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Posted on: February 8, 2011 12:55 pm

Hot Routes 2.8.11: Two sides of Vick

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

  • Vick didn’t get out of the ceremony unscathed, though. As this YouTube video will attest. To be fair, though, take the video with a grain of salt. It’s hard to tell if Vick even heard the radio guy or looked at him.
  • If you’re thinking new Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden will contact QB Carson Palmer to make a pitch at him to stay in Cincinnati, think again. Gruden will wait until Palmer’s job status is sorted out before making contact.
  • Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post thinks the Super Bowl has become too bloated.
  • If you were driving in the Washington D.C. area Sunday night, there’s a pretty good chance you were given a ticket by Maryland or Virginia police. Forty-two drivers were arrested on DUI suspicion.
  • The Washington City Paper has announced the Washington City Paper Defense Fund so the outlet can fight the multi-million dollar lawsuit leveled at it by Redskins owner Daniel Snyder. Apparently, the newspaper is getting plenty of support from its readers.

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Posted on: February 5, 2011 7:12 pm
Edited on: February 5, 2011 9:34 pm

Michael Vick named AP Comeback Player of the Year

Posted by Will Brinson

DALLAS -- In perhaps the least surprising news of Super Bowl week, Michael Vick won the AP Comeback Player of the Year award.

That's following a season in which he became just the second player in NFL history to throw for 3,000 yards, rush for 500 yards and still records a passer rating of 100-or-more in a single season.

On the season, Vick passed for 3,018 yards, 21 touchdowns (to six interceptions), a 100.2 passer rating while completing 62.6 percent of his passes. He also rushed for 676 yards and nine touchdowns.

The interesting thing about Vick is that he wasn't necessarily taken out of football the year prior to winning the award. On the contrary -- he simply wasn't a starter for the Eagles in 2009. But considering that two years prior he'd be in jail, it's nothing short of a miracle that he's come this far and returned to dominance on the football field.

There will be ample people who believe that Vick's past makes him unworthy of winning anything, but because of where he bottomed out and the level of play he was able to return to, it's impossible not to consider his story a truly remarkable comeback.

In a year where the only other possible candidates for the award were Wes Welker, E.J. Henderson and Mike Williams, it's impossible not to hand Vick the hardware. While both of them have remarkable stories, Vick's re-ascent to NFL greatness is something that's rarely been witnessed in the history of the game.

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Posted on: February 5, 2011 11:42 am
Edited on: February 5, 2011 11:44 am

Jeremy Maclin talks Vick, Eagles, Super Bowl

Posted by Will Brinson

We made our way to the Playboy Super Bowl party at the Bud Light Hotel last night, and we ran into a few celebrities.

Jeremy Maclin started the stream of what was a pretty nice group of big-name NFL guys. And with Maclin playing the role of "quiet assassin" (he's ridiculously talented but gets much less pub than Michael Vick or DeSean Jackson) on a really dangerous Eagles' team, we thought we'd check on his thoughts about the Eagles next season, their weapons and who he thinks will win the Super Bowl.

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Posted on: February 3, 2011 5:04 pm
Edited on: February 4, 2011 12:17 pm

Vick's Super Bowl party will be very secure

Posted by Andy BenoitM. Vick (US Presswire)

UPDATE 12:15 p.m. EST: Tony Dungy has said on the Dan Patrick Show that Vick will NOT be attending the Super Bowl party. Apparently, it was just a rumor. "I think he understands it's something that's not worth it for him," Dungy said.


Last time Michael Vick held a highly publicized party, the night ended in gunshots. Vick admitted that his 30th birthday bash this past summer was a major mistake. This time, he’s taking more precautions.

The “Dallas Dynasty 2011” event, which promises A-listers, is slated to run from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. TMZ has the details of the extensive security measures:

Jeff Skaggs, who is in charge of the venue Deux Lounge, told TMZ that three SWAT team members will be patrolling the area outside.
 Also, Vick is bringing his own security team. And the club is bringing extra members of their own security staff. And guests will be searched and wanded before getting inside. Oh, and – AND – most interesting of all: the NFL is providing security detail.

Normally, you have to be president of a first world country to garner this kind of protection.

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Posted on: February 2, 2011 3:20 pm

Tom Brady wins Offensive Player of the Year award

Posted by Will Brinson

Tom Brady was named the AP Offensive Player of the Year on Wednesday, and the voting wasn't close enough to warrant a false-hope run on Twitter for any of the other candidates.

Brady picked up 21 votes, 10 more than runner-up Michael Vick. Of the remaining 18 votes, Arian Foster received seven, Philip Rivers received five, and Roddy White, Aaron Rodgers and DeSean Jackson all received two apiece.

That Brady won the award is hardly a surprise, and it won't likely be his only postseason hardware, either - the MVP award, to be announced Sunday of the Super Bowl, is probably his as well.

The argument against Brady is pretty nonexistent -- early in the season he failed to post eye-popping statistics, but as soon as people questioned whether or not the departure of Randy Moss was affecting him, the Pats quarterback started lighting defenses up.

And using his five-touchdown performance against the Steelers as a springboard, Brady finished with 36 touchdowns to only four interceptions, an absolutely ridiculous ratio by any standards.

It probably didn't hurt, either, that the Patriots cruised to the top seed in the AFC while Vick missed multiple games and Rivers struggled down the stretch.

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Posted on: January 30, 2011 2:07 pm

Report: Eagles will franchise tag Vick

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

It sounds like the Eagles know where they want their offense to go next season, and it sounds like they know who they want to lead them there.

Not surprisingly, that’d be QB Michael Vick. And to wrap him up for another season without having to commit a long-term contract to him, the Eagles will place the franchise tag on Vick, according to a report by ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Vick, of course, was amazing for much of the season, supplanting Kevin Kolb as the official Donovan McNabb replacement and then leaving Kolb in a sticky situation (probably half the teams would use him as a starting quarterback, and unfortunately for him, the Eagles are not one of those teams).

But Schefter also writes Philadelphia will look to deal Kolb – who’s slated to make $1.4 million next year but also desperately wants to start. Considering the amount of interest Kolb should draw from other clubs, look for him not to be in an Eagles uniform next season.

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Posted on: January 26, 2011 8:28 pm
Edited on: January 26, 2011 8:33 pm

Plaxico Burress: worth signing?

Posted by Andy Benoit

This summer, Plaxico Burress will once again be a free man. And, a free agent. After serving a two-year prison sentP. Burress (US Presswire)ence on weapons charges, the former Giants wide receiver will be released and looking to renew his once-glistening NFL career.

On Showtime’s Inside the NFL Wednesday night, Burress’ agent, Drew Rosenhaus laid the groundwork for the publicity campaign that he’ll orchestrate for his polarizing client. “I am not a big advocate of making predictions on teams because so much can change,” Rosenhaus said. “But I am not afraid to make the following prediction; Plaxico Burress will be playing in 2011. And he will play very well. And it will be a very happy ending to a very tough, tough story for him.”

Undoubtedly, between now and summer, all 32 teams will at some point have to publicly declare whether they have any interest in Burress. (The Ravens, who signed Donte’ Stallworth after his incarceration and NFL-mandated suspension, got the ball rolling by addressing Burress a few weeks ago. Head coach John Harbaugh essentially said he’d have to wait and learn more about Burress.)
Most if not all teams will play the “wait and see” card. As was the case with Michael Vick, teams’ hope for Burress is that he has changed as a person but not as a football player.

No need to speculate on how prison has impacted Burress personally (we’ll assume he has a new perspective, sense of humility and all that other jazz). What about physically?

The man will be 34 next August. When Vick came back, he was 29. But it’s possible that the rust from Burress’ layoff – and there will be rust; even Jamal Lewis struggled after spending four months during the’05 offseason behind bars – will wear off quicker than Vick’s. Or, better stated, Burress can compensate for his rust easier than Vick did.

Burress was never touted for his speed and quickness. His greatest asset was his size (which prison won’t impact) and strength/physicality (which he’ll have to regain). The wide receiver position is much easier to relearn than the quarterback position – especially when you’re a jumpball-based possession receiver.

That said, if a team was interested in signing a controversial veteran receiver, why wouldn’t they reach out to a Terrell Owens or a Randy Moss? At least those guys have been in the league the past two years. Then again, Burress won’t be near the headache that he once was and that Owens and Moss still are. After all, he’ll have no leverage and everything to prove.

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Posted on: January 26, 2011 2:03 am
Edited on: January 26, 2011 2:06 am

When will Michael Vick land a major endorsement?

Posted by Will Brinson

Michael Vick's comeback season took a pretty incredible turn late Tuesday when it was announced that he'd signed his national endorsement contract since being sentence to prison a few years back.

En route to garnering the public's good graces once again he'd previously appeared in a commercial, beefed up his social media presence and partnered with a company to help sling his John Hancock.

But this new deal is a whole new animal, no pun intended. Vick's now moving back up the ladder in which he held a pretty prominent rung.

But how soon will the big names in national advertising come calling?

We only have two real baselines to examine here -- Kobe Bryant (accused of rape) and Tiger Woods (some, uh, "indiscretions"). Neither was found guilty of anything and neither served any prison time.

Woods, in fact, didn't even lose the biggest of endorsers, Nike, and fired out a commercial pretty quickly after his fall from grace. He's probably some time removed from further advertisers jumping back on the bandwagon, but a winning season on the PGA Tour would fix that fairly quickly.

Same thing for Vick -- his continued success on the field and rehabilitation off of it will eventually bring people like Nike, Coca-Cola, et al, back into the fold.

Back in 2005 (it seems so long ago, right?), Vick was evaluated as the 33rd most-powerful celebrity on a Forbes list, generating $37.5 million in salary and endorsements, as well as a ranking above superstars like Jennifer Aniston and Prince.

A number of different off-the-field incidents and the subsequent legal troubles led to Vick getting dumped by Nike, Coca-Cola, and Kraft, to name a few big-timers.

Bryant, for all of the legal distractions that his Eagle, Colorado trial created, was never dropped by Nike, although Coca-Cola did dump him until his image cleared up. By 2010, Bryant was back on the Forbes list, ranking 14th (in between Miley Cyrus and Jay-Z!) of all celebrities and third for athletes, his two titles with the Lakers putting any previous problems in the far regions of anyone's mind.

Looking at those two examples -- Woods and Bryant -- and remembering that neither of them were actually convicted -- means that there's a pretty good chance you can expect Nike to take the lead on inking Vick to a major deal.

It was rumored when Vick returned to the Eagles that he was back on board with Nike, but that was quickly shot down; a clear sign that even a shoe company that's shown tremendous loyalty to big name athletes with problems wasn't ready to jump on board.

And obviously Nike's one of the biggest names in the biz, so Vick inking with the Swoosh would mean he's "arrived" again. But there's a good chance that because of the way the public still feels about the Eagles QB (there are plenty of people who don't care what he's done to redeem himself either on or off the field), it could be a while before we see a major endorsement deal coming his way.

His situation doesn't lend itself to a "What Should I Do?" or "Did You Learn Anything?" advertisement, because of the controversial and criminal nature of what he did.

That's not to say Vick doesn't deserve a second chance (Lord knows I'm all for it). It's just that isn't yet far enough removed from his past to justify the necessary PR spin for a major corporation.

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