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Posted on: December 17, 2010 4:31 pm

Sal Alosi tripping ordeal is getting ridiculous

Posted by Andy Benoit

According to Jane McManus of ESPN New York, NFL representatives met with New York Jets officials to find out exactly who in the organization had knowledge of Sal Alosi’s “sideline antics”. The Jets announced earlier this week that Alosi was suspended indefinitely after the team discovered that he was the one who issued the order to form a wall along the sideline.

But if you pause for a moment, you might notice the funny smell this story emits. WhS. Alosi (US Presswire)y did it take the Jets until Wednesday to discover that Alosi gave the order to form a wall? That’s not the type of thing that requires an investigation. After Nolan Carroll was tripped, Rex Ryan or another Jets coach could have walked up to the members of the wall and said something along the lines of, “Say guys, who told you to stand there?” Or, they could have asked that question after the game. Or first thing Monday morning. Or anytime Tuesday.

Instead, the Jets discovered that Alosi issued the order after the entire country over-reacted to the story. (And yes, the country over-reacted. What Alosi did was cheap and out of line, but at the end of the day, this major controversy we’re talking about here is a case of one man tripping another. It’s easy to say Carroll could have been hurt on the play, but any player can get hurt in any circumstance. The reality is, Alosi didn’t commit a felony – he TRIPPED a guy.)

But let’s get back to the point: the Jets “discovered” Alosi gave the order to form a wall only after the story became a big deal. Then they suspended him indefinitely. Convenient timing, no?

Some might think that Alosi is taking the fall for an order that was issued from someone above him (like, say, Rex Ryan or Mike Westhoff). But do you really think something like people standing along a certain part of the sideline is an official order that comes down from the powers that be? Or, is it possible that it’s something that happens when one person sees a team lining up for a punt and suddenly says, “Hey guys, I have a clever idea…”?

It’s extremely doubtful that there even was an official order given. And if there was, no way Alosi was the guy. The NFL is a very hierarchical culture; no team would give its strength and conditioning coach the power to issue an order of any sorts during a game.
Nevertheless, the media has run with this opportunity to make a story. Can’t blame the media, really. Fans have eaten it up. Which is why here we are reporting the big news that the NFL is formally looking into a tripping case.

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Posted on: December 16, 2010 11:24 pm
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Rex Ryan has a friend in the NHL

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Since I was the unofficial blog reviewer during this year’s season of Hard Knocks, I guess I should post Jets coach Rex Ryan’s thoughts of the latest HBO offering.

Apparently, during an episode of 24/7: Penguins-Capitals, Road to the Winter Classic, Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau was charged with excessive cursing, the so-called Rex Ryan Rule (so-called, because I just made it up).

Ryan watched the show and came away impressed, especially when Boudreau used a certain curse word 15 times in a minute.

“I was offended,” Ryan said Thursday, via the Associated Press. “I was definitely offended by that language … Hopefully people can look at him and get all over him instead of me now.”

If only, Boudreau would have said something about the team needing to go get a g------ snack, he would have instantly become my favorite NHL coach (couldn’t name one other, by the way).

Either way, what does Tony Dungy think?

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Posted on: December 14, 2010 3:31 pm
Edited on: December 15, 2010 3:43 pm

Why Sal Alosi was even in position to trip

Posted by Andy Benoit

UPDATE 3:42 p.m. ET: Turns out Zach Thomas was right: the Jets assistant coaches were indeed instructed to form a wall along the sideline. And we’ve found out who gave that order: Sal Alosi. As in, the Sal Alosi who tripped Nolan Carroll. The Jets have now made Alosi’s season-long suspension an indefinite suspension. His future with the franchise is bleak at this point.

There are some whS. Alosi o believe that the Jets assistant coaches, including Sal Alosi, were under orders to crowd the sideline on the play in which Dolphins gunner Nolan Carroll was tripped. Count former Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas among the believers.

"They had to be ordered to stand there because they're foot to foot," Thomas told Tim Graham of ESPN.com. "There's four of them, side to side -- five of them, I mean -- on the edge of the coach's zone. They're only out there to restrict the space of the gunner, who is Nolan Carroll.

"But there's more to it because I'm telling you, the only thing [Alosi] did wrong was intentionally put that knee out there. If he just stood there, there would never have been a problem, even if the guy got tripped. But there's more to this. He was ordered to stand there. No one is foot to foot on the sideline in the coach's box."

Thomas makes a very valid point. And if the coaches were indeed ordered to stand there, that could explain what prompted Alosi to do what he did. (Not saying Alosi was instructed to trip Carroll, but the very idea of crowding Carroll’s space could have subtly encouraged him to take things a step too far.)

If the assistants were instructed to stand shoe-to-shoe, then who gave them the order? Rex Ryan has already said it wasn’t him. Tuesday, special teams coach Mike Westhoff issued a statement saying, “Number one, I did not instruct anyone. Number two, I was not aware. With all of the people on the sidelines, it would be inconsequential and I would not be involved in any way, shape or form.”

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Posted on: December 10, 2010 2:55 pm

5 questions (or more) with Troy Brown

T. Brown spent 15 years in New England and won three Super Bowl rings (Getty). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Since retiring from his 15-year NFL career, spent entirely with the Patriots where he won a Pro Bowl berth in 2001 to go with his three Super Bowl rings and his club record for most career receptions, Brown has delved into media work on the radio and on TV. He helps cover New England for WEEI and Comcast SportsNet, and he’s made national news a few times this season, including last month when he made scathing remarks about Ravens LB Terrell Suggs.

Brown has been working with Captain Morgan in the company’s pursuit of the One Million Poses challenge, which is trying to drum up $1 million for various charities. For more information, click here for the Facebook page.

We caught up with Brown this week, and we discussed Tom Brady’s MVP candidacy, the difference between Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan, and why the branches on Belichick’s coaching tree haven’t been so impressive in NFL head coaching jobs.

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1. CBSSports.com:
As a former Patriots player, you must have loved what happened on Monday when your men beat up on the Jets 45-3.

Troy Brown: They seem to be the team in the NFL, and watching that beating makes Patriots fans feel good.  I was disappointed in the game. I was expecting to come there and see a good football game, though I expected the Patriots to win it. I didn’t think it would be that bad. I thought the Jets would show up a little more than they did after all the talking they did during the week. Obviously, no one on their team showed up. The coaches didn’t show up, the players didn’t show up, and it showed.

2. CBS:
It’s an interesting dichotomy I think between Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick. I was reading a column the other day that talked about how much Ryan wants to make it a rivalry. How much he talked and tried to get Belichick’s attention. And then after it was over, Belichick made it seem like it was a preseason win. What do you think about the approach these two coaches take when dealing with each other?

One guy seems to be pretty confident in his abilities to lead his guys, and the other guy is trying to create some hype around his players. It backfired. The Patriots didn’t show any interest in talking about who’s the best team. When there was no response from the Patriots (after the Jets’ trash-talking), the Jets seemed to get frustrated. Maybe they didn’t have to worry about the Jets, because from watching them on film, they saw some weaknesses. They knew as long as they went out and played well, they could beat these guys.  I think the Patriots were inside of their heads.

3. CBS:
What’s it like playing for Belichick? Whenever anybody from the Patriots is interviewed on TV, they talk like him and don’t say anything. Belichick can come off condescending in public, but obviously, his players love playing for him and they feed off him.

Brown: That’s what you have to have in anything, in any business. Everybody has to be on the same page in order to be successful. You can’t have half the guys telling the media one thing and the other guys saying something else and the coach saying something completely different. That’s what you have in New York and Minnesota. It becomes chaotic. It’s about winning. Not talking trash.

If you’re a person that does his job and you come to work prepared to do your job, it’s easy to play for him. A lot of the people who have had problems with him didn’t come to work to do their job and didn’t want responsibility. Those are the guys who have problems with Belichick and with (Bill) Parcells. For me, it was easy. It seems that he plays mind games with you, but do your job. If you know you job and you work at your craft, it’s not hard.

CBS: But you look at Belichick’s coaching tree – guys like Josh McDaniels, Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini, and even Charlie Weis at Notre Dame – and these guys haven’t done much as head coaches in the NFL. Why is that?

The biggest problem is that a lot of those guys, they change their persona to be like Bill’s all the way. You still have to be yourself. They changed who they were. You also have to realize that Bill Belichick is in charge of most everything here. Romeo Crennel didn’t even hire his own staff in Cleveland. It’s kind of tough to coach a team and be successful if you can’t hire your own staff.

4. CBS: There’s been so much talk this week about Tom Brady being the leading candidate for the MVP this season, especially with the way he played against the Jets (editor’s note: You can still check out the Top Ten With a Twist list for non-Brady MVP candidates). You think he’s the MVP at this point?

If my vote counted, he should with everything he’s done. He’s the guy who’s gotten better and better this year, even after the Randy Moss trade. He seemed to get stronger after he got used to playing with his new crew. You have to give it to him for winning 26 games in a row at home.

That is pretty amazing. It’s funny. After his knee surgery, he didn’t have a great year by his standards and I think people questioned whether he had lost his elite status. I guess he hasn’t.

Brown: He didn’t have a horrible season last year. If you compared that to his seasons before, he may have had a subpar season, but if you look at everybody else in the league and compared him to them, he didn’t have a bad season. When you come back from knee surgery like that, most guys aren’t the same until that following year, so it wasn’t a huge concern because they’re usually better the second year. But he may have had to get confident and more comfortable with the guys around him.

5. CBS:
I know you do some media work in the Boston-area during the season, working for WEEI and Comcast. How is it as a former player to now be a part of the media?

Brown: It’s difficult at times having to talk about your old team and not be biased toward them and be critical of guys you played with. It was a little tough at first. But for the most part, the players understand. They know you have to have thick skin and be able to take criticism. That’s pretty much it.

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Posted on: December 10, 2010 11:53 am

Hot Routes 12.10.10: Urlacher says Bears are best

Posted by Will Brinson

Got a link for the Hot Routes? Hit us up on Twitter (@CBSSportsNFL).
  • Brian Urlacher doesn't care for your precious "stats" and "win-loss records." He still thinks the Bears, even though they are 9-3 and the Patriots are 10-2 the best team in the country. "New England is the best team in the NFL, record-wise," Urlacher told the Chicago Tribune. "But I feel like we're the best team, period. That's why I say record-wise." Urlacher also made reference to the Eagles being the "best" team in the NFL when they visited Soldier Field and how well that worked out for them. In short, Sunday's matchup should be fun as hell.
  • Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez are having lunch together and apparently this is a big deal. If Sanchez doesn't return it means Ryan was REALLY mad about his performance against the Patriots. Or really hungry.
Posted on: December 9, 2010 10:27 am

Rex Ryan says RIP to Monday night ball

Posted by Andy Benoit

This time, Rex Ryan let his actions do his talking. But his actions were a little unorthodox. When Jets players arrived to practice Wednesday, they found their head coach burying a game ball from Monday night. Ryan went near the goal posts at the Jets facility and put the ball six feet under (well, six feet give or take; it’s doubtful he dug a regulation-sized grave, but you get the idea…)

"We were shocked," Darrelle Revis told ESPN’s Tim Graham. "Nobody was saying anything." Perhaps someone needs to tell Revis that the ball was not a living creature before its burial.

So what do you think of Ryan’s ploy? Powerfully symbolic? Cheesy? Would it sway your opinion to know that, according to Graham, Bill Belichick once did the same thing back in 2001?

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Posted on: December 7, 2010 4:30 pm

Hot Routes 12.7.10: Rex says, "Look at me!"

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Yahoo! Sports columnist Dan Wetzel writes that New England coach Bill Belichick gloated over the 45-3 win by his team against the Jets by expressing almost no emotion afterward. Writes Wetzel, “For Rex Ryan, the only thing more frustrating than getting humiliated by Belichick on the field is the fact Belichick hardly dignifies the rivalry off of it. Ryan can’t make any more noise than he already does. He can’t beg any harder for attention from Belichick. He can’t declare war any clearer. He’s done everything he can to make this personal – coach v. coach. … And yet all he gets from Belichick is the outward exuberance of a preseason win.”

CBS Sports’ own Mike Freeman writes about a heated argument that occurred on the Jets sideline after they fell behind 17-0.

Lawrence Taylor is asking for a dismissal in his rape case, because his lawyers say police did not have a warrant when they arrested him in his hotel room.

The Denver Post’s Mark Kiszla says any coach considering the Broncos job has to be a fool. He also calls former coach Josh McDaniels a scapegoat.

Bears C Olin Kreutz wasn’t especially upset with Ndamukong Suh’s hit on Chicago QB Jay Cutler last Sunday. Kreutz said he didn’t think it was a dirty play.

Ravens LT Michael Oher tweeted during a game, got caught and took a $5,000 fine. He’s not sure if he’ll appeal it.

At least one McDaniels brother will keep his job in Denver.

Packers DE Cullen Jenkins aggravated a strained calf last Sunday, and coach Mike McCarthy said Monday that Jenkins will be out for next week’s game vs. the Lions. He could be out even longer than that.

The Colts have re-signed RB Dominic Rhodes. Most recently, Rhodes played in the UFL. Considering three Indianapolis RBs – Joseph Addai, Mike Hart and Donald Brown – are banged up, Rhodes might find some immediate playing time.

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Posted on: December 6, 2010 5:20 pm

Pats vs. Jets: Monday night Podcast Preview

Posted by Will Brinson

You've waited all day for it, and it's finally here. No, not the freaking Monday night matchup between the Pats and the Jets. I mean the podcast previewing the Monday night matchup between the Pats and the Jets. Guh.

Andy and I break down all the X's and O's of the matchup, including (and especially) what the Jets will do with Darrelle Revis now that Randy Moss is gone from New England. Will he cover Wes Welker? Or will it be Deion Branch stuck on Revis Island? Or will he simply sit all over Aaron Hernandez? We also wonder what the Pats will do from an offensive standpoint, in order to counter the Jets first move of Revis placement.

All in all, it's basically the best 11 minutes of your day -- just hit the play button below and don't forget to Subscribe via iTunes.

If you can't view the podcast, click here to download .
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