patriots side. The Vikings need a deep threat to replace the injured Sidney Rice. (Even if Rice returns in November from his hip injury, it’s doubtful he’ll be his usual self.) And with Brett Favre – who, by the way, has wanted to play with Moss for years – being in his last season (grain of salt), it’s now or never for the club.

The Patriots seem set to move on without Moss in 2011, but that doesn’t mean the 33-year-old is not an integral part of their Super Bowl caliber offense this season. Take Moss out of the lineup and the Pats are faced with rewriting several pages of their playbook.

It would be very in character for New England to make this trade. They once dealt Deion Branch despite not having any other quality receivers on the roster. And, last season, despite having a porous defense, they shipped Hall of Fame defensive end Richard Seymour to Oakland in exchange for draft picks.

The Patriots are saying there is no trade. Given their history of subterfuge, that might be the clearest sign that something could be going down.

Even if a trade does not happen, the story of the rumor will long be remembered. It began as an accidental internet spark and, in classic Twitter fashion, turned into a raging conflagration Tuesday night.

Bill Simmons accidentally tweeted that there were rumors swirling that Randy Moss was going to be traded to the Vikings. He meant to send it as a direct message (DM).

Not long after that, Jay Glazer tweeted, “hey bill simmons @sportsguy33, damn you! Hahaha. I've been sitting on it allllll day. Was hoping to come outta left field and then u let slip. Classic! Good job”

Glazer also tweeted, “Yes, vikes and pats have been working on trade that sends randy moss to vikes and r very (close) but can't be done until vikes and moss work out new contract, (which) they r working on.”

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Posted on: October 5, 2010 11:33 am

Moss says going catchless 'called a gameplan'

Posted by Will Brinson

On Monday night in a blowout win against the Dolphins, Randy Moss went catchless for the first time as a Patriot.

Even more shockingly, he was only targeted once . Surprisingly, though, he wasn't that upset about his lack of production, at least immediately following the game.

"It's called a game plan," Moss said following the win, according to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald .

Again, that was right after the game, so maybe by the time that someone gets to chat with him again, Moss will have a different answer.

But considering the Pats won, and considering that he really wants a new contract, and considering that no one in the offense was really that involved because of the strong special teams play, and considering that getting angry about his role in the offense after a dubya would be the precise thing that would put him out of favor with Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft, don't count on any more angry press conference screeds.

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Posted on: October 4, 2010 8:21 pm

Three keys for MNF

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

A couple of keys before we settle in to watch the Patriots play the Dolphins.

1) Patriots WR Randy Moss vs. Dolphins CBs Vontae Davis or Jason Allen:
Last season, Moss had some pretty good stats vs. the Dolphins, combining for eight catches, 213 yards and two TDs. But Davis, in his second season, is looking to change that outcome tonight. Also, the Miami secondary has some height to it, and that could create some problems for New England’s wide receivers. But don’t forget about the Patriots tight ends – Aaron Hernandez, Rob Gronkowski and Alge Crumpler.

2) Dolphins RBs Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams vs. the Patriots run defense: New England is currently ranked No. 24 in the league by allowing 119 yards per game, and though Miami hasn’t been great in this facet (112 yards per game and just one TD), it’s got talent. Brown has been much better than Williams – who’s already lost three fumbles this year – but the two are still splitting carries. Brown will be looking for a big game tonight, and he just might get it.

3) Neither team can afford to fall behind the Jets in the AFC East:
With the Jets easy win against Buffalo on Sunday, they moved to 3-1 on the season. New England and Miami are 2-1, but both already have losses against New York. A loss tonight, though it certainly wouldn’t be disastrous, would push that team to into third place in the AFC East. It won’t be a pretty view if that team has to look up at the Jets and the Patriots.

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Posted on: September 26, 2010 1:25 pm
Edited on: September 26, 2010 1:32 pm

Randy Moss catches 150th career TD pass

Posted by Will Brinson

Last week against the Jets, Randy Moss scored his 150th career touchdown .

However, one of those TD's, as you may have guessed, was a rushing score, which meant that heading into Week 3, Moss had another milestone within reach. 

And Sunday against the Bills, he caught a play-action pass from Tom Brady to join Jerry Rice as the only other receiver in NFL history with 150 receiving touchdowns.

In the red zone, the Patriots lined up in a jumbo package, motioned Julian Edelman out of the backfield, faked to Fred Taylor and Brady zinged one to a slanting Moss in the back of the end zone for New England's first score of the game.
Posted on: September 24, 2010 10:32 am

Hot Routes 9.24.10: Where Randy Moss is perfect

Posted by Will Brinson

Hot Route time, people. Got a link you want submitted? Hit us up on Twitter (@CBSSportsNFL) .
  • So, you probably remember Randy Moss' one-handed catch from last week against the Jets. Well, it was so good that the folks at EA Sports decided to bump his "spectacular catch" rating on Madden up from a 99 to a 100. This is the first time anyone's had a 100-rating in two years and previously Reggie Bush (agility), Tom Brady (awareness), Peyton Manning (awareness), Sebastian Janikowski (kick power) and Braylon Edwards (spectacular catch) also received the "honor, according to Kotaku . I have a little beef with the Braylon thing, especially since he apparently had a 99 rating for the same thing this year, meaning there's a 100 percent chance that Donny Moore, ratings czar, is a Michigan grad. No other way to explain it.
  • Poor Lee Evans. He's "loyal to the Buffalo Bills, almost to a fault ." If you're gonna be that loyal to something, make it be something good that doesn't hurt you so much. Like coffee, or heroin or something. 
  • Pretty good stat here from Blogging the Boys : the Cowboys are 22-1 since leading at half over the last three seasons. The logic behind them stinking when they're behind is that Jason Garrett turns into someone with an Xbox controller who can't remember to balance the run and the pass when he's losing.
  • Our buddy Joel Thorman predicts that Jamaal Charles will come out of the San Fran game with more carriest than Thomas Jones. The logic here is that against a weaker Browns defense, it makes sense to pound the ball straight in their freaking faces with Jones. Against the Niners though, Charles might be the better play.
Posted on: September 22, 2010 3:24 pm

Revis out Sunday against Dolphins

Posted by Will Brinson

Darrelle Revis, the most talked about NFL player this offseason, will not play on Sunday against the Dolphins, coach Rex Ryan said on Wednesday.

"We felt that we might as well let you know now that Revis is not where he can play," Ryan said. "He's itching to get back to playing, but it's too risky a proposition to get him back out there."

Revis, dealing with an injured hamstring before the Jets played the Patriots in Week 2, re-injured himself while getting torched by Randy Moss on a Patriots touchdown.

Revis' absence didn't help the Jets against the Pats, but Antonio Cromartie's athleticism matched up well with Moss and enabled the Jets to take their division rivals down.

Whether or not Cromartie can do the same damage against Brandon Marshall -- a more physical receiver than Moss -- remains to be seen. But clearly, Revis' injury is problematic enough that the Jets are willing to rule him out for the game this early in the week and risk taking on the Dolphins without the help of their best player.

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